1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A-160 Classic Plus 1.6liters from Mexico


Solid, well constructed and safe car, with great handling


Left side stop lights where changed once in this 5 year period.

The first tires P3000 had very bad quality, they got to insecure levels in just 30,000kms, the car had just run out of warranty, but I complained and Pirelli put 1/3, Mercedes payed for another third and I payed one third of the bill of a new set of P6000, which endured more than 70,000kms. I have just change tires, I bought ContiExtremeContact and are going very well.

Right side headlight was changed recently.

Because of a hard shock on a very bad condition road (an enormous pothole), the shock left an underneath protector a little loose and also there was the necessity of changing the rubbers in the engine supports, not "the engine supports", just the rubber pieces, which by the intensity of the hit I though of it as normal.

General Comments:

As I live in Mexico, this car is made in Brazil, with all the Germany made pieces. So there are some differences with the German ones: the ones sold here have engine protectors underneath, which are great for some bad roads. The engine is very peppy, it's got a very good amount of power. The handling is excellent, which one wouldn't guess with such a tall design. Very good suspension, hard, but very good, it is hard because it helps the handling.

The maximal speed is very good and you feel it safe. I have even taken some very hard curves (Mexico has a lot of them) at speeds I wouldn't ever take in a Jetta or a Golf (which have too supple suspensions). The reliability is what you can expect of a very good marque, and security is the expected from Mercedes (ABS, BAS, ASR, ESP). The dealership attention is very good also (but of course that can change between countries). Everything functions properly, it is a solid car, and you can rely on it. Because of our very good experience with the two A-160 we have (one is semiautomatic -and also a very good one- and the other is manual), I am thinking of buying another Mercedes, hopefully a C230 Kompressor this time.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2004

30th May 2005, 17:37

Update on the review. It has passed one year. The car is now 125,000kms and is as good as new. I don't plan to change it in a long time.

28th May 2007, 10:03

I want to refresh miles review, today is May/28/2007:

The car has now 160,000kms and it is as strong as first day, incredible. I have just send it to the dealer to inspect some points, and if anything had to be changed, because of the time or the kms, like the clutch, or any part of the suspension, and the answer was: "You have nothing to worry about, it functions perfectly", and so it feels.

From the last review to today, the car hasn't failed once, well it hasn't failed ever. It is remarkably well built.

I have seen others reviews and some of them are from people who expected the luxury and finish of higher Class Mercedes. That you won't find in the first A-Class, not at that point, but it is very well finished and most importantly, it is a very durable an reliable car, and it also has simple mechanics in the whole.

8th Feb 2009, 01:47

My car has just arrived to 190,000kms (a little more than 118,000 miles). Still it is as reliable as always, it accelerates as new, the transmission shifts perfectly, everything works.

A/C is a little slow to get cold, but after some 3 minutes it is quite cold, I will recharge it (it is 10 years old).

I have just done a 1500kms trip; I feel completely confident about this car, is so reliable I wouldn't hesitate to take it to the farthest places, even to take it to the USA or to Canada, instead of renting a car. This car is a joy to have.

9th Oct 2015, 02:13

Update: I still have this car, and today 8th October 2015, it just turned 309,000km - a little over 192K miles.

The engine is running very strong. In this time I have only had one major problem, it is the connection of the MAF sensor, which leads the car to drop power. I have to restart it and then it would function for some time until the next drop on power. This has been solved by my mechanic, but he struggled to find the cause. The dealership told me to change the engine management system, at a high cost - $1650.00 USD.

Also there have been numerous hoses changed, because there was a smell of oil and it sounded like a vacuum hose was broken. Nothing very important, at the end, and solved quickly.

Nothing more. The clutch is the same, changed at 211,000km; the transmission is well, and the engine is wonderful. The sensation of the engine in acceleration, sound, etc, is the same as 16 years ago, and it seems to me that it will endure some 300,000km more.

1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Classic 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Great looking car, but rough ride


Flat Battery at 30K miles. Some days it would start no problem, but others it was dead. I've replaced the battery at my own expense!

Knocking noise from rear of car, very annoying!!

General Comments:

Knocking noise very irritating. Mercedes have tried to resolve the problem, but cannot rectify it!!! They don't know what is causing it.

Great car for overtaking, even though it's just a 1.4.

Seats are very comfortable, and high seating position is great.

Rough ride, would expect smoother driving from a Mercedes.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2003