1997 Nissan Maxima 3.0 V6 from North America


Best car for the money! AAAA++++


I had to replace the starter at 150k. I did it myself, and it was very easy and saved the labor charge. And that is really all I've done to the car.

General Comments:

This has got to be one of the best most reliable cars on the market. It has great power when you need it, handles well, and it gets great gas mileage too (about 28 mpg). I drive this car to work everyday about 80 miles round trip.

It has a lot of room in the trunk and in the front seat area (even head room is good). The only thing I would say bad is the back seat is a little small for me (but I'm 6' tall sooo..).

I wish I could find another one with low miles. I know I'm living on borrowed time, but it just keeps going. I love it!

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Review Date: 27th January, 2010

4th Aug 2010, 12:03

Just to update: The mileage is now 232,000 with no problems. I had an accident this week and am debating repair or replacement. It made me sick as I wanted to see how far this thing would go. I may just fix it and see. I'll let you know which way I go with it.

16th Nov 2010, 11:54

Well I did fix the body damage myself. The cost was about $600 for NEW parts and $100 for paint. It has about 236k miles now and still running strong. I'm replacing the rear struts and having the rotors turned this week.

1st Jan 2015, 03:09

Just to update: the car now has over 300,000 miles and is still going strong. These have to go down in history as the most reliable cars ever made. You just can't kill them.

The passenger side front window regulator (power window) stopped working. I purchased one off eBay for about $30 and installed it myself. Very easy car to maintain.

I had the spark plugs replaced at about 250k, and the garage said it had another 100k left in it.

Very happy with this car!

1997 Nissan Maxima GXE 3.0 VQ from North America


Deceptively fast


Right strut bearings, poor paint.

General Comments:

Don't bother with the automatic. The 97 with the 5 speed is nearly 2 seconds quicker to 60, and pulls hard till 135mph. I have embarrassed many Integras and even some American sports cars with much larger V8's. Despite this, the engine is Lexus smooth and very quiet. Use synthetic oil and this car should run well to 300k.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2010

22nd Jan 2010, 23:22

IIRC. The automatic can hit 0-60 in 7.1-7.4 seconds. The stick shift hits 60 in 6.9-7.0 seconds. I seriously doubt your second theory.

29th Jan 2010, 16:43

I would check both Motor Trend and Car and Driver. Both found the 5 speed to be 1.5 to 2.0 seconds faster than the automatic to 60mph. This assumes the staff of Car and Driver and Motor Trend are better than the average driver when it comes to using a stick shift.

31st Jan 2010, 00:16

I think you have the 2000 Nissan Maxima mixed up with the 97. The 97 Max has 190HP while the 2000 has 222. However the 5th gen Max is slower to 60 (8.1 seconds automatic,6.9 stick shift). The weight gain made the extra horsepower a non-factor. I believe the OP is seriously exaggerating, claiming a stick shift max can beat a American V8 sports car.

16th Mar 2012, 18:45

Check out the youtube videos of a Maxima murdering a V8 Mustang THREE times in drag races!

1997 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 from North America


A solid car, but you'll rebuild it all by 200k


Sunroof motor worked intermittently when I got the car, inoperable now. Leaks a bit in the motorized car washes, so I wash it with the hose and brush now.

Starter cut out at 140k, not sure if it was original.

Alternator quit at 155k.

Volume knob on the Bose stereo deck became a problem, replaced head unit with an Alpine.

Oil leak persists from rear valve cover and possibly other areas. It gets onto the exhaust manifold and smells bad.

General Comments:

This 97 Maxima is my second one, I had a 92 Maxima GXE earlier. The interior door panels and e-brake/armrest console are more poorly made in the 97.

I do enjoy the steering wheel, the car has great sightlines.

I have solid visibility for backing up, turning, etc.

The paintjob remains shiny despite the conditions I've exposed it to.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2009

21st Mar 2011, 12:22

My 97 Maxima has 200K miles on it and it runs as good as when it had 20K miles. If you maintain it well (oil change every 3K miles and periodic tune up), you'll probably dive it for 300K miles with not much problem.