1984 Nissan 720 Pickup 2.4 from North America


It is one of the best little trucks ever built!


My first years with this truck were a love-hate relationship. Most all that could go wrong with this truck went wrong and diagnosing and repairing the problems became discouraging. I replaced the ignition switch, turn signal light assembly, fuel pump and relay, dash gage assembly, wheel bearings and brakes, shocks, clutch and slave cylinder, timing chain, speedometer cable, distributor, control module, water pump, starter, door hinge pins, air conditioning parts, body panels, engine block and crank due to rod failure, just to name several right off the top of my head. Just as I would fix one thing another would fail! I realized the truck I bought was totally wore out and just would not give up!

General Comments:

The more I drove my 720, the more I grew to love it! The more I had to repair my 720's malfunctions, the more I learned the tricks to make the tasks manageable. Eventually the time came where I had a very dependable truck that I am very confident in and it is very multifunctional.

The gas mileage is good.

It handles good in deep mud and snow.

It maneuvers good in tight places and is easy to get into and out of.

The cost of parts are cheap and carry a lifetime warranty at many national auto parts stores.

The truck has taking me everyplace I have wanted to go and even too many places I had no business going :-)!

I have hauled construction materials, dirt bikes, ATVs, trailers, and my fishing boat all over the state of Arkansas in rain, sleet, snow, hot summer and freezing winter with complete confidence in my 'ole 1984 720.

I now own one 1983 2 wheel drive 720, three 1984 4 wheel drive 720s, one 1986 4 wheel drive 720, and one 1981 4 wheel drive 620 conversion. You cannot go wrong with older Nissan trucks!

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2007

1984 Nissan 720 Pickup King Cab 4WD 2.4L Gasoline from North America


Terrible, but Great at the same time


Engine. Was replaced with a rebuilt motor out of a 2WD standard cab + chassis. Fits perfectly. same engine type as original.

Fuel tank. Replacement because the 4X4 size tank was dirty inside and leaked. It now has a 2WD tank, which is clean inside, but leaks when filled above 1/2 a tank.

Speedometer cable X2. cable was broken, thought it was the speedometer. replaced cable. Replacement speedometer was a lemon. It broke the cable, so now you can't tell how fast you were going.

Muffler. Now has a Cherry Bomb Turbo flow muffler.

Carburetor. Float sticks. Go up a hill or give it more gas and it starves the engine.

Oil Pan Gasket. What a doozy. Bought a new seal, and it doesn't fit. We took some thick High-Temperature matting and cut it and used it. works fine, providing you add a bottle of oil every morning. (the bolts need to be tightened.)

Emergency/Parking brake cables. Weren't there. The originals had seized. we replaced them.

Oil pressure sensor. Not replaced. Wish we had it working. We almost ran out of oil.

Temperature gauge. Not working. was replaced three times. finally gave up on it.

Altitude adjustment. Half-missing. Not replaced.

Air cleaner housing. The air cleaner was replaced with a correctly sized one, and the housing was replaced because water had splashed into it and the carburetor because the previous owner chopped off the snorkel.

Spark plugs. only 6 of the 8 (two plugs to each cylinder) were replaced because one was stripped and the other one was seized.

Distributor. Replaced with a used one. we forgot where each wire went and the distributor gave one plug the Juice necessary to fire all eight and the Boom was horribly loud. All the neighbors came running because they thought it had blown up.

The alternator. It was replaced because when the engine was running, the alternator charged the battery, but when the engine was off, the power was sucked out. A new alternator was installed and it cured the problem.

Steering. All the ball joints and bearings were replaced. However, the steering wheel still remains turned right when going in a straight line. (it was taken off a few times and not put back on straight.)

General Comments:

It looks really mean from a distance. It looks cool close up, but you notice all of it's quirks. And that is what gives it the character it has. The interior paint was painted to match the exterior, but it wasn't done right. They used a paint brush. The truck is white and black. Liquid Paper and Black Marker pens work marvelously to touch-up the paint.

The front bumper was damaged, so it was replaced with a custom one. The top section where a winch or fog lamps would go is not quite in the centre. The rear deck was made out of a Bunk-Bed. People keep saying it is cute.

Which gets really annoying.

The Body, actually I should say the entire truck, is made out of about 15 Lost loves. It has many parts from trucks that were well cared for and were gotten rid of because they didn't want to spend anymore money or their wives told them to.

The front passenger side fender is actually two fenders, one over the other. Probably because of a dent or major rust. It was blue, the cab, hood, doors, and other peices were red, the bottom of the cab is bondo, and what is metal is green. The dash panel is blue with fake wood paneling, the seats are blue, as is the carpeting and plastic/Vinyl. The door upholstery is brown and the steering wheel is green.

Road noise was a major problem until I thought of a good Idea. There were holes in the panels where accessories or other things were, and the previous owner had tried to fix it by shoving plastic bags into the holes. Well, I did one better. Foam Rubber and Duct tape. you can probably see where this is going. I cut the Foam to the right size and shoved it into the holes. And then I put Duct tape neatly over it.

It didn't matter how it looked, really. The truck is mostly duct tape and Zip Ties anyway. However, It corners very well, and it is comfortable, for short trips. My knees get sore from having them bent all the time. The seats are hard to adjust, and they are not really adjustable.

However, It is pretty good with some things, but it is horrible with other things. What do you expect for $900?

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Review Date: 15th September, 2007

1st Mar 2012, 21:15

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You paid nine hundred dollars for that truck! I just bought two of them for one dollar a piece seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u069sLqjCQU&feature=plcp&context=C3c25888UDOEgsToPDskLNuzh-W_8R8ag3Utg1jUCT

And they are nice trucks.