6th Jun 2012, 16:33

I guess I'm the lucky one here. 253K miles, and the car drives and runs great (original owner).

My problem is I have to replace the EVAP canister control value (EGR) and or the charcoal canister every 12-15 months. Both parts run about 450 installed locally. Only put in branded super unleaded gas (either Mobil or Sunoco), and use Chevron Techron fuel additive once a month.

So far I've only replaced the following parts.

Oxygen sensor 1x.


Muffler and exhaust pipes 2x (New England winters and salt kill).


1 ball joint.

Only other stuff is your standard items like oil changes, transmission fluid change, brakes, tires etc...

This car was the best thing I have ever owned.

My only other complaint is that the fuel filter is in the gas tank, and can't be replaced. Waiting for an issue with this design...

23rd Nov 2012, 22:23

2000 Maxima. Just had my plugs replaced, and now the car is running like crap! Gonna take it back to them tomorrow, but I'm pretty heated at the moment.

6th May 2013, 16:13

Just bought a 2000 Nissan Maxima. The car would stop at a light. But it would cut back on. I started driving it with two feet. While the car is driving, she would purrrrr. The next day the car wouldn't turn over. Changed out the crankshaft sensor, and the car started. So I drove the car around the corner. Shut it off, now won't start. Now it's not showing any codes now... And still won't start. I don't know what to do now...

15th May 2013, 09:14

Learn to work on your car. Those problems are easy to deal with and would have cost you less than $300 to fix.

16th May 2013, 13:49

I have the same problem and have not yet found the answer. However I have noticed that at times the car seems to fight to start as if it is out of time. This may be my best clue. It may be something in the crank sensor. When I find the answer, I will post it.