2001 Mercury Cougar C2 2.5L V6 DOHC from North America


Cute, fast, and just my kind of car!!


Arms on Sun Roof broke (not under warranty), contacted the necessary people with no help. Cannot afford to pay $1,600.00 to get it fixed, so it remains broken to this day.

Transmission had to be replaced at 62,230 miles (internal damage)

Transmission went out again at 64,660 miles.

Engine is misfiring at 66,870 miles (in the process of getting fixed), also having additional transmission problems.

Coolant light comes and goes.

Alarm goes off every time a key is used to open the trunk. (Must use key-less remote or release button inside vehicle)

General Comments:

Even though I am having some problems with it, I Love this car!! I would not trade it for anything. Very nice, when detailed correctly, love the color, love the rims, love the leather interior, actually I just love everything about my car. I also love the fact that I have Manual Overdrive, and with that little button, I can beat anyone who dares try to race me!!! Quick, Sporty, and just enough room inside for just me 8-).

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Review Date: 6th January, 2006

2001 Mercury Cougar V6 from North America


It is a nice looking car with quick pick-up, but the problems come faster than they are fixed!


Trunk never opens on first try, I have to hit the release button a number of times.

Constanyly jumps and sometimes stalls, when driving on the highway, if I break at all the steering wheel rocks quickly, like I am going to lose control - allinment off.

Needed a new battery after 57,000 miles.

Taken in for the recall on the fuel gasket.

Needed a new alternator at 63,000 miles.

Expensive to fill, I spend more on gas then the car payments a month.

Needs all 4 new tires, and they are not cheap!

Sometimes the CD's get stuck in the CD player when I try to eject them.

General Comments:

Quick pick-up and fast moving.

Completely automatic, 6 disk CD player.

Nice looking car, all around.

Hot styling - exterior and interior.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2005

2001 Mercury Cougar V6 from North America


My opinion of this car is it is beautiful, but a bad make


The brakes that came with the car wore down within the month that I had gotten the car.

This car is a beautiful car, I love the color, I love the style, but at the same time I am disappointed. The car seems to run out of gas quickly. Granted I did put 27000 miles on the car within 1 year, but it has stayed in tune.

The seats are probably the most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in. I do agree that the seats are not for an overweight person. The front seats are OK for a tall or overweight person, but the back seats are awful.

The care has very bad suspension and ever since day one I have had a problem with the alignment of this car.

I now have to replace the starter and the alternator.

General Comments:

I am not blaming the dealership I got this car from. I have no intentions of faulting anyone. I just now believe that looks of a car are not everything.

This car has made me realize how much I truly miss my 1997 Honda Accord.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

2001 Mercury Cougar v6 2.5 duratec from North America


Great affordable flashy sports car


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. The car has worked flawlessly. I fixed the recall on the fuel filter assembly even though it wasn't giving me any problems.

General Comments:

3 best things about the car.

This car is the best handling car I've ever driven.

It has good power 170hp and gas mileage for a v6.

There are 3 downsides to the car.

The rear seats can't seat taller or overweight people.

The transmission is rough when shifting.

Overweight people won't fit properly in front seats because all the seats are contoured. Some may find them not as comfortable as more expensive cars.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2005

28th May 2009, 18:33

The Cougar is not a sports car, sorry.

2001 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5L V6 from North America


Love it even though it has problems.


I have had the car for a month now and I just dropped it off to get a new fuel system put in. I do not mind due to the fact it was part of a recall and free. I have had some probems with the battery and the alignement does not last.

General Comments:

The car is great. The gas mileage is ten times better than my Jeep. It is a cute car. I got in a wreck two weeks after I bought it. The car held up better than I ever could have imagines. The Ford car that hit me had to be towed it was so bad. I only had minor bumper damage. The car is so much safer than I imagines. The Jeep Grand Cherokee I owned did not hold up to this car. It is a quick car and so fun.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2005