20th Nov 2007, 23:53

Same problem. P1320 code error on my 2000 Maxima SE. The mechanic cannot locate the single ignition coil so recommends I should replace all 6 plus all six spark plugs.

$110 for each coil and $12 for each spark plug plus labor plus tax = $925.

This is at 72K miles and it also happened in 2002. Where is the recall already!

6th Dec 2007, 21:33

I am thinking about purchasing a 99 Nissan Maxima ES; it has 234,000kms on it, which is about 145k miles. I'll be test driving it tomorrow, but after reading all the comments about the ignition coil problems in most 99 and 00 models, I'm having second thoughts. Does the problem with the coils happen mostly under hot weather conditions? Does it also happen in cold weather conditions?

I will make sure to ask the guy I'm buying it from if he's had these problems yet, because perhaps I may have them after I purchase and drive it a little. Any suggestions for what I should look for in the Maxima would be greatly appreciated as this will be the first car I purchase. Thanks

20th Dec 2007, 08:32

In response to when the misfires happen, it's in cold as well as hot weather. It's winter in Michigan and we're experiencing it. Just got a quite from the local Nissan dealership. $919 parts & labor to replace all plugs and coils. Thank you for all of the comments and tips on replacing ourselves. We won't be handing over anymore hard earned money to Nissan.

29th Dec 2007, 19:01

I'm having the same problems with my 2000 Maxima.

Took it for an oil change while my SES light was on; my mechanic says it's the MAF sensor. Then I took it to Autozone and I'm getting codes 1320 and 0100.

This car is way too expensive to maintain. I need help on how to change the coils. Anybody know? PLEASE.

31st Jan 2008, 16:08

My 1999 Nissan Maxima had a random misfire almost since new.

It would miss while idling at a long traffic signal. No SES light or trouble code was ever produced. I asked my dealer to replace the first coil pack as a test. This cured my misfire for about 18 months until a similar misfire began. Since a coil pack fixed my first problem, I began changing the remaining coils myself. I finally replaced the remaining 5 coils and the misfire was gone. However, I now had the infamous SES lamp and code P1320. Taking a lesson from my Haynes manual, I began reading the coil terminals with an ohm meter. To my surprise 2 of my new aftermarket coils had readings out of range. I replaced them with Nissan parts and my code was clear.

A Haynes manual,ohm meter and a scan tool are necessary for this kind of repair work.

2nd Feb 2008, 19:11

Just bought 2000 maxima. After reading this web site not to sure I made the right choice. Service engine light just came on.

22nd Feb 2008, 20:25

Have a one-owner 2000 Maxima with 72K. Had the #2 coil replaced a few years back and the same symptoms just reappeared. The misfire comes and goes, usually after the car sits for awhile but is still slightly warm. SES code said multiple misfire so I was quoted (best offer) $1200 to replace all coils and plugs. Tried DIY instead and the work is pretty easy. The rear bank plugs and coils are a little tight, but only had to loosen the accelerator cable to get to #5. So far have replaced the plugs with platinum+2 for $21. The car now has its pep back. Noticed the #3 plug was pitted and melted. If coil symptoms reappear, I'll change the #3 coil first for $70...then go from there.

10th Mar 2008, 01:13

If you want to diagnose which coil is bad, here is what to do.

Unbolt each of the coil packs.

While the car is cold, start it and let it idle.

When the idle comes down to 800rpm (normal idle), one by one pull the plug wire off one spark plug at a time.

When you pull one off, and it makes no difference in the idle, that is your bad coil pack. replace it with oem Nissan part (through courtesy parts, etc)

17th May 2008, 19:27

Re. the last comment. Is it safe for me to disconnect coils while the engine is running? Aren't there the risk of electric shocks? And why do you need to unbolt the coils first?

BTW, today I have replaced the 3 front coils. The check engine light was reset, but I need to wait a couple of weeks to see if it turns back on. It takes that long usually after a reset.

Unfortunately, my engine still has the knocking/pinging noise. So tomorrow, I will play with the 3 back coils.

By the way, because of the lack of recall on this matter, I am also not buying another Nissan ever again.

13th Nov 2008, 02:18

I have '00 Maxima with 90K miles on it and the same problem with ignition coils since about 70K miles, SES light is on. Went to the Nissan dealer a little more than a year ago, they told me to replace all six of them (coils) for $95 ea. + tax and labor. I replaced only #1 since the code was pointing to #1 cylinder misfire. But the problem remains. It's too expensive for me to change all of them. I've been driving with this problem for more than 2 years now. Nissan should recall this problem for sure.

24th Nov 2008, 20:58

Unbelievable reading. We are talking about Nissan, not the famous Yugo's from the 1980's. Quality Japanese vehicles? They go forever I was told? Reliable? Well I am in the process of replacing all 6 coils. Check engine light + TCS + Slip lights come on. What is wrong with us? We should demand a Nissan recall. I signed the petition. I am frustrated and need a beer!!

1st Dec 2008, 17:34

Hey guys, my 2000 Maxima at 150,000 miles also has the ignition coil problem. It only starts the misfiring when cold it seems. Last winter it started and went away when it became warm again. Sometimes it misfires, sometimes it doesn't. I recently had to replace the MAF. This was a bit of a hassle, although relatively easy compared to other possible repair jobs, it was just stuck and needed a little convincing to part from the throttle body ;)

Anywho, replacing the MAF made the car run much smoother I feel. And the coil problem isn't as evident. But as advice to anyone else, I would recommend doing it yourself, only replace the coils as they go bad, buy parts online, and unless you are under warranty, stay far away from a dealership. They have to pay for those big airtime commercials somehow ya know.

6th Jan 2009, 13:57

I have a 2001 Maxima SE with 118K miles and the same problem with the "Service Engine Soon" light. Dealer says it could be due to the gas cap not being tight (it is) or a sensor. They want $115 just to diagnose the problem. I've had this problem for over 6 months and the only noticeable problem is trouble starting the car from time to time. Nissan should recall this problem but I'm not holding my breath. This the third Nissan I've owned and I love the Maxima, but I'm not so sure I'd buy another.