9th Mar 2007, 08:10

Hi all I'm experiencing some some of the same problems, ie car stalling on cold start, low idle, and sometimes erratic idle at park. My car has 78k miles. Now I'm going to follow some of the suggestions above such as replace MAF, and clean IAC valve and throttle body.

Looking around the web it maybe that I might need a new ecu as well. I have read about the federal law stating that Nissan is suppose to replace that under warranty for 8yrs/80k miles (or else its $1000). Has anyone actually got Nissan to replace that under warranty? Also if I change all the parts using a different mechanic rather than the dealership, will they still cover the ecu under warranty if it is in fact true.

Thanks for all comments, the car has been very reliable up until this point.

11th Mar 2007, 10:14

March 11, 2007.

I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima and the SES light constantly stays on. At first, I was told it was the OC2 sensor that needed replacing. This did not fix the problem. Then I was told this was an emissions problem associated with the type of gas used. I have only used premium gas and the problem continues. Within 4 hours of having the computer reset, at a cost of $175.00, the SES light came back on. After reading the comments on this site, I am convinced this is another manufacturer rip off. This is my first and last Nissan.

12th Mar 2007, 08:27

I have a 99 Maxima with 117,000 miles.

On Saturday, the car died on me right on an exit ramp and luckily a police officer was nice enough to push me off the road. I opened the hood and couldn't believe how corroded the battery and cables were. I scraped them clean and tried to jump the battery and it did start, but would stall again after a few minutes and not start. It definitely needed a new battery and I replaced it and so far so good (only 20 miles later).

My question is - could it still have a bad alternator? On old/american cars, you could start the car and unhook the hot cable to the battery and if the alternator was good, it would still run. I tried this on my Maxima and it quit. Does this mean it needs a new alternator or does this test not work on more modern/foreign cars?

12th Mar 2007, 14:11

OK here is the solution to all of you that have a problem where your car stalls when its idling. I am going to try to do my best to explain it, sorry if its hard to understand. I have thought, from the comments posted here, that it would be one of the three problems.

1. Spark-plugs and the coils

2. MAF mass airflow filter

3. Oxygen sensor.

In the end I spent a whole day at my mechanics, and found out that the problem is a lot smaller. The is a "shutter" that lets oxygen into the sensor that has a stopping point that is controlled by this little screw. The screw is not going far enough to properly stop the shutter, so every time your engine is idling or is near that, that "shutter" goes back too far, which results in lack of oxygen going into the engine.

If you open the engine you will see the wires that are connected to the gas pedal, I don't know the proper names for these. Right near that is that "shutter" for oxygen. Again, I am very sorry that I am not putting it in right terms, if you know cars a bit you will figure it out, if not, have your friend or somebody who knows read this.

Also, if you are going to replace your spark-plugs your self, the front three are under the plastic cover that says V6 3000.

13th Mar 2007, 06:57

Coils, coils, coils. I don't know why someone has not taken Nissan to court on this issue. I have had Mazdas and Hondas and have never had problems like this.

I bought the Maxima 2000 in 2004 with 48K KM on the clock and have had various problems over that time. First the alternator at $700 (only Canadian dollars) and now I'm on my second failure of a coil, one week after replacing the first one. Why they didn't find it one week ago I'll never know. I guess the diagnostics weren't done properly. It should have shown two codes P0301 and this latest one P0303.Nissan should have done the right thing by issuing a recall in the first place. I guess they are hoping these problems will go away with time. Too bad Nissan I'm going back to a Honda next time and will convince everyone I know that Nissan does not stand behind their product.

13th Mar 2007, 16:33

I have an Infiniti that has had the stalling issue for the past 6 months. My family never had a problem with the car, but 3 months after I bought it from them I had my first stall in traffic. I've taken it to 2 mechanics and the dealership with no luck. The dealership denied ever hearing of such an issue even though Infiniti is owned by Nissan.

I found a mechanic who fixed my car and worked fine for 3 months before stalling again. I brought it in last week and he replaced the NOC sensor for around 475 with labor and parts. Hopefully this time it works. Initial problem was that the thermostat was busted and I needed a new one. He did two parts replacements, which also happened to be the cheapest fix. He said there were 3 issues, but he didn't want to milk me for a fix that is probably not needed. The third issue was the NOC sensor.

Worst part is after it stalls I have to shift to Park to start it up and leave it in park until I can shift in Drive and gas it, otherwise my car continues to stall. So far spent close to a grand on the car and still not fixed. I've only spent a grand on my original Toyota after driving it for 10 years.

14th Mar 2007, 18:04

I bought my 2000 Maxima almost a year ago and about a month ago my service engine soon light came on. Went to Auto Zone to have it checked and it read LEAN. They thought maybe there was water in the tank at first so I put some Sea Foam in the tank. That didn't work so I went back and they told me it was probably my O2 sensors. I thought I would try premium gas first because someone told me that might be the reason since that car is recommended you use premium. A few days later the light went off. Then within a couple of days the light came back on and has been on ever since and I'm only using premium. I've decided not to do anything about it unless the car starts running bad.

Now another problem, yesterday I tried to turn on the air conditioner, it doesn't work now either! It just worked last summer. Along with the window not working and my key less entry not working I'm not very happy with my car. Don't get me wrong, the car runs GREAT!!! I love the way it drives I just don't like all the problems!

If anyone else has had problems with the air conditioner please let me know! Thanks.