8th Jan 2009, 01:12

2000 Maxima front coil is 22448-2Y005, rear coil is 22448-2Y000.

2001 Maxima front is 22448-2Y007, and rear is 22448-2Y007.

2000 Maxima coils are NOT the same as the 2001 Maxima.

Putting the correct coils is important to get rid of the SES light. Good luck.

10th Jan 2009, 23:06

Hello all I too have this irritating coil problem...I've been trying to replace them myself but its been too cold... I just signed the petition and hopefully someone @ Nissan does something about it, people get mad i. e. ME and won't stand for this... Greetings from Chicago.

- Carlos Hernandez.

15th Jan 2009, 12:10

I have a 99 Nissan Maxima. About one year ago I started to notice the rough ride and it seems as if the car is going to die or cut off. I took it to the dealership and they say it has a random misfire caused by the cylinder coils and the knock sensor needs to be replaced. The cost with parts and labor is over 1500.00, which is outrageous! I would sell it but no one will buy it with the rough ride and all...

16th Jan 2009, 15:12

Add me to the list. I have a 2000 Maxima SLE with 115k. Check engine light came on and the garage could not determine exactly which coil was bad as the problem has been intermittent. After seeing this site, I just decided to have them replace them all rather than chase them down one by one for the next 3 years. The cost is just under $500. Clearly this should have been covered as a factory defect. Thanks Nissan!!

14th Feb 2009, 16:54

I'm another victim of the Nissan Corporation.

Had the C.E.L. come up two years ago, then 4 months later it went away, and stayed off for about 6 months, came back on, and had it checked, code p1320 ignition signal and code p0300 multiple cylinder misfire detected, and replaced with 6 new coils and 6 new platinum spark plugs, plus a complete tune-up. They had reset the errors as well, so after they were done with the car, they turned the car on and guess what??? The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT (CEL) remained, they ran it thru the computer and again, same two errors P1320 and P0300. this cost me around $960.00.

If anyone else out there encounters these problems, think about it twice before spending so much money.


17th Feb 2009, 11:27

I bought the 2000 GLE in Dec 08, and after (5) trips back to the dealership ie., replacement of the O2 sensors, MAF, all 6-coils/plugs the car has held up so far. All problems many have complained about. I truly don't believe Nissan would help/invest any money recalling these cars. I took the gas advice to upgrade. Hopefully, one way to figure this motor deal out. Gas is trickling back UP.

I'm thankful that so many of you have left comments regarding obvious problems to look for; reliable parts; and what codes to regularly expect. I think our best medicine is sites like this one. My car just has a band aid on it for now. My confidence is :( regarding Nissan. I hope you're well. God Bless.

18th Feb 2009, 18:39

I just bought my beloved 2000 Maxima SE in 2007, and after a year the MIL light (Malfunction Indicator Light or Check Engine), TCS and SLIP lights accompanied with a strange shake appeared and it is annoying me. I just read all the comments since the beginning and they are all the same as mine, the only thing is my rpm's stay the same (does not lose power) so it is very weird to me that the ignition has a failure.

I had a Maxima '93, and back then I had to change the whole distributor due to rpm going up and down and the engine losing power. Anyway, the problem my new Maxima has is sometimes when I turn on the engine, a little shake happens(engine rpm OK), but when I shift to D or reverse, the whole car starts shaking (the rpm keep OK)and this disappears after 5 minutes, doesn't matter if the engine is hot or not.

I went to Autozone for a free diagnostic and the magic P01320 Code appears, and it seems cyl #6 is wrong(they have the way to tell which one is bad). A friend of mine told me he had one car (not a Maxima) and it had the same problem (the shaking), he went to get an ABS check, and in fact, that was it, they just purged the whole system and the shaking problem was gone, so I am assuming this will end my tragedy. I will check the ABS system and then go for the coils.

Another thing; I bought Haynes' Manual and there is no code P01320, only P0132 and it belongs to and O2 sensor. I will get back as soon as clear myself on this.

I love my Maxima but if this is a constant problem I will be forced to change it for a bike...

If you have anymore comments, this is my MSN yosshysland84@hotmail.com


28th Feb 2009, 06:55

2000 Nissan Maxima GLE. This is an update to my previous post on 2/20/09 about the CEL (check engine light) or SES (service engine soon) and coil replacement.

Replaced all spark plugs and all coils last night. Did not have to remove anything to access all 6 coils. On #6, you have to do a little coaxing, but take your time and its no problem. Also, be careful not to drop the coil screw. It could be hard to retrieve on the back side. It was all so easy and took about 1.25 hours, and I'm not a mechanic by any means. The only problem I had was on the back side, with the ratchet extensions. I had to use 3 to reach the spark plugs. Removal was no problem. After installing, it was hard to remove the socket from the plug, without the extensions coming apart or the socket staying behind. When the extensions did stay together, the spark plug socket stayed behind! But, with a little patience, (and hopefully better tools),it was still simple. You can wrap a piece of masking tape 3/4 of the way around the bottom of the extension and it will help them stay together.

My total cost including my time was about $350. Got the coil set on EBay for $268, no tax, free shipping. Will update later with results.

7th Apr 2009, 17:01

Everyone in trouble with the 2000 Maxima should send a complaint to Nissan company or call them. I have just sent mine.

I own a 2000 Maxima SE as most of you guys. The light was on forever! It said I need to change my idle control (speed) and I replaced it. But the light is still on, saying the very same thing. The garage told me I have to replace the ECM (computer of the car), which would cost me over $1000! It is ridiculous to spend a grand for the stupid signal!!!

After reading all your comments, I am furious. All of us should try to contact the Nissan and get a reasonable reply. It is really a shame. I hope you guys could call the Nissan customer service at (800) NISSAN-1. I just made my call. We need to work together to get back our good money.