1990 Mazda 323 GT 1.8i DOHC 16v from Malta


Sporty, fun, cool, cheap first car


The car had nothing wrong, I was bad to my car, cos I got it when I was just 17. The car always did its job, but I like racing and going fast in corners, and that is the problem.

I had the car lowered by changing the shocks and springs, so the ride became harder and better in corners. I got used to this, but then I met this girl from Finland, and we started to date. She didn't like the ride at all, because it was too hard and the muffler at the back was too loud. So when she was in Finland and I was in Malta, I changed all the tuning that I did to my car back to stock. So one night me and my friend were going to Hal-Far, the drag strip, and while going to the place, there was this nice Ford Cortina, that we were sure that it was heading to the strip too. So off we went through the corner roads of Malta, and in one corner I span and went right into the wall. I had to wait a whole week to fix my car, and 3 days fixing it myself. I was not yet used to the stock suspension and springs! But life is like that. At least I've got that Finnish girl as my wife now :P.

General Comments:

The car is very sporty, being the 323f model with pop up head lamps.

The 1.8 DOHC GT engine is strong and revs very well. I think with a bit of tuning, the car can be a very fun track day car. And cheap too, even the parts.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2012

1990 Mazda 323 LX 1.5 from Fiji Islands


Most reliable car I've ever driven!!! (and I'm a mechanic)


After keeping this car for 14 years!!!

- Carburetor needed servicing.

- Water pump replaced.

- Fan belt replaced every few times.

- Alternator brushes/bearings replaced after 150000km.

- CV joint boots replaced.

- CV joints replaced.

- Rear wheel bearings replaced every 3 years due to improper grease seal.

- Brake shoe/pad replaced.

General Comments:

Great car. Very strong and reliable. It was used on our sugar cane farm in Fiji islands, and dad even used it to pull hand-ploughs when bullocks couldn't go!!! Years of abuse and it still runs to this day. It carried me to the airport when I left Fiji for Canada :(

It was involved in 2 major accidents, and I personally fixed it at home. Very good engine. A well kept car would easily go over 400000ks. Mazda rocks!!!

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Review Date: 31st March, 2010

28th Jun 2012, 00:48

Where can I get a gear box for this car in Fiji?

1990 Mazda 323 1.6 Benzine from Lithuania




The car is awesome, nothing is bad and nothing went wrong, I just changed the exhaust because it was very old and rusty, and it goes great and smooth.

General Comments:

I recommend buying this car as a first car! Japanese cars rock..

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009

24th Oct 2010, 04:42

I am the same owner of this car. Sold the car on 2010-Feb, I had the car for a year, nothing was wrong, I bought BMW 3 coupe.

1990 Mazda 323 F GLX 1.8 SOCH from Norway


A very good car


Nothing special really.

I changed the timing belt, it had been changed at 105 000 km, but made a squicky sound.

I also had to change the petrol tank, when I had it totally filled up, it was leaking somewhere from the top of it.

General Comments:

A great and reliable car. Its always working and its cheap to own. I don't buy original parts anymore, and I change the parts myself if I can do it on my own.

This car is one of the first produced, in 1989. It has not central-looking, which is rather disappointing. This came later. And the seats are grey and a little bit uncomfortable, 323F got better seats later.

I can sometimes hear some interior noise now and then, but it's a old car.

The 1.8 SOCH-engine goes from 0-100 in 10 seconds, and is strong enough. Especially from 3300RPM.

I'm very happy with this car. Cheap to own, looks good with my original GT-spoiler and 15" Alessio alloys.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2007