1995 Mercury Sable 3.0L from North America


Great cruising/family car


First not sure on mileage due to inaccurate reporting to DMV at sale or transfer.

Had car for two years. Ran great.

Radiator cracked at 98000, approx 300 for new one, not sure if it was my driving or just wear and tear.

Transmission Started leaking at 100000, went through average of 2qt of fluid a weeks.

104000 miles transmission won't shift. Had car looked at and could be electrical or mechanical cost of 1800 to fix/replace. Still waiting on other estimates.

Speedometer rattles and bounces after hitting around 65-70mph. Haven't had it repaired yet.

Can lose tail lights sometimes when bulb blows, found this one out while visiting my sister.

General Comments:

Overall good car.

Taken it on multiple road trips from San Diego to Phoenix without any significant problems on the road.

Roomy compared to last car, 1992 Ford Festiva.

Interior seems to hold up pretty well, have three young children that test it out pretty thoroughly.

Runs well even with 104000. haven't had to do much to it except standard repairs.

Plan on running this one until the engine goes might even replace the engine and give it to my oldest after that.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

1995 Mercury Sable GS 3.0 V6 from North America


I love this car, even with all its problems


This car is on its third transmission; one at 20,000 and again at 120,000 miles.

The check engine light comes on every once in a while, mechanic said ignore it.

The brakes have been done 2 or 3 times (normal wear and tear).

Gas door opener next to the driver's seat doesn't work.

After going through a couple really big puddles, the steering stiffens and the battery light goes on.

Battery replaced.

Radio and rear speakers replaced in the summer of 2004 (understandable considering it still had the originals, plus I wanted a CD player).

Wipers tend to turn off when I put the directional on (only when the wipers are on intermittent).

Windshield replaced, I think a branch came down on it. The car was in the driveway and it happened overnight.

Screws holding on the third brake light housing were stripped, had to replace those bulbs through the trunk.

Normal bulb replacements.

Mercury emblem came off the bar of lights while I was driving and hit my windshield. (not Mercury's fault, the body shop put the original emblem back on the car after we had a front end accident).

General Comments:

With this car, the question should be What hasn't gone wrong?


Front bumper and lights replaced, and the hood fixed.

Hit from behind 3 or 4 times, replaced the bumper cover and/or bumper.

Great in accidents.

This is my first car, it was my mom's until she got a minivan.

Acceleration not all that great, but that could also be me because I am very gentle on this car.

Paint looks new.

Green exterior and interior - I love it!

When the time comes to replace the floor mats, I can't match the originals. Nobody sells green floor mats.

Around 70-75 miles per hour, the speedometer needle starts bouncing around.

I absolutely love this car! Yes it's quirky, but that gives it character. I plan on running this car into the ground. I would drive it forever if I could.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2005

8th Feb 2005, 10:41

A Mercury Sable isn't exactly quirky--- it's about as bread-and-butter as it gets. The speedometer bounce is common in Tauruses/Sables of that era (I had the same thing in my '95 Taurus, ended up having to replace the speedometer unit).

1995 Mercury Sable s/w gs 3.8 from North America


OK, just had to get bugs out!


Well, 2 days went by, and a front coil spring broke, had to get replaced in pairs, cost was 200.00,a week later my water pump seized and broke the belt, cost me almost 300.00, 2 weeks went by and the starter went, cost 250.00, gee, is there anything on this car that cost under a hundred dollars? so far I have drove it for 2 months and it works great.

General Comments:

The engine is quiet, very comforbale, and not that bad on gas.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004