15th Sep 2014, 19:53

Hello there. I've got the same problem. How did you get yours fixed, because I am all out of ideas???

25th Sep 2014, 10:01

I have a 2011 Barbarian with 58k; with 2 weeks left on the warranty it had to have the top end removed. There was an oil leak onto the timing belt. This was covered under warranty, as was a new timing belt.

MPG is only averaging 20 MPG, EGR and ECU flash update done, but made no difference.

The top end still rattles, clutch is starting to fail (not done heavy towing in its life). Clutch squeaks as well.

Plus under hard acceleration, sometimes at around 2500 RPM, the power drops off.

Rear leaf springs creak a lot.

1st Dec 2014, 14:41


I have a Mitsubishi L200 06 plate. It starts up fine and drives OK, but I find sometimes after it has been warmed up for a while, it loses power when I pull off, then all of a sudden it will kick in. It's only when I pull off. Any ideas?


20th Jan 2015, 04:04

2006. Did change the radiator cap. The seal goes, and under pressure it throws out water, making the truck overheat. Change the radiator cap, job done.

27th Apr 2015, 14:30

My L200 is pulling fine in first and second, but revving in 3rd gear between 2000/3000 produces hardly any acceleration.

8th Jun 2015, 11:33

What did you do to solve the problem of loss of power and chugging black smoke when the engine is hot?

23rd Jul 2015, 09:22

Over the last week my L200 has cut out as I slowed down to stop at junctions. It restarted first go both times and ran perfectly. This has happened twice. Any ideas please?

24th Jul 2015, 16:15

Two possibilities:

1) Throttle body could be caked up with carbon deposits and needs cleaning or 2) You may need to keep your foot slightly on the gas pedal as you come to a stop (as soon as you push in the clutch on a manual).

Either way, this is a true rough and tough animal of a truck, so cutting out isn't the biggest deal.

3rd Aug 2015, 07:34

Hi, my 2006 L200 Animal has lost power, had it serviced, still not good. No black smoke or oil leaks. I was thinking of cleaning the EGR valve. Do you think this could be the problem?


9th Aug 2015, 21:52

I have the same problem.

5th Oct 2015, 21:25

Just bought an 06 Warrior, 82000 miles. Two weeks after buying it, the engine light is on. Misfiring/exceedingly lumpy tick over. So gutted. Dealer assured me it was in great nick, just been serviced. Blah blah blah. Research suggests EGR valve? Had what I now know to be the very common limp run home.

23rd Nov 2015, 20:15

Hi, I have a problem with my L200. It runs and drives fine when not towing, but as soon as you start to tow, it's slow, no power and sluggish. No smoke and it's not using any oil or water; any ideas what this can be??

Also this happens when trailer is empty as well as loaded.


7th Dec 2015, 00:44

Just change the filler cap on the radiator. Seals go and under pressure throw your water out. New cap, problem sorted.

19th Dec 2015, 13:58

Mitsubishi L200 (57 plate), 75k FSH.

Has an intermittent power loss problem, runs fine over 2000 revs. Lumpy idle when started from cold and lots of unburnt diesel smoke; will not rev at all, but then clears after a couple of minutes, but low power. Also seems reluctant to switch off when a problem is occurring. This can happen one day, but be fine the next; seems much better for a few days after a long run? This seems to be quite a common fault, but have yet to find any solutions, Please can someone help?

5th Mar 2016, 23:03

Hi, my L200 from cold start up is really lumpy, misfiring with plumes of black smoke. It improves slightly when warm, but at junctions there is no power, but on the open road it runs fine. Please can anyone diagnose my problem?

Cheers, Chad.

13th Mar 2016, 07:33

I have an 08 l200 DiD engine which has developed an engine vibration. The crank pulley isn't wobbling and it's not misfiring, and it starts vibrating at 2000 RPM and gets worse as the revs go up. Any ideas?

16th Jun 2016, 20:04

Above 3000, no power. Please advise. L200, 03 plate.

16th Jun 2016, 22:03

I have the exact same problem at the moment, has anyone found a solution???

28th Dec 2016, 10:52

I had the same problem.

Change the fuel filter - I do this every six months now.

Also there may be a pipe linked to the turbo that needs replaced. I changed mine that had corroded to a silicon pipe, and power was restored and no limp mode any longer.

18th Jan 2018, 18:19

Your waste gate is probably stuck open; we got this going up a big hill in the overtaking lane!

22nd Jan 2018, 09:16

Hi there, I have a Mitsubishi Animal 2006 that doesn't have power and it only revs up to 2000. The engine light is on and the traction control light too is on, and the light near it stays on... it only goes up to 30 kilometers... sometimes when I leave it started, it will turn off... Might it be the battery?? Does anyone know what's wrong?? Thanks.

27th Sep 2018, 15:56

I have a Mitsubishi Animal L200. While driving at 60 miles per hour, the engine check light comes on, what could be the problem?

27th Oct 2018, 19:12

I have a Mitsubishi L200 07. When driving about 1900 to 2000 RPM, the engine revs up and down; it's a bit like the clutch is slipping, but it's not. Any ideas?

25th May 2019, 18:24

Hi everyone. I have a Mitsubishi Animal 2006; just remapped it to get power. I must make high revs if I'm going up a slope and drive normal. When I change gear, it will not have any power for high gear, but on a straight road it has power. Did something go wrong with the remap? Thanks.

1st Feb 2020, 17:28

Overboost can cause your turbo to stop boosting. Check the 5mm pipes on top of the engine to the back; also on the top of the turbo is another pipe that works the nozzle ring which controls your boost, and the boost sensor on the top back plate on your intercooler. Hope it helps; it fixed my 2006 Shogun Warrior 2.5.

26th May 2020, 18:20

Hi, I have an 07 L200. Starts fine, but misfires when gets warm; it bangs and rattles and won't pull; has grey smoke. I have changed the EGR valve and no different. Can anyone help?