1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 turbo 16 valve DOHC from North America


Very high performance for a very cheap price, don't buy a Civic if you can find one of these



General Comments:

This car is very very fast. I like to call it the Civic killer..

It's AWD so that makes it that much better...

I love the way this thing just gets up and goes.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2001

1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.0 non turbo from North America


Most bang for the buck


The transmission was the only problem I ever had with this car. It dropped at about 70,000 miles under warranty. The dealer replaced it and replaced my timing belt as well for just the cost of the belt... not bad.

I love this car, it's my little toy, I plan to keep it forever and modify it. I'm thinking of getting a 2001 GST in maroon with tan leather / very beautiful color and car. Nothing wrong with the paint on my 93... still looks brand new.

General Comments:

This car is the ultimate coupe for the money... the turbo AWD is even better. The 2001 V6 has a bolt on twin turbo kit on the market, boosting HP to 320... WOOOOOOOWWW... can't wait.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2001

16th May 2001, 05:03

My tranny just went out also.. 95 Eclipse GS. At 74,000 miles.. a little early for a tranny to burn up don't you think? And way too expensive. They're nice cars if you have the money to maintain them and modify of course...

1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 1.8 SOHC Gas from North America


A small sleek sports car


The ECU had to be fixed and new capacitors were put in, it's a general Mitsubishi recall and I took it to a dealer and had no problems with it whatsoever.

General Comments:

This is a fun sporty little car, the only thing I regret about it, is not getting a nicer and faster model. The SOHC vs. the DOHC is a joke because there is a huge difference between the two in performance and options.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2000

1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.0 from North America


1. Idle air control.

2. Timing belt broke: Engine destroyed.

3. Misses: Replaced with manufacturer plug wires because of wire arcs and they still arc. Has never ran well.

4. Uses oil and has from the first day I bought it.

5. Transmission shifting problems.

6. Paint: Bad.

General Comments:

1. Took car to dealer and they replaced idle air control as per warranty but they lost all books, warranty information, tire warranty, etc. Did not replace.

2. Timing belt broke at 64,000 miles in the dead heat of summer on the interstate in the middle of nowhere. Dealership in OKC said they contacted the warranty company and they said they would pay for it. Went 275 miles to pick it up. Hauled back to OKC and they tore down the engine to find problems. Next time I called they said I would have to pay for everything and that I had to pay for the teardown, about $350.00, to get it from them. Later I called back and recorded the agreement he made to me that the warranty company would pay and to bring it in (got there at 4:30am). This was the only way I would have let them tear it down. I called Mitsubishi and they didn`t even care. Rented trailer again and hauled it home. The parts for this engine are outrageous. Bought used motor from a wrecked car and had it installed.

3. Car used oil at a rate of 1 qt. at 1200 to 1500 miles. Dealership mechanic stated to me that the use of a quart every 2,000 miles was within the manufacturers limit. Didn`t work on it.

4. Standard transmission gears don`t mesh right and never have since I bought it new. Pops out of reverse. Dealership worked on it and there was no improvement. Dealer said that was just the way they were and to deal with it.

5. Paint started to crack and it looked like scratches (silver/grey). Started on the hood and hatch lid on rear and is starting around the edges of the whole car now. Had taken it to the dealer when this first started and they wouldn`t do anything about it. Said that's the way that color of paint acted, although no one told this to me when I bought the car.

6. Have never had this much trouble with dealerships (two different dealerships).

7. Apparently Mitsubishi doesn`t have a good relationship with its dealerships and its customers.


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Review Date: 28th February, 2000

14th Jun 2001, 15:30

If you bought a used motor, you have no idea how many miles it really had on it or how well the previous owner took care of it. If your timing belt broke at 64,000 miles, you waited 4000 miles too long to replace it. If you take care of your paint, it will last. I have a 1990 with 130,000 miles on it in stock paint. I wash it every week and wax it twice a week in the winter and once a week in the summer. The car is running like a dream, doesn't burn oil, and the only design flaw was in the computer's power supply. This problem doesn't exist since Mitsubishi found out about it in the mid 90s.

6th Aug 2001, 16:03

Basically, you got what you deserve for getting rid of a Supra for a 93 Eclipse. Honestly, what were you thinking? Even though the Supra was just coming out of the Celica/Supra stage, it still had more low end torque and top end torque than the 93 Eclipse.

Either way, every car eats oil. It's inevitable due to the fact that there's a LOT of heat involved. When the dealership tore down the engine did they do a compression check afterwards? It sounds more or less like you mis-diagnosed a head gasket problem.

As for the timing belt, did you put it on the right way? Timing belts don't go on dead tight with stock belts. You will tear the teeth right out on ignorant acceleration. What you should have done is got that second motor, had a complete rebuild done to it.

I guarantee you wouldn't have had these troubles if you'd have relyed more on yourself and less on the dealership. All they care about is money.

14th Jun 2002, 23:20

I have a 1993 Mitzy Eclipse with 62,500 on it and it is show room clean and mean. Doesn't use oil runs great. As for the timing belt.. Read your manual and you will see it says change it at 60 K or else you will pay. Honestly a used junk car engine? Reliable? Buyer Beware.. Oh yes as for a Toyota.. Please...

7th Sep 2003, 00:51

Jeez, if you've had it since 1993 and ONLY had that many problems with it you should consider yourself lucky. Don't knock a good thing.

5th Jul 2004, 10:09

Good job on that regular maintenance... You killed your own car. Not the car's problem, your problem for not taking care of it.

1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS from North America


The timing belt broke resulting in extensive damage to engine. Replacement parts to rebuild the engine could not be found. Finally located a used 60,000 mile engine. Car was in the shop four months. Total repair bill for parts, labor was 3,200.00.

General Comments:

I do not recommend this car, because any major components have to be specially made and the time and cost is outrageous.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

1st Feb 2001, 21:38

You MUST replace that timing belt at or before 60k, every DSM owner should know that!

23rd Apr 2001, 08:55

He's right, take care of your car and it'll take care of you.

19th Jul 2001, 14:43

You have to maintain a car properly, for it to treat you good. The problem you experienced occurred due to you being naive of the maintainence schedule.

1st May 2008, 07:20

I've rebuilt 4 of these motors both turbo and non they rip and the parts are not hard to find fastest 4 cyl ever DSM baby woot woot!!