1984 Mazda RX7 GS 1.1 from North America


Fun to drive, but you need to understand and appreciate RX7's


The car sat in a garage for twenty years, so seals and bushings needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

Runs beautifully just like my '81 RX7.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2010

1984 Mazda RX7 GS 1.1L Rotary from North America


Fun and it handles like a dream


Speedometer floats at 80mph.

Oil Pressure Gage failed.

Poor Electrical output (i.e. Battery charge fluctuates with blinkers on)

Right headlight refuses to open (On occasion).

Pedal Wear as well as, brakes, tires, paint...etc.

Rear glass window latch loose.

Sunroof, minor water leak.

General Comments:

I just want to say that in my own opinion, this is a Great first car. It's reliable (Thus far), quick, and so much fun to drive. While it is by far not the fastest thing on the road, you can impress your friends by taking down their brand new Honda's with your 20+ year old POS. I kid you not.

It's got aggressive styling and girls seem to love it. The stock exhaust is throaty for a Japanese car and sounds ridiculously good with even a moderate exhaust system. In my eyes, this is a true sports car. It doesn't have tons of horsepower like a muscle car, but it does well on a track. It handles like a dream (Even without power steering or even assist!) it accelerates fairly quick for it's class, and it's just fun to drive. Period.

Like all cars, there are a few problems. First and foremost, the Power Steering. It would help, a lot. A speed, the unassisted steering is great. At low speeds (Say, in a parking lot), you better have done your push-ups, it's a pain.

While the car has a nice high red-line (7000rpm), the Wankel rotary engine doesn't shudder, shake, or groan when it approaches or surpasses the redzone. It's a little to easy to let each gear go a little high, because you don't catch the screams of the engine as you do with most other cars.

Manual Choke. Fun to mess with at first if you've never seen one... But it gets old. Really, really old.

I still have to say that this is the best car I ever owned. With more than 300,000 miles on the same tranny and engine and no overhauls, doubt many can contest it's reliability. But like all beauties, it has it's flaws.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2008

22nd Mar 2011, 23:32

I would just like to disagree with a few of the statements of the original poster.

First of all, the power steering is not bad at all. Even in parking lots, I can usually steer with one hand if I really need to. Also, the choke does not "get old", it is not really a problem, and if you know the correct procedure, you don't need to "mess with it". Using the choke becomes like second nature. I often reach for the choke in other cars when I start them, only to realize that nothing is there.

Other than that, this review is pretty accurate. This car is loads of fun, even in 2011. And with some upgrades, it can hang with many newer cars in terms of handling.

7th May 2012, 07:35

The poster may have had an RX7 without power steering, as the 1985 GS I had owned lacked power steering and only had power assisted brakes. I had no problems with the lack of power steering in parking lots however, and I'm not all too strong myself.

1984 Mazda RX7 GS 12A from North America


I love my RX, my 8th one since 1982... The only model car I've ever owned!!


Wheel bearings needed to be replaced at 170000 miles. Cost (with labor) $351.00.

Clutch needed replacement at 172000 cost (with labor $355.00).

Put new tires on last year for $270.00.

Tune up 3 years ago.

Harmonic balancer last year.

General Comments:

My car is the bomb!

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Review Date: 10th April, 2008

1984 Mazda RX7 wankel rotary from North America


Japanese garbage


This car was basically a piece of junk. The engine was virtually impossible to get started, it leaked oil, the body rattled from one end to the other, and my alignment shop informed me it could not be aligned because the frame had "sagged". Just the weight of the car (and it is NOT a heavy car) had caused it to bend, making alignment impossible without having the frame straightened. I was told this was typical of Japanese cars, which use much lighter and flimsier materials than American cars.

General Comments:

My previous car, a non-turbo Dodge Omni, would blow the RX-7 off the road without breathing hard. The RX-7 was the 2nd slowest car I ever owned (the first being an '81 Escort). The noise level inside the car at speed (what little speed it could muster) was deafening due to all the rattles and wind noise. Nothing about this car ever impressed me, and after only a year I traded it for a V-8 Mustang. It will be the least missed car (if you could actually call it a car) that I have ever owned. At least I learned a valuable lesson from it. I will never, as long as I live, buy another Japanese car...EVER!!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2006

30th May 2006, 22:18

This review concerns a 20 year old rotary powered car. Rotaries have always been oil burners and very problematical. Yet the reviewer puts down all Japanese cars. I have had 5 Hondas. All have been thrifty, comfortable, and reliable. Don't condemn all Japanese cars based on a bad experience with an old rotary.