2nd Apr 2015, 10:08

Vehicles couldn't be any more different. Personally I enjoy comparisons and what people drive. It's just you cannot have it both ways. Enough said.

2nd Apr 2015, 15:44

The commentary about the mention of Corvettes wasn't about the very worn out foreign versus domestic nameplates. Nobody will win that argument. It was more that responding with a totally unrelated car and model has nothing to do with that review, and so why even mention it?

And to answer why car companies are so interested in demographics is basically the whole point of sales and marketing. Knowing the demographic better means the products made can be more custom-tailored to meet expectations and demands of the buyers. It is true that American luxury car brands targeted an older demographic for decades. But that approach was not wise seeing as how over time that demographic... shrinks. It's more important to have a product that reaches a more broad demographic, and to have a product portfolio lineup that can give something to all age brackets. For example; BMW. If you're a young salesperson or professional there is the 3 Series. All the way up to the 7 Series, which is something I see older buyers gravitate towards. Cadillac is now taking that same approach.

In regards to the Navigator, I have never been a fan of badge engineering. To me that's the lazy way of coming up with different models. Put all the chrome, badges and leather seats you want on a Expedition. It's still an Expedition. Badge engineering can also cheapen a brand's image.

2nd Apr 2015, 19:44

As a baby boomer, and there are a lot of us, we don't diminish what we buy. Homes and college tuition are typically over with. Many of us want a fun car to drive, but also want amenities.

The foreign vs domestic debate is not over when the same tired comparisons are continually focused on quality.

Yes, I own and have owned Corvettes. My son has a Viper and also sports sedans, probably from your age bracket. I like Lincolns and Cadillacs, and grew up with them. There are some incredible crossovers out there, import and domestic. Some have fantastic performance. Auto manufacturers don't buy our cars. We are fickle and have zero loyalty. I just don't think that one brand fits all applies. Many of my friends can just as easily have a new Audi Q5 parked next to a Lincoln. Or a Jag, or many are going to C7s. So it's not Corvette, other than a motor comparison. And the same drive train may show up in your new Cadillac or Camaro.

We know hundreds of car enthusiasts and see many garages. I don't feel the passion for great automobiles is going to diminish when baby boomers disappear. My thought is technology and performance will be amazing, even in cars such as Teslas. You put a great new Lincoln out there and I predict it will have buyers. Personally I feel Cadillac has done a better job lately. Buy what you like. I do, and what's parked in garages are not all the same brands today.

22nd Jul 2015, 21:43

I have the original dealer window sticker in the glove box of my '89 Signature Series. It shows approximately $27k.