1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 300D 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


Best, safest, and most reliable car humans ever created


Tie rods needed replaced at 315,000 miles.

Transmission flares badly between second and third gear upshift (started recently at 320,000 miles).

Rubber fuel lines needed replaced.

Heater stops occasionally.

General Comments:

This is by far the best car I have ever owned. It handles real nice, and is very reliable.

It has the usual maintenance issues, due to the fact that it has over 500,000 Km.

Minimal oil consumption, and good mileage.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2011

1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 240D 2.4 from North America


Other than minor issues, I LOVE IT!!!


New alternator pulley installed wrong, oscillated & snapped.

Rebuilt alternator, belt snapped after 100k. I put it on too tight.

Can't determine if the new battery isn't being charged, or the positive terminal is grounding out via contact with the hood.

Sun-roof will not open.

I LOVE this car. I plan on owning it forever...

When running, it is a dream...

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Review Date: 1st September, 2010

1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 E200 from Malaysia


It's love!


I haven't had any major repairs made to the car yet. The usual maintenance issues and wear down parts need replacement.

As per all older model W123's, its steering box needs replacement, and I will replace the whole lower arm assembly at the same time.

The rear passenger side tail lights are erratic and need a little love too.

Besides that.. Hmmm?

I haven't much to fix in this 26 year old stunner. The rest of the car's good to go.

It was built like a tank.

And a beautiful tank it is too..

General Comments:

It's the best OLD car I've ever driven.

It's a beauty to look at, sleek lines, nice trim and an interior that's remarkable.

The seats are plush and extremely comfortable.

After 26 years and probably a weekend trip to the moon, all the electrics work. Now, that's engineering at its best.

I bought the Merc for a steal from a car body shop owner, so all bodywork is in mint condition.

I couldn't have asked for more.

I find myself driving the Merc more than my other brand new car.

It's a great drive every time.

And to the guys out there.. Me missus doesn't mind me tinkering with it at all. Brilliant!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2010

1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 DT 3.0L OM617 from North America


Beautiful, just beautiful handles like a dream


Not much, bought from a little old lady from California who didn't drive it much and kept it garaged.

Had a problem with it starting, and after replacing the battery and starter, found out it was a $3 part the connector that goes over the battery cable...

Rebuilt the vacuum pump, only a $50 rebuild and got great instructions off of mercedesforum.com. Step by step instructions from people who love these cars like me.

Other than that, runs/drives like a dream, beautiful car, roomy interior, great engineering and performance, won't drive any other... it's a 123 for me!!!

General Comments:

The turbo model is the only way to go, the non turbo is too slow on take off, that was my first car, this is my 2nd 300DT and I absolutely love it... feels good to open the moon roof and see the stars... great cars.. best ever built.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2010

1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 300D turbo diesel from North America


The best and last car I'll ever own


Air conditioning hose leaked. Had to buy a whole new system because we no longer use Freon.

General Comments:

This car is my baby. Already know who gets it when I'm no longer able to drive. Looks and drives like showroom condition.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2009

1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 300D NON turbo from Belgium


The finest saloon car ever made in the 70's and 80s


Engine mountings perished due to age. Initially electric mirrors and windows were sticky, but use has brought them back to life.

General Comments:

Quite simply the best ' practical classic ' car I have ever owned.

Superb ride, vision and economy for a car 26 years old.

I find many excuses to drive it.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2009

1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 300d turbo diesel from North America


Great Car


Air Conditioning needs freon and it costs too much to buy the freon.

The motor mounds have been replaced.

The motor would run when shut off.

The Tac is not working.

General Comments:

It has a lot of miles on the motor and continues to run great.

The clock still works and keeps good time.

The seats are still perfect.

The sunroof works perfectly.

The paint is pretty good, but is beginning to fade.

Body is perfect and the wheels still look great.

The cabin is good, but I am very big and it is hard to get in and out of.

The trunk leaks a little.

The seats are very comfortable.

Is too slow on the take off, but is great on the roadway.

Gas mileage is very good.

Sometimes hard to find Diesel gas.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2008