13th Mar 2007, 22:21

2001 LS 60K.I too have felt this car in my pocketbook. I've replaced both front door window regulators, interior door handle, all the coils and now I need to handle the overheating problems that others have mentioned. This car is on it's way to trade-in. Otherwise, it's great if you don't need it to get around in...

14th Mar 2007, 18:52

I purchased my beautiful pearl white 2000 LS complete with the sunroof, & spoiler in 2004. I love the way it looks. It's the prettiest car I have ever owned. Now for the problems, replaced all 8 coil packs, drivers side ac blows hot air sometimes, rear brake drums need to be replaced, took it for an oil change and was told the valve cover gaskets needed to be replaced before the oil shorted out the coil packs again. I replaced them for 500.00 The day I picked up the car, drove it the beach, on the way it started bucking and kicking like a mustang on crack. I couldn't get it to go into any gear except low. I had to rent a trailer to tow it back home. I took it back to the dealer, and was told the transmission fluid looks milky and that the clutches were burnt out. They want to replace the transmission to a tune of approximately 3000, depending on the time it takes. The headlamps are foggy too. I purchased an extended warranty from 1-Source Auto warranty, who has now gone bankrupt. Thanks Ford.

24th Mar 2007, 01:44

DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS IF YOU VALUE KEEPING YOUR MONEY IN YOUR WALLET!! I have a 2000 LS V6. I too bought this car, because of its looks, and the initial responsiveness of the car. I soon learned that the transmissions in these cars are horrible, I've replaced the solenoid, valve body, and when all else failed the transmission. Also a window regulator, and other countless problems. Long story short. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CARS! They are not worth the headache, unless you like taking two minute K turns (while the transmission catches up), and your transmission not knowing what gear it wants to be in when your cruising at 38-40 miles an hour (everyone who owns one knows what I'm talking about). Oh, and if you see these cars at cheap unbelievable prices, there's a reason! Oh, one last thing to think about, check out how much value one of these cars has in Kelly's Blue Book. It will make you boil!!

3rd Apr 2007, 09:33

If everyone would notice you have used cars and problems happen as soon as the warranty goes on all makes and models. I have 2002 ls v8 it has problems, but its 5 to 6 years old and nothing major just wear and tear that will happen with all vehicles. To bring down expenses of a used vehicle get a shop manual and do repairs yourself, don't blame the car for doing what its made to do. even the great German cars break down from time to time.

3rd Apr 2007, 13:52

This is a cop out. There are many many examples of cars that are of the same age as these Lincolns yet have nowhere near the problems.

Yes, used cars will cost more in repairs as they age, but if they are built right to begin with those repairs are minor.

4th Apr 2007, 09:30

I have a 2002 LS V8 Loaded. It has 60,000 miles and experiencing overheating problems. It will overheat within the first 3 miles I drive. I shut it off and wait 3-5 min then restart and it will be normal. The Ford dealership will not do anything until they make it overheat. It has already had the cooling fan replaced and 4 thermostats replaced. It is covered by extended warranty, But I can't get them to fix my car. I love my car, the look and the way it drives, But I can't keep being without a car while it is sitting at the repair shop either. I will be trading it in.

20th Apr 2007, 21:28

I have a 200ls v-8 with 98k My car has only suffered from the dreaded regulator, and radiator cap problem. Lots of cars have problems, BMW's are sure as anything nothing to go home about, I bought a brand new 530i two yrs ago, and I had electrical problems that a rat living in my dash couldn't cause 40k car, never ever again. I have put near 10k on my car, bought it as a nice daily driver to and from work.

She has been a wonderful car, I know a lot of people have had bad experiences with their car, but please don't let this determine if you buy one or not, people post on these to share mainly the problems they have not give the car praise like I am giving them. Go onto any BMW or LMGDAO Benz site and see what kind of wonderful engineering they have.

If you want try reliability and luxury nothing out does a lexus/toyota if acura would ever make a decent style they make wonderful cars.

If you want to purchase an ls, have a mechanic look at the car and pull all the service that has been done to the car, if it is a bad one the service record does not lie.

7th May 2007, 09:43

I purchased my 2000 LS in Oct of 1999 (Brand New) I had the head lights fog up on me several times and the dealership replaced them each, time until it was out of warranty. I had every window regulator fail. Again, the dealership replaced two of them during the warranty period. The other two I replaced myself. I have actually became pretty good a changing them out at this point. Other than that I have had a good experience with the car. I loved the feeling when I saw people turn their heads to look at the car. It is a nice looking design. Ford just stinks at Quality. When are they going to get with the program, like the Japanese car companies. Now it has been seven years since I purchased it. I thought I would give Ford one last chance. I purchased a 2007 Lincoln MKZ this month. If this does not work out I will be buying an Acura.

On the Ironic side, I should have traded the LS in when I purchased the MKZ, but thought I might get more money by selling it myself. I put the up for sale this week and the check engine light came on... (go figure).

31st May 2007, 14:44

Wow do I only wish I had found this site 2 yrs ago. I own a 2000 lincoln ls v6, I purchased it 2 yrs ago with 56k 2 months after buying I have to replace all 4 rotors and pads. 2 months after that the front end had a bad bounce when running over bumps, mechanic got me for 1,400 stating it was the struts and both driver and pass wheel joints. Turns out it was only the bushings on the sway bar. NICE! Now the car has 70,300 which is amazing since I barley drive it. and now has a mind of its own, one day it starts and the next it won't. Brought it in for a tune up they wanted to charge m3 550, just for plugs, since they said the coils were fine. O yea yes I have also been thru a rear pass window reg. which again seems to sound like it wants to snap. Now to my most recent this last week, OVERHEATING! seem the only fix is to runn the heat, mechanic replaced thermostat didn't worked ck and flushed and refill all cooling fan hoses and pipes nothing.. That was yesterday, same today again, now he saying I need the whole system FAN, PUMP< etc.. I kw the fan was working yesterday, does anyone have advice. DAMN I HATE THIS CAR!!!.