20th Apr 2011, 01:53

Yes we have exactly the same with our l200 Animal. The Jubilee clip came off many times, until we put our own type on this. This cured that, but now we have a problem that the engine goes into safety mode for no reason. It has been back to Mitsubushi so many times now we are going to give up.


12th Jun 2011, 03:47

Yes, had the same problem, ask them to change fuel filter, sorted out mine?

14th Jun 2011, 04:24

Do you mean the fuel filter?

16th Jul 2011, 16:27

I have a 2005 L200 2.5TD, which misfires when driving at around 2000 rpm. Also, sometimes it will only accelerate to 3000 rpm and not go higher unless I slow down & accelerate or change up a gear. There is also a whistle noise when this happens.

24th Aug 2011, 07:40

I have an 07 L200 that pressurises and loses water. Can I just get the head done, or will it need the block as well?

28th Aug 2011, 06:39

I have an L200. The engine light came on, and now we don't have any turbo power. The engine runs OK, but will not kick down when want to go faster.

11th Sep 2011, 11:05

I have an older L200. Had a new engine just out of warranty, ran fine for 40k, now using water but no leaks visible, no scum in the oil, and no water through the exhaust, but needs topped up every 1-200 miles? Any suggestion's?

1st Oct 2011, 15:44

I don't think I'll be buying one of these in a hurry.

4th Oct 2011, 09:30

If you lads think you have problems with Mitsubishi, try owning a 2002 TD5 ES Land Rover Discovery; you boys are amateurs at having serious faults. Thirty four thousand pounds gets you in the last six years; three transfer boxes, 1 back axle assembly, 2 clutches, 1 harmonic crankshaft pulley, 1 ABS harness, 1 harmonic flywheel + clutch assembly, 1 air suspension + diesel pump assembly, 2 air suspension bags, 4 shockers, 2 batteries, 1 EGR valve assembly, 1 viscous fan, 2 serpentine belts, 2 headlight assemblies and 2 door seals. And friends ask me why I travel with my toolbox in the back!!!

Must say 'though, just seen a low mileage Warrior with engine light lit, nearly bought it, but I think one pig is enough for any man!!!

6th Nov 2011, 14:36

I had a similar problem. I live in Spain, and I took my L200 to a Mitsubishi main dealer. They told me it was the turbo had packed up, and would cost 3500 euros just for the parts. This is a snippet of the problems I had with the car and Mitsubishi. I told them to forget it.

I found the problem. I noticed there was a wooshing sound when opening the fuel cap; the vent in the fuel cap was blocked. I blew it out with a compressor, cleaning the dust out, allowing the fuel tank to breath. Problem solved, the engine warning light has never come back on since.

24th Dec 2011, 02:58

Hi there, can you tell me where the breather pipe is for the fuel tank, as I have an 06 L200, and the light is on, but not lost any power. My dealer says £175 just to plug it into their computer!!! But someone said it's going to be the MAF sensor... But didn't think they had a MAF sensor, only a particle sensor???

6th Jan 2012, 12:48


I got an L200 -04 with new motor, fuel pump checked turbo and EGR. The car works fine when it's cold, but when it gets warm, the down torsion disappears and there's black smoke coming out and the engine is overheating. Can't stand this anymore =) What is the problem?


4th Feb 2012, 04:12

I have a L200 07 Warrior, 98000 miles and the same problem. Had the head checked for cracks and skimmed as a precaution. Only need to replace the head if it's cracked (at a cost of about £600) NICE... So had head gasket job done, and all seems fine. Not good for a diesel engine :(

5th Mar 2012, 04:36

Hiya. Wondered if anyone can help?

I have a L200 58 plate. Got it last May at 19500 miles, perfect so we thought.

In the July it started pulling away slowly, but only sometimes, not all the time. No light came on the dashboard, and it was under warranty, so took it back. They fixed the problem, took off the power upgrade, fiddled about, put it back on, and it worked until November.

Took it back, now out of warranty, so cost us £500 to have a suction pipe replaced. That fixed it, but now yet again, 3 months later, it's bloody back again. Any ideas as to what it could be? Maybe the VGT VALVE? I'm at a loss, and can't afford to get it fixed again. It's our family car, so not used for pulling anything, just for school runs and work runs. Thanks.

2nd Aug 2013, 16:17

Hi, where are the turbo hoses you refer to?

1st Dec 2013, 08:13

I've had my L200 06 from new, not one problem, had water half way up the windscreen a couple of times when I took a wrong turn. Drove it to Russia and back; it's never missed a beat.

I did have a frozen fuel filter when we last had really bad weather after that trip, and it seems to have the same problem today. On examination, the filter, well it's all gunked up with muck. Will swap that out and see what happens next.

I still really love my truck, and it's going to North Africa in Jan next year, and Nordkapp and back via Russia during the summer...

30th Jan 2014, 03:24

Where did the jubilee clip come off from?

9th Mar 2014, 15:49

Hello there, I've got a 57 plate L200 Warrior with 68,000 miles on the clock, and the engine light came on and it lost all of its power and won't go above 70 mph.

21st May 2014, 04:25

Hi all, I have a 2008 L200 Animal. The traction lights came on about 6 months ago. I checked with my scanner and it was saying the map sensor is faulty, but I checked it on another L200 and realized the line pushing the air was blocked, so I cleared it and the problem was resolved.

At present I have the same fault. The map sensor this time is not working. I checked the dealers; they are out of stock. I live in the Caribbean (Barbados). Can anyone in the US or UK give me any idea as to where I can get one from?

Thanks in advance. My email is steffendnh@hotmail.com

18th Jul 2014, 22:23

L200 Barbarian 2010, 56k easy miles. Cylinder head gas has blown. No problem with thermostat or water pump. Can't be right that an engine with low mileage and only 4 years old packs in. Must be a design flaw.

Gearbox issues, which after a lot of discussion with Mitsubishi, they sorted. Was told by their mechanic there is a problem; the metal is too soft; mine was described as having gone ten rounds with a sledge hammer. Not impressed.

7th Aug 2014, 19:35

Hi, can anyone help me? I have a Di D Warrior 06 plate. I changed the fuel filter because the car sometimes judders, or the skid light would come on with the engine management light, and it won't go over 60mph. I have to turn the ignition on and off, then it's OK for a short while. Oh and sometimes it won't start and it turns over really fast.

Thanks, Sarah...