30th Mar 2015, 10:15

Nearly 30k new, special ordered, including taxes and tags.

30th Mar 2015, 14:02

Lincoln is bringing back the Continental for 2016, and I must say I'm pretty impressed. It kind of looks like a Lincoln should.

30th Mar 2015, 16:33

I'm not sure where the idea that a Lincoln in 1988 was a middle class car. 25k or 30k doesn't matter: that was a lot of money back then. I know because my family really were middle class, and the average cars we owned were typical middle of the road family cars, costing between 13-15k, a good 10k less than a Lincoln of that era.

As far as demographics and the buyers of the aforementioned Lincoln and Caddys, well Cadillac has spent the better part of 20 years trying to change that. They no longer make the land yachts or boats their traditional buyers bought. Lincoln just revealed their new Continental concept, and it's a far, far cry from the last version before it went away (mainly because it was ancient).

The same for Corvette. The latest generation of Corvette is the first Vette in decades that doesn't scream "Mullet-mobile" and will possibly do well on an international market.

So good for them. Good for having the realization that they needed to change and meet the demands of the market today.

"Usually a comment such as a new Corvette on a review is when an import Toyota owner for example bashes all GM models. Meaning every single one is bad."

That's not been my experience. The typical "Corvette" comment usually shows up on Toyota reviews. Someone will say that they love their new Corolla and then like clockwork some sort of comment will appear about how they don't like imports and that all Corolla buyers should go buy a Corvette. That makes about as much sense as putting that same comment on a review about a Lincoln. If you want to make comments about a Corvette, click that model and do it there.

30th Mar 2015, 18:07

It would be nice to point out a specific review that says a Corolla owner should buy a Corvette. It's the same as reading through all these comments where not one single commenter said a new Lincoln was a middle class purchase. It's always been an expensive new vehicle. In theory just about anyone can make a car payment on luxury vehicles for even a short period. I agree that it's not about Corvettes only. It's very likely that a new Lincoln owner likely owns another new nice vehicle, sports car or otherwise. I personally know quite a few that do in the demographic and age bracket. As a used car buy, you can pick these up easily for the same price as a used Corolla. Enough said.

30th Mar 2015, 21:10

The Corvette comment shows up on a lot of different reviews. Usually by the same individual.

31st Mar 2015, 06:20

Why not buy a new Navigator luxury SUV? My brother in law bought one. A great ride for long trips. 75 percent owner retention must say something. Priced 60-70k. I could see driving only this. You may encounter the same situation fitting this as well as your old Town Car in a regular garage. Carriage doors vs roll up ones may be necessary. You want comfort and a new Lincoln - go with this.

31st Mar 2015, 14:56

People with new Lincolns, and especially new Cadillacs, also very often have very nice other new secondary vehicles. Typically nice ones. A new Lincoln buyer may be an attorney, doctor or business owner. Porsche, BMW roadsters, and Mercedes 2 seaters are prevalent as well, convertibles etc. Hit a country club sometime. There's people with spouses and 2 or 3 car garages. Often there's high combined disposable incomes in play here. It's not that exclusive of a conversation here. I see these vehicles and cross paths with many of the new car owners. Even many single guys, and more and more women have multiple vehicles today. They may like a vehicle with the top down.

You can stay specific on one manufacturer, one model. But it's quite interesting to see what people select to compliment an existing vehicle. If you are out shopping for a 1988 Lincoln used today, it may not be relevant. I know many owners. Some don't keep them long, and may lease as well. At any rate, my family has owned quite a few Lincolns over time. Including a new 1988 then. So some might at least find this of interest. We have enjoyed them very much, with only minor issues.

31st Mar 2015, 15:09

There have been so many "Corvette" comments on various Toyota (and frankly a lot of other primarily foreign nameplate reviews) that I lost count. Either way, the comments have nothing to do with the cars in question. If someone really wanted to buy a Vette, they would do so. If someone buys a Corolla, Camry, Accord, Fusion, or Malibu, then they do so. End of story.

As far as the strange and unrelated assertions that those who own Lincolns "Probably own another nice car" or whatever has no bearing. Why would anyone make that assumption? I'm easily in the upper middle class myself, and could also afford several nice cars, but instead I drive a 20 year old beater truck and a 5 year old used Chevy Volt. I'd rather spend money on other things besides cars. My example alone means that previous assertion bears no fruit.

Moving on... The Lincoln brand is seemingly going global - more specifically, China. If you look at the just presented Continental concept, it's easy to see it's more heavily geared towards the Chinese market. Big cars are popular there, versus the US, where what used to be that market shifted to large SUVs and trucks.

As far as the Lincoln Navigator, that's simply a badge-engineered Ford Expedition. They aren't known for being the most reliable things and they are HUGE... as in good luck parking it unless you live in Suburbia.

31st Mar 2015, 20:52

Interesting why auto manufacturers and advertisers find demographics so important. If saving money is so important, why buy a new Lincoln? Why even care about MPG? Why make a luxury domestic with hopes to displace a European luxury brand purchase? Why make a 638 HP manual trans Cadillac today? There are plenty of baby boomers that have families that are more than willing to pay for much more today. It can be luxury, high tech amenities, performance, style and handling. Otherwise a Corolla would do and save money for other things. But that's an econo compact class. Lincoln makes a great full size SUV. I am also sad they discontinued the Blackwood pick up. To each their own.

31st Mar 2015, 21:24

Expeditions are very reliable; if they weren't, I really don't think they would be in production for nearly 2 decades. I've seen quite a few with mileage over 300,000.

31st Mar 2015, 23:30

I have looked at these posts. Quite a few import commenters will say all GM across the board are bad. Or all Ford are bad. They may have had their grandparent's hand me down old domestic, and then bought a new Corolla that is better. When a stellar example is brought forth that clearly shows otherwise, it becomes an unrelated post. You can't have it both ways.

Ford makes some great products today as well. Quality faltered back in mid 70s through the 80s with domestics. But nowadays there are great reliable choices.

If a so called unrelated post does appear, read the posts carefully. It's typically a quality comparison, not telling someone to sell a Corolla for a C7. Ironically I have owned both. In college and now today. And Lincolns and Cadillacs. It all comes down to what you like and can afford. And if you paid off your home and the basics.

I could own a 100k vehicle and maybe a Yugo or a Gremlin at the same time if that were my taste as a collector. Drive what you like and enjoy them. Steve McQueen went from driving super rare Jags and then drove his Cameo. If I could find the first Lincoln mid 50s Mark, that would be my absolute dream. They were astronomical then and very rare today. Happy motoring!