14th Nov 2005, 20:22

I bought a 2000 Maxima SE in 2001. It had 48K miles.

Replaced A/T Control Unit $500 (under warranty) at 49K miles.

Replaced R&R Coil $120.45 at 90,317 miles.

376 CPR, Volume Air??? $289.61 at 90,382 miles.

Performed 90k service. Trans Svc, Drive Belts, etc. $340 at 92,319 miles.

Now at 117K miles, my car is sputtering and the Service Engine Soon light is staying on. The dealer says that I need to have the Ignition Coils replaced at $850.

I had a 93 Accord DX for 5 years from 38K miles until I totalled it at 156K miles. Only spent money to have timing belt, etc. changed.

I will never buy another Nissan. Wishing I had my old Honda.

19th Nov 2005, 12:39

I can't believe some of the reviews I have read about all the repairs people have done to get the service engine light off. I am a former manager of a repair shop. Mechanics hate that service engine light as well. Normally it is three things 1) EVAP Code - Meaning there is a leak in the evaporative system. It could be the gas cap, vent hose, or other part. 2) O2 sensors - They report the ratio of gas in the exhaust and are more reactive to other problems than being the main problem. However they do go bad. 3) Engine misfires. This can usually cause other codes to pop up, but the main problem is probably coils (especially with the nissan). The misfires can cause bad O2 readings as well.

Most mechanics will read the codes and replace everything that the computer tells them to. It might not solve the problem, but they do it just in case or because they don't really want to troublshoot the system. EVAP systems are difficult if the mechanic doesn't have a pressure testing system.

The bottom line, many cars have this same problem and Nissan is not alone. Count your blessings that it is just a coil, O2 sensor, or gas cap. Other cars are replacing transmissions or engines. I've heard of Acura owners having replaced their transmission three times in under 100k miles... now that is bad.

5th Dec 2005, 08:10

I just replaced my number 5 ignition coil, and already replaced 2 of my oxygen sensors --- 2000 Maxima with 55,000 miles.

20th Dec 2005, 21:53

I have a similar problem as the person who posted a review, two above this one. My 2000 Maxima GLE with 102,000 miles started running very rough in the spring of 2004 it turned out to be one of the coils, which I had replaced. The problem reoccurred again and eventually all the coils were replaced. However now when I start the car with a cold engine it runs for approximately 30 then stalls. When it's around 32 degrees or below it takes maybe 8 to 12 times before I can get the car to idle without stalling. Seems like it's not getting enough fuel. It also runs very, very rough. It makes a whining grinding noise when you turn the key. My mechanic is still troubleshooting this problem and I'm in the hole for almost $2000, coils, sensors, throttle-body. Has anyone out there had this problem? If so please post a review on what was replaced by their Mr. Goodwrench to resolve the problem.

22nd Dec 2005, 09:18

If the problem is only when cold, it could be the TPS (throttle position sensor). If the problem continues after, probably a blown MAF. O2 sensors do not kick in until engine is hot.

27th Dec 2005, 23:38

I had same problem, see Nissan TSB NTB00-008B. I think this will solve your problem.

27th Jan 2006, 10:31

I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima with 160K miles. The car started dying when I came up to a stoplight, it runs fine going down the highway. I have replaced the two (2) O2 sensors in front of the catalytic converter and that did not help, so I replaced the catalytic converter and that did not help. Anyone know where I should look next?

27th Jan 2006, 19:53

I have the same problem with my Nissan 2000. It stalls when I sit at a stop light. If I roll slowly upto the stoplight it doesn't stall. If I put it in neutral at the stoplight it stays on for a little while longer, but then stalls.

I haven't replaced anything as of yet. I notice that one of the sensors by where the air comes in before the air filter has a lot of black carbon on it.

Can anyone help all of us with this problem? Seems like a lot of Nissan owners are having these problems.

5th Feb 2006, 15:42

I have a 00 maxima with 76k miles. my check engine light came on after about 64k miles. I took it to the nissan dealer and was told my ignition coils needed replacing. they advised me to replace all for a small fee of about $600. To date the coils haven't been replaced. Although now my car is starting to shake horribly at lights and seems to putter when I drive. After reading all of the previous responses all I can think of is trading in my car.. So long Nissan...

17th Feb 2006, 02:36

To the guy above me... I have the same problem with my 2000 maxima. The problem has been going on for awhile now, but back about 6 months ago I replaced one of my ignition coils and it got better. But went bad again. I'm gonna replace the rest of them and see what happens. If it doesn't work I might just blow my car up. (just kidding)

20th Feb 2006, 21:24

I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima and my check engine light came on and they replaced the #4 coil. At 60000 I had the O2 sensor replaced, but after talking to some people I was informed that a bad coil could give a bad read. At 65000 my light came on again and I had auto zone do a reading and P1320 came up for ignition coil. Replacing the coils is fairly easy. Look in your manual on replacing spark plugs and it steps you through it. Bought the replacement coils at auto zone for $65.00 each. Only replaced the front 3 so far. One of them looked like it was bad so I am hoping that will resolve the problem. The only way I found to reset the check engine light on this car is to disconnect the battery for 24 hours. Any thing less will not reset it. Must be something about this year. I've tried 15 hours and it still came on. After 24 hours it reset. I'll let you know if it comes back on after I get the light to reset.

22nd Feb 2006, 10:04

Can anyone help figure out what to do about my 2000 Nissan Maxima? About three weeks ago my car started turning off when I had it in park. Now it sometimes even cuts off when I am at a stop light. I called a Nissan Dealer and they told me it could be the fuel filter, and it would cost $400.00 because I am a girl I do not know too much about cars, I really want some more opinions. I love my Maxima it is a great car… but I need to fix this problem. Please anyone who knows about this let me know what you think! Thank You.