30th Apr 2011, 15:36

Not dome light, but notice that the window operating switch sometimes works even when the key is off. I suspect a problem in the ignition key circuit.

25th Jul 2011, 18:49

WD-40 sprayed into the locking mechanism will fix this problem. It is a common problem on all Ford and Mazda vehicles.

24th Dec 2011, 11:55

I have a 2001 Mazda B4000 4x4 SE. It's been a great truck for me. I bought it 5 years ago and had to change the auto transmission a month after I bought it. Now I am having issues with my wipers. I ordered two new wiper arms because the old ones wore out (who knew). My wiper on the driver's side just seized, and I don't know what to do? Any suggestions? Merry Xmas!!

8th Mar 2012, 19:45

Had the same thing happen to my 98 B4000. My brother, a mechanic where I bought the truck, had to take the passenger door panel off, and then had to adjust the door sensor near the latch. That was in 2004. Now the OD light just started blinking.

28th Mar 2012, 15:29

Had the same problem when I purchased my 98 B4000. The door indication light would stay on. The dealer took the truck into have it looked at. I was fortunate as my brother was a mechanic there. I watched him take the door panel off, and he then adjusted a sensor near the door latch from the inside. That worked for a couple years, and now the door open alarm comes on when a passenger leans against the door, same thing again as before. If taking the panel off, be careful as the bottom part of the panel can break at the part that pushes into the door frame.

13th Aug 2015, 18:00

Have a 01 B4000 4x4 with stick. Same problem with 1st gear. I go to 5th, slide down to 3rd, then up to 1st. Kinda synchronizes it.

26th May 2016, 21:03

Any luck with the blinking OD light? Mine just started and shifting funny too.