19th May 2009, 20:52

They're back alright.

Back in Bankruptcy just like in 1983 LOL ;)

2nd Jun 2009, 18:03

Sounds like the 3 had a few issues with sensors, but this can happen to any cars produced today, even to a Chrysler, because of all the onboard computers they come with for one purpose or another. Bottom line is the sensors can be replaced under warranty. It's an inconvenience, but that still doesn't speak to the reliability of the 3 in general.

Also, how could you have missed all those shortcomings during a test drive, especially with regards to the power of the engine, the size of the trunk and rear visibility with headrest? Those things would have been there since day 1. Nobody would have bought a car that they disliked so much for all the shortcomings.

And the punch line is always trading it in for an American car, as if that adds to anything.

16th Jun 2009, 10:03

I owned a 2007 speed 3 and suffered none of the comments this consumer speaks of. I loved the car... I am 6'4" tall and drove the vehicle from Indiana to South Carolina and Georgia numerous times and it was more comfortable than the LHS Chrysler (FIAT) I owned previously. The Mazda was trouble free and gave good fuel mileage (worse was 22 MPG, in city in traffic and an impatient right foot to get out of that environment) and the best was 30 MPG on the highway. Normal range for the type of driving I did was 24-29, w/turbo charged engine and a "need for speed" attitude. Handling was impressive and very controlable in the mountains and on "fun roads. I had a brain tumor removed and cannot drive anymore or I would still be burning the highways in this vehicle.

16th Jun 2009, 13:26

To 10:03: My deepest sympathy on your medical problem. I do hope you are doing well. I deeply regret you no longer can drive. As a car enthusiast I know how crushed I'd feel if I had to give up driving.

I have driven the 2007 Mazda 3 and loved it too. I owned an RX-7 years ago, and it was one of the very worst cars I ever was cursed with (Honda was THE worst). However it seemed that after Ford took over Mazda the quality went way up, and our Mazda-based Fusion is an awesome car. I also own a Mustang, but due to a bad back the harsher ride of it (or the Mazda 3) is something I find hard to take at times. As I have grown older I have wished some benevolent car maker would build a soft-riding but sporty car. I'd LOVE to have a Mustang that rode like a Buick. My back would be MOST happy with that. Sadly, I doubt that will happen. At least the Fusion rides pretty decent.

23rd Aug 2009, 15:48

Why did you buy the Touring model?

27th Aug 2009, 10:12

I love my 2009 Mazda 3i touring value. Sorry your experience was not as good as mine.

15th Sep 2009, 08:33

I drive a 2009 Mazda 3i Touring value and I love it. It has great styling, reliability, economy and, best of all, really superb performance characteristics. I have never experienced any of the problems you claim to have had. The Mazda 3 is assembled in Hiroshima Japan, which in my experience, means superior build quality and reliability.

15th Sep 2009, 10:59

"If you want comfort and reliability buy a Dodge..."

"You CAN'T be serious. I haven't seen a Chrysler without a major problem since 1983."

Yes, if I were looking for reliability, I personally would stay away from ANY Chrysler product built this century at the very least.

17th Oct 2009, 03:06

For the guy with a bad back; if you have money lying around and you want a sports car with excellent soft handling and still with excellent looks, buy a Pontiac G8.

18th Oct 2009, 02:58

I disagree with people who incline to insult the Mazda 3 for what they believe are short comings.

The Mazda 3 is an excellent car with incredible capabilities. It just depends on what you are looking for.

The 2.0 is built for economy and performance, it is a decently quick motor, go for the Speed 3 if you want something really fast.

I personally love Mazda and always will, they brought cornering back into our lives, corners are something North American car makers know nothing about.

18th Oct 2009, 09:41

Spot on. Try taking a hairpin corner in an American car at anything above 20 MPH and you're in the ditch. The Mazda 3 is a wonderful budget sports car.

19th Oct 2009, 12:10

Me thinks the last American car you guys must have driven was a 1974 LeSabre!

27th Oct 2009, 22:32

I agree with those against Chrysler Dodge, I had to buy a cheap car and I was told that a 96 Stratus was affordable and reliable. In a total of three months of ownership... I think I may have driven it a total of two weeks problem free. First the battery heads got dirty (being in the wheel well...DUH?! Who would put a battery there???) so the car wouldn't start, then the front brake line went out the same day I got my fuel lines replaced. Then, as soon as I solved the battery issue I discovered my fuel filter had a hole in it. Got that fixed a week later and now my power steering quit working. DO NOT BUY AN OLDER STRATUS, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!

I am investing in an 08 Mazda 3i touring in a few days, and I am very excited. To me it seems like it's safe enough to be a daily driver, but powerful enough to have a little fun in. So I can't wait!!

2nd Nov 2009, 08:54

Sorry you got a lemon. My 2006 3S GT has performed yeoman's service for 84,000 miles.

The "impossible to change oil" brought out a chortle. Yes, the lower engine cover is a hassle, but really, undoing a few 10mm bolts and dropping it isn't so bad. You even had a spin on filter.. I've been dealing with the messy cartridge system on the 2.3. Anyway, lest prospective 3 buyers get discouraged, the 3 is not that bad to change the oil on...

3rd Dec 2009, 17:06

Sorry you had a bad experience with Mazda, but my Mazda 3i is awesome and the best, most reliable, must fun car I have ever owned, and I've been driving 35 years. Unless you are in the NBA, the back seat is very roomy and the trunk is incredibly large for an economy car. I love the handling of this car, and the Mazda zoom zoom, which has gotten me pulled over twice (first time in decades). For engineering, quality, economy, practicality and just plain fun, the Mazda 3 can't be beat.

19th Jan 2010, 00:45

I own an Sp23 Luxury. Great car, very reliable and had no problems with it. To the bloke who said buy a G8... You're a bloody legend mate! Aussie built Aussie tough!


Melbourne, Australia.

21st Mar 2010, 03:43

Yours is the only bad review of the 2008 Mazda 3 I've seen. My sister bought one for her and her family, including my small nephew, and it's been the PERFECT family car for them. I've driven it myself, and even though it's the base model, that little 2.0 litre packs a punch when combined with the 5-speed. I can only IMAGINE what the MAZDASPEED version must be like!

It's been great for the baby, their big German Shepard, and the high-quality interior has held up VERY well.

It was taken on a round trip from Seattle to New Orleans without a single complaint comfort-wise.

I'd say you bought the wrong car to begin with if you don't like the 3. Oh yeah, "Autostick" is what Chrysler called THEIR manual-shift automatic transmission in the late 90's, which was pure junk, and while I credit them with creating the novel idea in the US, their execution of it could have been MUCH better.

Go back to Chrysler and have a ball (till it hits over 100k miles and self-destructs)

21st Mar 2010, 18:57

"Go back to Chrysler and have a ball (till it hits over 100k miles and self-destructs) "

I myself have never had an issue with a Chrysler vehicle before 150,000 miles except for my son's '95 Neon which we purchased used a few years ago (bought it from a private party, so who knows how it was treated. It looks like it was very abused, but it still runs!)

Ford and Chevrolet vehicles? Yeah those have given me serious problems. Only had one Ford make 100,000 miles (just). And I've never had a Chevy last longer than 50,000. I know Chrysler's consistently get bad reviews, and maybe I've gotten really lucky, but my Chrysler's have been excellent. I see many old Chrysler's driving around my town. A lot more than older Ford's or Chevy's. They look and sound like crap, but they run.

I've never owned a Mazda and have nothing to say about them, just giving my two cents on Chrysler's.

1st May 2012, 09:38

My 86 Fifth Avenue Chrysler still runs!! Does an 86 Mazda?

9th Jun 2017, 11:52

Yes, there are plenty of old Mazdas still out there on the road, which is why I looked at a Mazda3. My Fifth Avenue was, hands down, the WORST car I've ever owned. It was a comfortable piece of garbage. My old Chrysler & Ford were in the shop more than all other vehicles I've owned COMBINED.

9th Jun 2017, 21:15

I saw a running pre-'86 RX-7 this morning. But what conclusions can you realistically draw from a single anecdote? Statements about his Mazda and your Chrysler are little more than hearsay at this point.