30th Nov 2007, 15:34

To the writer who would "not now buy any automatic vehicle from Mitsubishi." I am lost as to your reason for this decision. You are having a hose that slips off because of a poor clamp design and you are having a misfire, noticed after you apparently installed some sort of power-boosting device. Yet you somehow equate this to Mitsubishi unable to manufacture an automatic to your suit. Let me let you in on a reality in the automotive world. There are times when we embark on projects (no matter how justified, how guaranteed, how worth-it, or how explainable) that go wrong. And then cannot be correcting by removing whatever we added. Possibly this misfire is caused by a burnt valve or a broken piston, or a damaged injector nozzle. With diesels there is no ignition system so you are down to a mechanical or fuel supply issue. Good luck.

14th Feb 2008, 13:50

I have had similar problems

A jubilee clip failed on a hose, causing loss of all Auto fluid at high speed. Garage replaced clip refilled with Auto Fluid & Said there you go.

4 months later linkage failed. 1 month later Power Upgrade Failed & removed.

The last time they even stung me with the Car Hire fee after deciding not to look at the Car till the 4th day. They then then rang me up saying the part was available in a couple of days Xstock so I would have to pick up the Tab with no prior warning.

Customer Services did not want to know. They do not have the capacity to repair faulty vehicles as standard servicing comes 1st It is just bad luck if your car breaks down.

10th Dec 2008, 16:50

L200 Warrior 2.5 GLS TD 55plate, 40000 miles; loss of power due to faulty fuel pump, overheating due to thermostatic valve needing replaced.

My dealer was a disgrace; Mitsubishi do not want to know when something goes wrong. You will not be issued with a courtesy vehicle for more than two days if your vehicle has been serviced other than with a Mitsubishi approved dealer, leaving you without a vehicle until yours is repaired, even though you have Mitsubishi parts fitted as replacements.

I would not buy another Mitsubishi Warrior. I am not impressed with the overall performance. The head man in the service department says there are major problems with the Warrior - springs breaking and the big ends going on them.

18th Jan 2009, 14:18

I have a 05 L200 2.5 engine sounds like a bag of nuts and bolts, can get to 3k revs and then takes a week to get to full revs, this is stationary. Have checked all vacuum pipes, inlet manifold for leaks.

Anyone got any ideas, turbo seems to be fine, no excessive oil and play on fins.

3rd Nov 2009, 08:22

Your boost sensor is faulty, replace it and problem solved.

13th Mar 2010, 09:32

I have a 56 plate, which has just come out of warranty, which now needs a replacement cylinder head and short engine. The engine has done 43 000 miles. Mitsubishi customer service have refused to give a goodwill gesture. The dealership advised us that there have been problems with the L200.

The cost of repair is £9500. Has anyone else had this problem?

30th Mar 2010, 15:27

I have an L200 Animal. Only done 29585 miles, serviced every 4,000 miles.

I was driving down M1 today in the 50 mile / hour speed limit; started to misfire, then black smoke every where, pulled over to find oil all over turbo area, took pipes off, cleaned and checked turbo, air intake, fine, no damage, and checked for any play in bearings, no play, started engine with pipes off and noticed oil been blown from crank case breather pipe, which connects to the air intake pipe. For some reason there is pressure building up in crank case area. Can anybody tell me if this is a head gasket problem?

Kind regards. Andy.

16th Apr 2010, 17:48

Sounds like you have an engine breather blocked. I had the exact same problem on a Nissan. I cleaned all breathers to cure the problem.

18th Apr 2010, 14:29

I have a Mitsubishi L Animal - 37,000.

Driving down the motorway 2 weeks ago and engine management light came on, lost power and dumped oil. Car had to be rescued by AA and taken to nearest Mitsubishi dealers. We were told it was due to a faulty sump washer being used during last service, so not a warranty problem. We contacted the garage who serviced it in January who were totally shocked by this comment. They only use genuine Mitsubishi parts and say they would never use a part unfit for purpose. After all, washers are so cheap, even Mitsubishi washers. The garage say that we would have noticed leaking oil almost immediately if the wrong washer was used. The fact engine management light came on and not oil pressure light suggests a problem that probably blew the sump plug / washer off. In the meantime we are left with a £9500 bill and a useless engine, with no-one willing to take responsibility.


26th Jun 2010, 16:37

I'll try and keep it short, but got a 2006 Warrior, which overheated in the first 8 months, then 2 months after the warranty ran out, the engine was completely screwed. Mitsu did it on goodwill for £3500. Since finding out this is becoming a common problem, which Mitsu know about, especially with certain 2006 models, I've just emailed a letter to VOSA to see if I can do anything to get my money back or start the ball running.

A bit of advice for L200 owners; if it's been power upgraded, get it unclipped until Mitsu sorted out the ECU settings.

12th Jul 2010, 13:15

Sorry, just updating, VOSA are the wrong people to contact over these problems; they only deal with safety issues, but they still sent a very good email back stating they would like me to keep them informed. So I informed trading standards and have a good case to do them for Sales of Goods act. I believe they call it unfit for purpose.

30th Nov 2010, 17:40

I have a L200 Animal 2006 new shape; it's done 42000 miles, only had one problem, and that was the turbo vacuum pipe perishing and the dreaded limp mode. Even a tiny hole/ split in this pipe results in the warning light and limp mode.

Apart from that, I love the truck to bits (;

I have heard some scary stories about the engine failing in low mileage trucks, but the same could apply to any make I guess. For me, it's the mutts nuts.

22nd Jan 2011, 16:50


I have an Animal L200 2006 new body, and I have a problem that when I start the engine, there is no problem, it works, but after 1 second, the check engine light comes on, and the ABS system lights come on, and the fuel cuts. The engine continues working, but am pressing the fuel, but the engine is working without power, and I turn the engine off and start it again, and it's normal, but when I stop the car anywhere and leave it working, the same problem comes again. What can I do?

12th Apr 2011, 15:00

Hi. I own an L200 2007 with 70,000 miles on the clock, and the other day I was on the motorway, foot down to the floor, and she would not go above 70 mph. Got home, switched the engine off, went out in it later, and she would do 90 mph no problem. I can't understand why some times it holds back. I have also noticed a misfire or lumpy engine on warm up. Can anybody advise?