1993 Mazda MX3 RS 1.6 cylinder from North America


Nice and rare


Nothing, (except for things from the previous owner.. explained later).

General Comments:

Handles like a dream!

Great on gas, and even better on looks.

When I bought my 93 MX-3 RS, it was love at first sight! However, she did have "issues".

The transmission was blown, she needed a passenger CV joint, new piping from the "cat" converter to the muffler, new tires, new belts, new rotors and pads up front, and oh yeah, a new lower ball joint on the passenger side too.

However, the body, paint, engine and interior are all near flawless, so I was prepared to make the investment of getting all these things taken care of, which I stated above.

And in the end... now since all is fixed... the car performs perfect! I bought the car for $1600, and spent about $2000 in all that needed to get fixed, plus some of that amount going to the Indiglo gauges I installed, OEM floor mats, GS rear spoiler and OEM side skirts, (all bought off eBay, which helped me save a lot of money)!

Also, it is so cool to just drive around town and on the highway, and see people checking your car out, because most of the time they don't know what kind of car it is, and it looks very nice. Also, isn't it amazing that this gem first came out in 92, and to this very day, the styling in both the interior and exterior hasn't fell off yet, and most people think it's a 2000 or above model year car.

So to all you guys and gals that just got a MX-3...! WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

Also, MX-3.com is the holy bible for this car, so never forget that.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

29th Apr 2005, 06:38

The MX3 to get is the one with the V6. The 4-cyl with its 88 hp won't win many street races...

10th May 2005, 09:10

I just got one with the V6. It's an automatic, but the tranny is blown. I'm tryin to get another one, but I can't find a manual or a automatic anywhere. How did you fix yours.

1993 Mazda MX3 1.8 V6 from North America


It will take you to the edge and hold you there until you slow down

General Comments:

I don't actually own this car, my father does. I'm a seventeen years old and planning on buying the mx3 from my dad. This car hugs the corners like nothing I have ever seen, including my friend's cars. The Mazda mx3 will beat almost all cars in its class off the line at the red light and I think it's a shame Mazda stopped making them. It feels like a race car, and looks great. The rear end had an excellent appearance and the headlights almost look like cat eyes. This car is nearly as old as I am, but it still gets complements and everyone loves it. I think it's a great car with a lot of potential for someone who wants to beef up a car.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2005

1993 Mazda MX3 GS 1.6 4 cylinder from North America


If you have one, keep it, if you don't, get it


Driver seat has worn really badly (I wonder why).

Headlight covers have (fogged over.. dims the lights a little)

Rear lower sway bar keeps breaking at the "knuckle"...(maybe I should slow down on offramps, nah, it handles just as well without it).

General Comments:

Well, how do you describe your one true love. She has outlasted, 2 homes, 4 girlfriends, 1 dog, and 2 cats. LOL.

This is by far the best car on the planet! I commute 110km everyday, can still disappear around a 90 degree corner at 60 km/h. She's 11 going on 12, gets about 550-600 km to a tank, and I can still outrun a lot of the beauty queens that frequent my local highways. I simply love this car, and it loves me.

Up until last week, I had spent about $1500 in tires and wheel bearings and routine maintenance on this car. After storing the car, I finally had the ball joints, timing belt and water pump done. HOLY BEEP!!! Me and my girl are goin' for a ride!!! It was like the day I made my last car loan payment and realized the car was all mine.

Please keep in mind, I always took care of this car, and I am not a mechanic. Oil changes between 3000 and 4500 km, a few squirts of WD40 on the electrical every 4th Saturday and a tank of super unleaded every third time around. Check the oil every so often...that's really about it.

After I realized that the car will do EXACTLY what you tell it to do, driving became DRIVING again. I even started racing go karts because you can't legally drive this car to its limits on the road. Perhaps the best way to describe this driving this car is equal to that of running alongside cars in traffic. If you want to get in front of, behind, on the other side of another car on the highway, you do it as smoothly as you think about it with this car.

However, this car should not be toyed with, because you will your limits tested first. I've been racing go-karts for 4 years now and with one championship under my belt, I think I can say that this car is very similar to the high performance karts I race. As you drive, the front tires feel light and firm. The engine and transmission have "no play", therefore, jumping up 40 km/h to pass a slow moving truck (grin), doesn't wake your passenger. The key to realizing the performance capabilities of this car is in seat position.

I tell you, if the motor ever gives up, I'm going to put in the six and take her to the race track.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2004

12th Feb 2006, 22:56

You mentioned that it was a lot of hassle to change out a 4-cylinder engine for a V6. I was just wondering what is a better way of gaining more horse power out of my 4-cylinder, And where is the best place to find out how to go about both of these options.

11th Apr 2006, 00:54

A better way to increase your 4 cyl performance is to do the Mazda BP Turbo engine swap. If you really want to do this kind of thing, you should look up mx-3.com forum where there is tons of info about it.

12th Sep 2008, 06:13

I owned a Mazda Mx-3 1.8i V6 for 2 years. These 2 years were the best driving years of my life, the way she stuck to the road like glue, never failed to get me round the slow movers in front (quickly) and never ever letting me down even though she had done over 130,000 miles.

I loved this car dearly and never ever wanted to get rid of her as she also seemed to love me back. But this year she had started rattling and banging and I just couldn't sort it out and had to let her go. I miss her deeply every day and just wish I could have afforded to fix her up and get her running the way she did. How strange is it that you get so attached to the Mazda Mx-3? She was by far the greatest car I have ever owned and ever driven.

17th Oct 2008, 23:46

Hey Craig, my name is John Gibbs, and I am a proud owner of a 1993 Mazda MX-3 GS. I love this car more than anything. I want to rebuild her from the ground up, inside and outside, all around, but I just don't like the V6 1.8L; it's just not enough for me and my car. I'm really interested in that klez engine you've got. If you still have it please call me @ 1-260-580-6131.