27th Mar 2001, 10:03

I agree with the above statement regarding power. A GT or an SS have WAY more power (heck they got V8s and all) and a stock Maxima will never beat a stock GT or SS off the line, however, I personally drive my Maxima to work everyday, I don't drag my Maxima to work everyday. And when you take a look at the reliability of cars like the GTs or the SSs, there's no hesitation! And by the way, an SS isn't cheaper than a Maxima.

Just my two cents worth...

23rd Apr 2001, 14:44

I can't speak for the Mustang owners, but as a former GM "F" body owner, acceleration and quarter mile times are the only things a Camaro has over a Maxima. No comparison when it comes to "overall" performance, reliabilty and, best of all, no squeaks and rattles!

28th Apr 2001, 13:12


Just checking out your debate regarding the Nissan Maxima and want to put in my two cents.

The quarter mile and 0-60 times of a Camaro and Mustang are indeed impressive, but lets not forget that a Maxima is a "sport-sedan". As a "sport-sedan", it out-classes and out-performs any car of it's type within it's price range (and even some above it's price range).

Mustangs and Camaros are cars designed with one purpose - to go straight and to go there fast. As several magazines (I.e. Sport Compact Car) have reported, set a Mustang against an Integra Type-Are, and the Type-R wins hands down as a "performance/sport car" taking into account more than simply a quarter mile time (I.e. 0-60, 60-0, cornering, reliability, etc). Thus, if you wish to discuss performance, you need to discuss a car that can perform in all respects - something Mustangs and Camaros simply cannot do.

Now, despite my original statement which suggested that you simply cannot compare a "sport-sedan" to a "performance/sports car"; if you were to compare a "sports car" with a "sport-sedan", the most logical comparison would involve comparing the Maxima to a car that embodies true "sport car" performance such as the already mentioned Acura/Honda Integra Type-R, or perhaps the newly redesigned Subaru Impreza WRX. Comparing these cars to the Maxima, you will find that the Maxima wins in reliability, comfort, spaciousness, and is quite comparable with respect to your coveted 0-60 and quarter mile times. These winning points are indeed right where they should be - reflecting the true difference between a "performance/sport car" and a "sport-sedan".

Thus, if you are looking to purchase a car with unbelievable performance then take a look at the Acura/Honda Integra Type-R, the 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX, or perhaps wait patiently for the anticipated Honda/Acura RSX Type-S (not to mention the soon to be discontinued Honda Prelude).

If you are looking for a car that embodies class leading "sport car" like performance (I.e. 0-60, 60-0, cornering, reliability, etc.), AND class leading comfort, convenience, amenities, and practicality, then look no further than the Nissan Maxima SE 20th Anniversary Edition.

But hey, if you want brute force and absolutely no refinement, then take a look at the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra or the Chevy Camaro SS. They're fast, fairly reliable, domestic, and spin wonderful circles in the snow (I live in Toronto).

Just my two cents.

Best regards,


21st Jun 2001, 13:47

My point is compare the Maxima to another 4 door sports sedan, not 2 door sports cars like everyone else.

I think the car is great.

4th Jul 2001, 20:58


That 6.5 or whatever 0-60 was obtained with a manual transaxle. The automatic is something like 7.1 0-60. Just MY 2 cents!

4th Jul 2001, 23:45

I'd have to agree with the posters who are firm on an apples-to-apples comparison... there is no reason to compare a Maxima to anything but another four door sedan. My buddy has a 2000 I think it is, I've driven it a couple times, and it's a great car. I can't say enough good things about the feel of the car, the solidity and rigidity of the chassis, and also, the incredible space in the cabin. Nissan did an excellent job of building the car around all the occupants, not just the driver, as is the case with many performance oriented cars.

This is the differentiator for most buyers who go for the sports sedans... they want the convenience and luxury of four full size seats. My other friend has an SS, actually, and while it's a fantastic bargain in terms of performance per dollar, it's not a car you want to rely on for carrying the family. The rear seats are virtually useless for regular people.

So back to the proper comparisons... I think you need to compare to the IS 300, the Acura 3.2 Type S, and the WRX. The IS 300 is probably more comparable to the WRX in size and performance than the Acura, which is about the same dimensions as the Maxima. However, I believe it's a few thousand more, as is the IS 300. The WRX is much cheaper than all of the others, but also is a much smaller car (about Civic sized).

The Maxima is a nice blend of comfort, performance, utility, and cost. If it's all out performance in the under 30K sedan arena you really are after, the WRX is the clear winner. If you are looking for luxury and a little bit more space in addition to good performance, Maxima is my pick for the job.

30th Aug 2002, 16:22

I would just like to say sorry to all those poor fellows in their rigid and poorly made Chevy's and Fords. First of all, I've never seen a decent running Ford with 300,000 miles on it, but have seen quite a few Nissan's and Honda's with over 300,000 miles on the original motor with no over-haul. My point is, God Bless America and American cars, but when it comes to plain old quality, Japanese cars cannot be beat (Even though they are not necessarily made in Japan).

14th Oct 2002, 23:55

I have a little shocker for all you Maxima fans. I own a Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. My friend owns a 01 Maxima SE. We had a little drag race and my 4500 lb boat blew the maxima away. REAL performance comes in the form of a large rear wheel car. Buick Grand National, need I say more?

16th Oct 2002, 13:09

A couple weeks ago I purchased a 99 Maxima SE. So far I love it. Some of my friends think that I should add a K&N cool air intake. They think it will increas the horsepower a little and increase the gas mileage. Will the 150 or so dollar investment for the filter be a good choice? If anyone is knowledgeable on this subject please feel free to respond. By the way I would take a Maxima over a Mustang or Camero any day.


22nd Oct 2002, 23:35

I've just purchased Nissan Maxima SE 2002. Well... I've never even thought about Nissans and decided to take a look at them just in case to see better picture of all cars I drove. Altima 2002 didn't impress me, but maxima - I instantly felt in love with it. 255 HP, 3.5 L engine - this car made me feel like I was driving first time in my life and could not control that power. And sure it is very comfortable and spacious. I hope to be happy owner of it.