1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A-160 Elegance 1.6 liters gasoline from Mexico


Excellent car with great handling, very safe, durable and enjoyable


None. Normal servicing at scheduled intervals and that's it.

General Comments:

Very dependable, reliable car. It works perfectly. I change oil every 7000kms, with synthetic oil and that's it. I don't use it much, but every time I need it -even if it has been sitting for long periods of time- I just start it always at the first attempt and it is ready to go anywhere.

It is a very pleasant car to drive. The semi-automatic transmission is very nice in heavy traffic as it is in fast roads. I have run this car as much as 185kms/hr -more or less- quite often and it is and feels stable, very predictable, confident. The engine gives its power very well, you can really use all the capacities of that machine.

The seats are quite hard, so long trips 3 hours or so, might be a little tiresome.

It has every safety system you can ask for.

Good car, excellent car.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

21st Jan 2014, 23:14

How about parts, are they easy to find? Prices of them? Thank you.

29th Dec 2014, 08:31

Sorry to answer a year later, I hadn't seen your question. Parts are becoming a little scarce, and you have to find your way to them. Most of them, you can buy them directly at the Mercedes dealership, but some can be delayed quite a bit. The good part is that you don't have to change much in this car. Another way is to find parts from donor cars, which are abundant.

1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Elegance 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Never again!


1. The automatic transmission failed three times, once at 70mph in the fast lane of a dual carriageway - narrowly avoided a serious accident there; another time when it was being tested by a mechanic, and the front wheels locked, causing the car to skid. The gearbox, including torque converter, was replaced under warranty.

2. A gearbox mounting bolt failed after just 18 months (£150 repair bill, later refunded after I wrote to the MD of Daimler-Chrysler UK).

3. Steering column needed to be replaced at 18,000 miles.

4. Anti roll bar link rods failed at 24,000 miles.

5. Rear suspension packed up at 35,000 miles.

6. Electronic control unit failed at 37,000 miles, causing intermittent failures (e.g., car left stranded in the middle of the road whilst attempting to turn right) - and the car failed its MOT because of high exhaust emissions. Cost nearly £900 to fix.

General Comments:

We wanted to buy a classy, reliable and safe small car for my wife. The new A-Class seemed to be ideal, and we eagerly signed up to buy one of the first auto models in the UK - a brand-new, top-of-the-range (for then) model with leather seats, automatic transmission, etc.

We were impressed by the versatility of this little car - and the bodywork still looks like new, after 7 years' of ownership. The car has been great for transporting children and loads - including the occasional IKEA run with front passenger seat and rear seats removed, making a very capacious load-lugger.

Unfortunately, this all comes at a cost. This is the most expensive and unreliable car we've ever owned. After 37,000 miles, we've spent nearly £4,000 on servicing and repair bills - and the dealership we've loyally supported all this years have offered us a paltry trade-in of just £3,000.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2006

1999 Mercedes-Benz A-Class advantgarde A160 from UK and Ireland


Will NEVER buy a Mercedes again


Thought we had bought a good car when we bought our first A class/ Mercedes. We had the car two months when we returned it to the garage we bought the car. The car would not select gears. thanks to the garage it was fixed free of charge. Then as the car reached approx 60,000 miles the engine just died. The car had to be left in to the main Mercedes Dealer in Belfast.

To my amazement it was the fuel sensor, which cost me a staggering £917.00 to repair.

When we got the car back from the garage it was discovered that the rear spring had broken, this was repaired at a local garage and not the dealer. now the car has reached 80,000 the airflow meter is causing problems and the car stops at junctions. stay away from a class cars unless you want high repair bills.

General Comments:

1. The car is a poor effort from Mercedes

2. Not bad to drive on motorways

3. Seats very squeaky.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2005

22nd Jan 2006, 16:21

Please I at the moment drive a ford puma 1.6S it drives superb, but Iam struggling with the space and am considering the AClass having test driven the CDI model and loved it, but after having a beetle and having numerous problems am needing some solid advice please let me know.

3rd May 2006, 20:18

I had an A160 Avantgarde and was glad to be rid of it. The interior quality on all pre-2005 A-Classes was marginal and will rapidly degrade with age. Mechanically the car broke down several times and was expensive to repair. Air mass flow sensor failures are very common in pre 2005 A-Classes and cost a staggering amount of money to fix. The entire ECU module had to be replaced as the sensor cannot be changed by itself.

2005 and later A-Classes are much better, so if you're considering an A-Class, please do not buy a second hand model.