29th Jan 2007, 08:11

I see a 2000 Lincoln LS for 10,000 and 45k miles. But after reading this site not sure if I want it. What should I do??

31st Jan 2007, 22:29

TO ALL THAT HAVE PUT COMMENTS ON THIS SITE... It is time that we move forward and step up to the plate... If you are serious and can back your story with testimonials and repair receipts... This will only happen if we get enough response from people who are tired of taking this crap... I have a lawyer in mind that I will approach with this issue... respond to me with an email if you are serious.


Lincoln LS owner.

Email: pfk7@yahoo.com

31st Jan 2007, 22:41

This is in regards to my previous review dated Jan. 31st 2007..in reference to the lawsuit against Ford on the Lincoln LS problems... I forgot to put my email on the page...pfk7@yahoo.com.

If you want to join the LS owners who are tired of the problems with this car... email me.

3rd Feb 2007, 23:02

I have owned a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 for 3 years. I have put 35,000 miles on the car and it now has 94,000 miles. I have replaced the back rear window, and throttle/idle controller. Before I bought the car it had a ticking problem and something significant was done to the upper left / top side of the engine (fixing the problem). I can hear very mild ticking now if I listen closely. There has been significant front suspension work done on the car also shortly before I purchased the car. Everything has been done at a Lincoln dealer under warranty and the oil, fluids and filters have been changed on schedule. I drive the car on highway and freeway at 80-90 miles an hour, but no fast starts or racing around town.

My warranty runs out in 4,000 miles at 100,000 so I have to make a decision as to whether to keep or sell the car.

If I do decide to keep it I plan on changing the spark plugs. Should I change the shocks, belts, hoses or anything else?

Should I buy (or can I buy) another extended warranty?

Thank you for your help!!



6th Feb 2007, 22:31

I own a 2002 LS Sport with 37k. Bought it new and it's been pretty good so far. I also own a 2002 BMW 530i. Also good. Hate to tell you all that the problems you describe happen to the BMW too. Cars wear out. Parts need to be replaced. Doesn't matter if it's a Lincoln, a BMW, a Lexus, or an Infinity. Visit their discussion sites - same stories, different car. I can tell you from experience, the LS is one of the better ones and it's cheaper to maintain than most. About the lugs - they do suck. Search the web for the Mitsubishi lugs that match exactly. They are solid and won't shred. Not even Ford makes a set as good. Chrysler dealers can order 'em for you believe it or not...

11th Feb 2007, 18:33

I own a 2000 Lincoln LS and it has been the biggest money pit a guy could own. All 4 windows have fell in the door. Drivers side front brake caliper bracket snapped in half. Both headlights fog. Front grille chrome dis-bonding. passenger side mirror paint stripped off. Console lights don't work. Two transmissions went out. One snapped planetary gear in half. A/C system does not work. Car overheats in the summer. Both valve cover seals leaked oil onto the coils and ruined them. Drivers side had to be replaced twice. ruined a total of 4 coils. Three wheel studs snapped off trying to take off lug nuts. Key will not turn in ignition half the time. Car is starting to shift hard again. Drivers side outside door handle does not open door half the time. Back of center console fell off. I understand cars wear out, but this is a joke at 103,000 miles. I have a 1992 GMC C3500 with 197,000 miles an I had to change tires and a radiator my 2001 GMC C1500 has 117,000 miles and I had to change a tailgate handle on it I broke... We took the tags off the LS and just let it sit in the drive. Hey at least it looks nice right: (

13th Feb 2007, 06:19

I am at 80,000 miles and suddenly there is a odor when I turn on the heat. Service adviser detected three leaks, I did not see a leak in the driveway, suggested power steering, heater coil, and oil gaskets to the tune of $2200.00. Still has the burning odor told to drive for a while. Two weeks later observed a big leak in the driveway, this time a hair line fracture in the anti freeze reservoir. So I wander where is the actual leak or is this a sign of more serious problems. The cost this time was $267.00. I still have the odor.

16th Feb 2007, 14:21

I know a guy selling a 2000 Lincoln LS black on black with only 40k miles for $6,000. It does have a little damage in the rear as he backed into something. He wanted 7-8k, but I'm friends with one of his friends so he's hooking me up. Seemed like an amazing deal, and still probably is, but now that I've heard of all these issues, I'm a bit skeptical. What do you guys think? I was planning on driving it for maybe a month or two and flipping it for more.

17th Feb 2007, 11:32

I have a 2000 LS. When I first purchased this vehicle it had 44K miles on it. Everything was working fine until one day all of a sudden the engine light went on. Engine misfire it said when it was looked at. What had happened was a valve had been burnt in the engine. The car sputtered and did all that crazy stuff cars do when there sick. So I had all the coil packs changed, the fuel injectors cleaned, all new spark plugs installed, and all cylinders changed in the valve, along with the valves cleaned out. This was a very expensive job with only half being paid for by ford. But now my car runs like it has 1000 miles on it. I love this car. Oh yeah I had one of the window regulators replaced as well about 1 month ago because it stopped working. All cars have their problems I guess we just have to deal with them.

21st Feb 2007, 19:14

I have a 2001 LS V8 and I just love this car. had the headlights replaced (under warranty) and that's about it until now. I noticed a burning oil smell and sure enough it turned out to be faulty valve cover gaskets. I spent some time researching this issue and learned that since the 2003 model, ford starting using a different type of gasket. So, since they had it figured out, why are they not paying for the fix? anyhow, most of the other problems that I hear about this car I think that I can fix myself. I also invested in the shop manuals that were available from HELM.

24th Feb 2007, 17:04

I purchased a 2001 Lincoln LS V8 about 8 months ago. In that time I have replaced 2 coil packs, replaced 3 blown tail lights, developed moisture build up in my passenger side headlights, and now am experiencing some transmission problems. Initially when I would put the car into gear it would sit for awhile and the suddenly jerk into gear. This also happens after making a turn. I also have noticed some shaking in my front tires-as if it needs new rotors. And lets not mention the drivers side window regulator that also needs to be repaired. All this in 8 months. Is there a recall out there on any of these problems I have listed? If not is there a class action lawsuit I can join?