26th Dec 2008, 19:29


I am the owner of the truck mentioned in this section.

It's now been 6 + years since I wrote the review of my wonderful little truck and I just wanted to say I still own it and still enjoy it.

Where I live, I don't have to drive it everyday, so mileage has only increased to 236,000 + miles, but it is still going just as strong as the day I bought it.

Recently, the drivers side window crank mechanism broke, so the window cannot be cranked down. This was my fault, since I failed to lube the track the window rides on. It became so stiff, it eventually failed. I do plan to remedy this in the near future.

Fuel mileage still averages about 25MPG.

Only things I've done to this truck since posting my original comments were regular oil / filter changes (including a recent change from 15W-40 to 20W-50 oil) and it got a new set of tires last summer.

Unless I, or my friend, win the lottery, I do not plan on selling this truck anytime soon.

Great truck!

25th Sep 2011, 02:05

UPDATE: 9/24/2011.

Well, it's been about 3 years since my last update, so I thought I would post another.

Since the last update, I've moved and use the truck much more often now. Mostly, as a commute vehicle for work (about 16 miles, round trip).

The truck turned 1/4 million miles about a month ago and is still going strong.

Last year, the heater core cracked and I had it replaced. At that time, I also had the window crank fixed.

Everything was fine for a while, but I am once again losing water out of the engine, with no discernible cause.

I fear a cracked head, and since the rebuild has over 130,000 miles on it now, I feel the time to replace the engine has come.

Also, the winter of 09/10 was particularly cold (10-20 degrees. Unusually cold for around here) and I didn't change out the oil. I now feel the heavy 20W-50 oil I was using was too thick for the temps and that probably took some life out of my engine. Still using 20W-50, as the temps are much warmer right now. The new engine will most likely get 10W-40 (or whatever is recommended).

Otherwise, the truck is still alive and actually working better than when I bought it 19 years ago.

30th Jul 2013, 22:40

LAST UPDATE: 7/30/2013

The water disappearance problem finally caused me to park the truck in the winter of 2011.

I wrestled with whether or not I wanted to repair/replace the engine, or sell the truck.

In the end, I sold "Ol' Betsy". 9/92 - 7/13.

She was a good and reliable truck, and I'll miss her dearly.

She's now with a guy over in P.A. Hope she serves him just as well.

It's been a great ride.