21st Aug 2003, 10:04


What a ride of emotions I just wet through reading these reviews. I am considering buying a Maxima. I just wanted to read about Maximas. All you V8 jarheads need to quit grandstanding about your gas consumption. Anyone can trick out a car. So lets get back to talking about the 2001 Maxima SE that we all want to here about. Not how big your c#%k is.


2nd Oct 2003, 18:13


How can you compare a Maxima to a 2-door sports car with a V-8? A family car running near a 15 flat is good thinking the size of it. Now if you want to talk about sports cars compare a SS or a GT to a Subaru WRX STi, S2000, 350Z, or a Lancer Evo VIII which can run with a SS or a GT. Hmm... what can I say, but imports rule. We have better technology, they look better, get damn good gas mileage, oh and last longer.

25th Jul 2004, 22:45

OK, I've had my Mustang and now I have an 01 Maxima (as well as two kids). They are both really great cars, or at least mine have been. Yes, my Maxima is more comfortable and holds the turns and my Mustang is faster in a straight line. But who really cares anyway. The main question is... are YOU happy with what you are driving. If so, jump in and drive it like ya stole it. Time for another frosty one!! Later!

2nd Aug 2004, 22:28

I have a 2001 Maxima SE which I purchased new 3 years ago now. I have 2 kids who I take to school, etc every day. They have plenty of room in the back seat and have no complaints about it. My daughter calls it Speedy! My husband talked me into this car after selling my old Ford Aerostar minivan, and I am sooo glad he did. I Love this car! Great performance, nice and quick, great handling, looks great, just a lot of fun to drive! I will never go back to anything other than these, I don't think. My only complaint is how the seats in the back have held up, not so good as in the front, the dealer says it's different leather from different cows!?? I thought he was a little crazy, but that really is the only problem so far. So, that is my 2 cents worth on the car.