2000 Mercury Cougar V6 from North America


The only problems I've had with my Cougar were the serpentine belt tensioner, serpentine belt, and power steering pump hose.

I hope that I don't have any of the problems that everyone else is talking about!!

Geez, there are a lot of problems that I see here.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2007

2000 Mercury Cougar SE 2.5 V6 from F.Y.R.O. Macedonia


This car is a keeper. I'm planning on keeping the car till 2010


The original fuel pump starting giving me trouble 2 years ago when the car had 75,000 on it, but was replaced by Ford thru the recall. At 121,000 miles the alternator and rear struts went bad, and had them replaced. The original battery never gave any trouble till it died in Jan '07.

The driver side seat needed to be repair - fall '06.

Complete brake job front and rear spring '06.

Replace lower ball joints spring '06.

Complete tune-up spring '06.

General Comments:

The Cougar SE steering handles well, the braking is strong and the trunk room is large and gets huge with the back seats down. I've shown non Cougar owners just how large the trunk is by putting my full size Specialized road bike into the trunk without breaking down the bike, and I still have room for a lot more. Nice having the bike on the inside.

Mileage is 24 mpg for 70% highway 30% in town driving, and 30 mpg miles for 100% highway with the 5 spd standard.

The one bad thing I have found out about the car is that the seats will give you a sour butt on long drives of 4 hours or more.

The stock shifter should be replaced with a short throw shifter for better performance.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2007

2000 Mercury Cougar from North America


Got Lemon?


Two $600 alternators; Four $150 fuel pumps; Five sets of $500 tires; and the usual jerking and sputtering when accelerating.

General Comments:

Ford Mercury discontinued this latest version of the Cougar: thank god. I am sorry to read that others have had problems upon problems with their cougars. I myself have had a few, and very happy to have made it to 135,000 miles without significant problems. Today, the car jerks, sputters, and pukes when I step on the gas pedal. I suspect the usual: fuel filters, injectors, and the fuel pump. Other suspects include the O2 sensors, vacuum leaks...

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Review Date: 4th June, 2007

2000 Mercury Cougar SE V6 24v DOHC from North America


It's a cheaper version of a Vette and better then driving a little Focus


Blew a rod through the engine at about 27000 miles, but since my fiancee was driving it and can't swear she was in 5th at 70mph, she was probably the cause. Replaced engine under warranty.

One O2 sensor replaced first year.

Clutch sensor replaced first year (which was a pain cause it won't start without it)

Other than that until recently I have had few problems. Hatch has its days where I think its broke then starts working again. One fog light is out and likely shorted. Both sides of the front end are cracked at the bend with one being stress from a loose screw and the other my own stupidity while turning it in my oversized garage.

Recently had the fuel pump replaced and had to cope with my interior smelling like gas for a month.

The check engine light is on constantly with no explanation the common answer. The seats are covered now to protect the leather and as someone on here said, it collects dust everywhere. I have the same dimming problem, but its 6 years old and doesn't relate to the performance at all.

Sun roof still works, but I don't use it nearly as much as I used to so probably a wear problem for most people. Only get sun half the time here;)

Other than emissions now, no other problems to report.

General Comments:

Loved the car since day one. The looks and feel. Age is never nice to anything, but it has been a reliable car for 5 years now. I will probably be getting a second car in the future and be able to lesson the wear'n'tear.

Speed and power are great. Had it over 120mph in the first month, but highway speeds are not as friendly now. THat is more problematic with tire pressure and wear then JUST engine performance. Cars only need to go the speed limit so can live with that.

My paint is starting to look old and has lots of chips. I new paint job would be a huge lift for an already great car.

Great gas mileage!!!

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Review Date: 29th November, 2006

30th Nov 2006, 15:53

This car may be better driving than a Focus, but comparing it to a Vette is a bit of a stretch...

22nd Feb 2009, 18:26

I had a 2000 Cougar V6 too. I liked the car, it had very few problems for a car with 180000 miles, but it is in no way like a vette.