1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Classic from UK and Ireland


Overrated, expensive and very unreliable


Alarm and central locking failed 3 weeks after delivery; AA unable to resolve thre problem, dealership initially unwilling to help although eventually made a goodwill payment.

Fuel gauge failed, replaced but not reliable.

O/S rear door paint oxidised and starting to bubble. Lacquer in general appears dull.

Driver's seat moving on its frame.

Uneven tread wear on the front tyres and very light steering/slow speed understeer. 3 attempts by the main dealer to remedy before Kwikfit traced it to a suspension geometry fault.

Overheated after a coolant leak, dealer had the car for 3 weeks then returned it with a noticeable 3" scratch on the front bumper and a stain on the interior. Still awaiting a response from the dealer.

Bonnet release catch not working.

Occasionally stalls approaching junctions.

General Comments:

Seriously wondering what I have bought into. I thought this car would represent a reliable investment given it was sourced from an approved Mercedes dealer. I have so far raised my concerns at the number of problems I have experienced, both in person and in writing, but the only offer has been an alternative car plus a significant cash difference.

I no longer have any faith in either the fealer or the car itself. Has spoilt two planned weekends away when only option has been a long ride back to the dealership with the AA.

Majority of parts have so far been covered under the warranty, but repairs seem slow. Dreading the expiry of the warranty and have already asked for an extension, but both the dealership and Mercedes are totally uninterested.

The experience of ownership has been one of complete disappointment, frustration and expense.

It's no consolation that the courtesy cars have been everything mine isn't. I still love the car, but don't know much more of this relationship I can take!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

24th Jan 2002, 11:24

The Mercedes A-class in my opinion is a model designed specifically for a price market, and doesn't have the same quality as any "proper" Mercedes. It's a cheap car designed to go vs the Golf, but I'd take the Golf anytime.

26th Aug 2002, 08:33

People never seem to understand that buying cheap Mercedes and BMWs is just asking for trouble. These companies are not in the business of making good "cheap" cars, they're not even that cheap either. Instead of an A class you could have gotten something better from Japanese or other European manufacturers, with the A class you are simply paying for the badge and very little else.

1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Classic 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Shopping trolley car


Knocking or vibrating noise, very irritating, noticed after 6/7 months. Anti roll bar link rod ends were the problem.

Official dealer looked at the car twice, but failed to diagnose the problem during its warranty period in first year (import car).

Took car to independent garage and fault was picked up straight away. Part costs only £24.00 + labour = £70, but have lost confidence in local MB dealership as the fault should have been picked up, unless they did not want to help because it was an import.

South Wales.

General Comments:

Overall, pleased with the car.

Bought as a shopping trolley which is what it's good for.

Also, snazzy looks make the car stand out from the rest.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2001

23rd Mar 2003, 07:31

I imported my Mercedes A170 CDI in May 2000 from Holland, saving about £5000 on the list price at that time.

I have the Avantgarde model and deleted the sunroof for the airconditioning, and had CD player.

As of March 2003, I have completed 41 k miles. My only problem has been an irritating problem with the anti-roll bar link rods noticed at 35K miles. I had them changed at an independent garage at total cost of £70.

I am getting approximately 55 miles to a gallon, and more on a long run if kept to a steady 60 mph.

My biggest criticism is the body work. I have standard black paint which tends to pick up scratches like nobody's business and they don't seem to polish out. No other real problems, and overall a superb versatile reliable car at present, especially for the £13,400 (which includes VAT) that I paid! Cheap Mercedes motoring..