29th Mar 2012, 00:13

You either have a fuel problem or an electrical (leads breaking down or dizzy area); these normally come into play once the car engine warms up (ie. after about 10 minutes). A garage will find the fault for you - they are a great car, don't burn it.

Grant, NZ.

29th Mar 2012, 00:26

My Lantis 2 litre V6 has now done 265k on the clock, and is still very peppy.

The only work on the engine has been all belts at each 100k, and a new water pump on the 2nd lot.

Oil/filter change every 10k, new plugs every 50k.

The only issue I notice is sometimes I am now getting a little blue smoke on long downhill runs, I suspect hardening of the valve guides, nothing major. Still very zippy, and good on gas.

Other areas I made changes when I bought it at 90k, were a full free flow exhaust and med/low spring. Cornering is awesome with the 5 speed box, and yes, nothing done to the gearbox and clutch. If you have a Lantis, look after it, they are one good car.

Grant, NZ.

25th Jun 2012, 02:10

Hi, Nathan here.

Is anyone able to give me the firing order for a V6 Lantis please?

6th Jul 2012, 21:09

Hello, did you find the problem?

26th Sep 2012, 05:44

Hi, I'm Leong from Malaysia. I've had my Ford Laser for just one year only, but I'm using the Lantis 2.0 V6 engine. Now I'm facing some problems; hopefully you can help me to fix the problems.

The first is my car at low RPM likes to misfire (when in 1st and 2nd gear). My car can't go smoothly; what can I do?

Second, is how much is the price for the rocker cover seal? I'm planning to change the seal, because my engine now sticks with the engine oil.

1st Oct 2012, 22:05

Hi, I've had my Lantis for about 4 years, and for the last about 2 years, it's every now and again had the battery completely drained overnight when nothing was left on at all. It would die to the point that even jump starting it wouldn't help, and I have to have a battery charger handy just in case. It's happened about 5 times this year, and it is really unpredictable. My only suspicion is the air conditioning, as it is always on when I try to start the car.

Any ideas? An auto electrician had no idea.

12th Nov 2012, 06:08

I have the same problem, but I'm also not getting power to my fuel pump. I've tried hard wiring a new line for the fuel pump, and tried to start it up, but had no luck. Any ideas on how to fix this problem, or any clues on where to start looking?

11th Oct 2013, 02:33

Hey, I had the same problem, and tried the same things as you. Try replacing the crank angle sensor at the bottom of your engine; it should be on the right side if it's a V6 KF engine. If still no luck, try testing your distributor cap.

10th Mar 2014, 18:58

Hi, thank you for your information. My Mazda Lantis needs a right hand inner CV joint. Please may I have any contacts you have to source one, as I'm having trouble locating one in the south island.

Many thanks, Chelle.

14th May 2014, 01:01

Hi, we have a '93 Lantis 2.0 V6, automatic, with only 150k on the clock. It has a real misfire/lag problem, goes fine on the flat, but as soon as we turn to go uphill, she dies badly... no power. We pull over and wait a minute, then it takes off OK. Sometimes using the power button to increase revs will work.

Should we change the plugs to performance ones? Any other ideas welcome, cheers.


15th May 2014, 18:30

Hi there... I also have a Mazda Lantis. I'm staying in Auckland. I want to know how much it cost you to change the CV joint?? Please reply. My email is humevs@gmail.com.

18th Mar 2015, 21:00

I had the same problem with my Lantis. Changed the spark plug leads, then she ran like NEW.

13th Oct 2015, 00:19

I have a Mazda Lantis 91 automatic. Recently the revs started dropping every time I brake, to the point where the car turns off. It's done it 6 times now. How do I find the revs cord thingy?

12th Jan 2017, 01:02

Hi again. It was the computer, it had a burnt main chip!

1st Feb 2017, 07:14

Hi, I have a Mazda Lantis 2.0 V6. It drives well, but I have one problem, it vibrates just like the engine is touching the body when cornering or going on an uneven surface. Checked the engine mounting; it's good. Don't know the problem. Can anyone help me please?