2000 Mazda 626 LX from North America


Good car, but expensive in the end


I bought this car in 2001. It had 7,000 miles on it. At first, it ran perfectly. Not even two months ago, things went south.

The first major thing that went wrong, was that it had a major oil leak. It was taking 2 quarts of oil every 3 days. After 9 days, and 1 day before it was scheduled to be fixed, the car just stopped running. Before it died, I kept all the scheduled oil changes at the dealership, and they told me that everything was fine with the car. So, I know this wasn't my fault. The dealership was no help. They wouldn't cover it under the warranty, because it had expired a month prior. It cost me $300 dollars to fix. Not even an hour after I had gotten it back, it was shoulder decoration once more.

This time, it was the starter. Once again, it was somehow my fault that the starter had gone bad. And once again, the repairs had to be made out of pocket. I'm not even sure how much this cost to repair. I was just so disgusted with the dealership, that I just paid it and hoped that it would be the last time I saw them.

30 minutes later, the rods went. Now I know nothing about cars, and frankly, I don't even know what a rod does, but I do know that I would have had to replace the whole engine. Come to find out later, by one of my Uncles, that the noise that I thought was perfectly normal, since it had been making that noise since the day I bought it, was a sign that the rods were bad. I didn't even bother taking it back to the dealership this time.

General Comments:

Other than the things previously listed, I have no complaints about this car. I fell in love with it.

It picked up speed like nobody's business.

It was great on gas. That's probably the thing I'm going to miss the most.

It was a bit lacking in head and leg room, but not enough that it was terribly uncomfortable.

To sum it up, it was a great car until 2 months ago. I can't afford to keep fixing this car, so I'm getting rid of it. I'm currently in the market for another Nissan. Both Nissan's, that I've owned, have been nothing, but excellent.

I might look into buying another Mazda, but not a 626.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

2000 Mazda 626 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, stick with the 5 speed manual


The Radio is rubbish - rear speakers do not work and the front speakers keep cutting out.

Buy a 5 speed manual - I see other reviews saying these cars are rubbish - just keep away from the automatics and you will not have any problems.

General Comments:

I often travel between Wellington and Auckland - this car is nice to drive and if I leave with a full tank of petrol from Wellington I arrive in Auckland with about 1/3 tank remaining after 670 km's.

This car has been great in the year that I have owned it - 40000 ks and no problems.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2005

5th Jul 2008, 18:02

I still own this car - I have done over 220000 kms in it. Still no major problems.

I have just replaced the factory fitted battery and with Petrol up to $2.12 ltr in NZ it is costing me about $90 for 650 kms - not bad!

9th Mar 2012, 01:51

I have just traded this car in, and it had done 300K and still ran like a new car - the dealer that traded it was amazed at how great this car still was.

Very sad to see this car go - I hope the 2007 Corolla I picked up today will be as good!