1997 Nissan Maxima from Kuwait


A disaster and a nightmare


Alternator burned out due to leaking tapit cover gasket.

Auto transmission burned out.

ECU malfunction.

Stalls and hesitates always, it seems no one can fix the problem. Injectors, coils etc checked and cleaned/replaced, but nothing...

General Comments:

Would never recommend anyone to buy this make/model again.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2006

25th Jun 2006, 11:52

The problem you have with the stalling... almost 99% positive its you MAF sensor (mass air flow sensor) very expensive if buying brand new from dealer...close to $500 but that the part that causing your problem.

5th Dec 2006, 20:50

Based on my (and everyone else's) experience with this car, you appear to have got yourself a lemon. Hopefully it is only the MAF playing up. They are otherwise and generally, a very good and reliable car.

1997 Nissan Maxima GLX 3.0 from North America


I would highly recommend this car to anyone that likes to drive and needs reliable transportation


None, just general maintenance, ie. belts cv joints.

General Comments:

I love this car. It is a pleasure to drive and it is very reliable and fun. It gets great gas mileage and has tons of room both inside and in the trunk.

My only regret is not getting the SE which has a little more sporty look.

My previous car was a VW GTI that I also loved, but I needed a 4 door so I chose the Maxima. I was shocked to get better gas mileage and a ton more room. I give thumbs up to Nissan for this gem.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone that likes to drive and needs reliable transportation.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2006

1997 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 from North America


Great, fun, reliable


Suspension replaced at 100000 - new struts and shocks all around (~$300) ; new tires at 114000 (~$400) ; all 3 oxygen sensors replaced within the last year (05) (~$250) ; exhaust replaced from the cat back - heat shields fell off, muffler was beginning to rust through (~$250) ; brakes - just replaced a brake caliper (Oct05) ($70) and earlier this year replaced the rear discs and pads ($100). Next project is to replace the EVAP Canister vent control valve (just got the code) ($60). Should be an easy fix. All part of normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

Although it may seem like I have replaced many parts in the last year, one has to realize that the car is almost 9 years old, has a lot of mileage, but overall is in great shape and extremely reliable. I would recommend the car to anyone. just be mindful, like any other car, the older they are the more issues you'll encounter. As long as you can DIY, you'll be alright.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2005

1997 Nissan Maxima GLE from North America


Overall a good car, but mine might have been abused


Neutral safety switch - Sometimes will not start in Park, must switch to Neutral, might need an adjustment.

Loud Idle - Sounds like a clatter from the top of the engine. Valves? Lifters?

Evap canister vent control valve - Cleaned the hoses, it has not returned.

Does not like harsh roads, might need new struts soon.

General Comments:

I bought this car back in 2003, it was black with leather interior. The first time I drove it, the car ran like it was brand new. I could not hear the engine running from inside the cabin. I loved the performance of the car, especially on the interstate. Handling and steering was decent for a front wheel drive car.

A few months later it started getting colder out and developed a rough idle when I started it up. I was disappointed as I liked the smooth idle of the engine and it was a big selling point for me. My best guess is that the previous owner missed an oil change or beat the hell out of it. I replaced the coils and plugs (NGK) but it still ran the same.

The car is still running fine today with the rough idle. It has never failed to start except when I left a light on inside and ran the battery dead. I have run it over 80mph consistently on the interstate and still get 25-26 MPG (using 91 octane) which is nice. In the winter I get 22-24 MPG, maybe because of the fuel formula being different in the midwest. The auto trans shifts fine, when its cold it is not as smooth, but the manuals suggest this is normal. I have no electrical problems.

If I had to buy one again, I would, but with some reservations. The 99-01 Maxima had a problem with bad ignition coils. This is usually an easy DIY job to fix. Also, be sure you only use NGK plat spark plugs. If you have the auto trans, it might be a good idea to inspect the fluid or change it. The leather seats are comfortable and I really like the interior overall. Mine came with factory wood trim...it's not real, but looks decent. A factory service manual might help with various DIY repairs.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2005

7th Jun 2005, 13:12

I wrote this review, forgot to mention that the body is still in great shape. There are zero door dings and only the plastic side moulding on one side shows wear (from scraping against a pile of snow in my driveway). Not sure I'd buy black again because it is so hard to keep clean, but overall it has held up well for an 8 year old car.