18th Aug 2004, 14:35

Have a 2000 B4000 4x4 and have to have the transmission replaced - 46,000 miles. There is a TSB out on this model for a transmission kit to deal with 3rd gear slippage. However, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear is slipping. Want to know how common a complete transmission overhaul is. Sounds like this might be a lemon and not sure how much money to pour into it.

13th Dec 2004, 09:44

I too have a 2003 Mazda B3000 Dual Sport. It is currently in the shop having a new transmission installed. I noticed the problem when one morning, I couldn't reverse or drive. It only has 35,000 kilometers.

I am thankful that it is under warranty, but would never buy another Mazda truck.

22nd Jul 2006, 20:31

Looks like we had a similar problem with our 2000 B4000. I took it to the dealer 3 times because of engine roughness. Once at 25,000 miles, then 37,000 miles and at 48,000 miles. They always said there was nothing wrong and I needed the fuel injectors cleaned. The engine blew at 53,000 miles or 3,000 miles over the warranty period. They replaced it with a used engine, under the terms of the warranty. However, I believe the problem is back and I can’t wait until it blows again because I will not be stuck with an American made vehicle again. By the way, I originally bought Mazda thinking it was foreign made, and the salesman even told me it was, because I really expressed my dissatisfaction with American made automobiles. Come to find out, FORD bought Mazda out and unfortunately Mazdas are now made by FORD, a company I absolutely deplore because of the lack of quality. The vehicle has had all of its required and regular maintenance.

2nd Dec 2006, 08:40

I have a 1999 B4000 with 120,000, bought it brand new, I just posted a comment, but forgot to mention that I to have had my trans replaced 2 x before this truck was a year old. that told me this truck originally was a proto type in 1999. I am on the 3rd trans and just starting to hear that humming noise again. May sound funny, but I will invest in a new one.

7th Dec 2006, 18:23

I own a 01' Mazda b4000 cab plus 4x4. Bought it with 23k miles and currently is up to 65k. I've replaced the stock tires, had to replace the front ball joints, problem that I'm having now is the 4x4 doesn't work, doesn't engage, the fuses all work, my mechanic thinks its the control module, hopefully this doesn't run me that much money, Overall, I like the truck, and because I do, I invested audio into it. It's a great ride. I don't like the gas economy on it honestly, I fill up for 35 bucks and drive 200 miles and some change maybe. Would I buy another? Probably not, Gas prices are too high!

22nd Jan 2007, 20:46

I just bought a 1998 B4000 4wd. It seems to be running great. The mileage isn't so hot, but it runs great. Anybody knows how to get the Door Ajar light on the instrument panel to go off?

I played with the switch on the door, it went out for a while, but came back. Would appreciate any thoughts or experience.


18th Jun 2007, 20:34

The 4R44/55E that I believe is in your model year vehicles has several TSB's for several issues, it's kind of one of those deals where if you get a good one its good, a bad one and it's real bad. I have heard several complaints of people that have had to have them replaced several times in a row, I suspect the failure is related t something else in the vehicle? maybe poor oil cooler flow or a PCM issue? I have not yet had to rebuild one of these and I kinda hope I don't have to... good luck.

23rd Dec 2007, 21:55

I have a 2001 Mazda B4000 4.0L SOHC Manual Transmission with 107,000 miles and have not had anything ever go wrong on mine. All I need is the spark plug wiring diagram because I may have accidentally swapped 2 when replacing them. I love my truck! No problems yet. Now my Mazda car is different story.

27th Jan 2008, 01:59

I bought a used 2000 Mazda B4000 Automatic 2 years ago with 68k miles on it. Was told no major replacements or failures have happened with the truck. It currently has 98k on it, which included a trip from Connecticut to Washington a year ago (the 4x4 did excellent across the Rockies on I-90 during the winter storms). Since then, I have put on 32" Mizzo Bighorn Mudders, custom exhaust and have enjoyed many weekends muddin. I do all my own maintenance and have never had any problems with the truck. If I didn't want a bigger truck I would definitely buy another. But I will keep this one until it blows up, then it will become the permanent off-road vehicle.

2nd Feb 2008, 21:32

I have a 01' Mazda B4000, similar to an above comment, I bought mine with about 25k miles, and have had to replace the 4x4 controll module in it as it went out. I also had to replace the front lower ball joints, and my mechanic says the upper ones have some "play"..meaning they should be swapped soon too probably

At 75k miles now, with less than 2k to pay on it, I am really starting to sink money into this thing it seems. Now my biggest concern is the O/D off light blinking, which after doing some research, points to transmission error, I'm going to have it checked.

Last one i'll buy.

17th Apr 2008, 00:57

I bought a 2000 Mazda B4000 automatic used with 124,000 miles a year ago and the only problems I've had with it are with the spark plugs. I have heard a lot about transmission problems with this truck, but I haven't had any yet and I hope I don't have any soon.

16th Jun 2008, 20:43

Those with problems with the door ajar light on, I have the solution. I have a 2001 B4000 ext. cab 2x4 and mine was doing the same. You have to make sure the half doors are really closed. Sometimes I have to slam them shut, then shut the driver and passenger door normally and the light goes out. If you don't shut the half doors hard enough, the light comes on.

I'm having the same problems with my transmission... sometimes it's very easy to slide into first from a stand still, and other times it just won't go, no matter how far down I press the clutch. Anyone else with this problem?

Another is how high I rev at in 5th gear going down the highway. Some days I can be doing 75mph and I will idle at 2700rpm, and others it's 3200rpm.

I asked the dealer and they're not really sure. Anyone else with this problem that can help? Let me know travis_4567@hotmail.com


19th Jul 2008, 13:59

I just bought a 1999 b4000 Troy Lee edition. Two days into the deal I noticed the following.

1. Blue smoke coming from the exhaust

2. O/D OFF light flashing (Transmission issues)

3. Clunk noise coming from the rear end

4. Power door locks not functioning

5. Passenger side window bouncing when I roll it down

6. Windshield Wipers come on when I start the car.

7. Foghorn noise coming from the air intake somewhere.

All in all, I'm pretty sure I got screwed over. :) The dealer said they would fix everything but it hasn't happened yet. Good Times. Good Times.