2nd Nov 2002, 03:59

So real performance comes in the form of large heavy rear wheel drive cars? Since when does weight add performance? Last I heard it makes a car slower as well as craps out its handling. Now I must agree the Grand National GNX is an amazing car, one deserving attention, but get your hands on one and then brag about it. I too owned a beefed out 90 CRX, and let me tell you, who cares if it has FWD, it is pretty dang easy to get 2100 lbs to accelerate insanely fast. Not to mention corner like it were on rails. Both FWD, AWD, and RWD have their advantages and disadvantages, but as it was stated earlier, independent suspension anyone?? Not to mention front and rear double wishbone suspension. All you V8 boys need to hang up your egos and realize that the import crowd is here to stay, the fact it can keep up with your aging V8 "technology" demands respect, as well as drive circles around your rabbit like live axles... sorry to bring it to your attention, but you are a dying breed.

5th Nov 2002, 17:24

To the person wondering about the K&N intake, maxima.org has all the stuff you could ever want. Click on the forums link, and click search to search through the forums. If you can find the forum labelled "Fourth Generation Maximas", there will be a link there to a post with a FAQ. If you haven't already, I encourage all you Maxima-dissin' guys to check it out too. Yes, apples and oranges can be hard to compare. But you have to get a common denominator. Even if you happen to like apples more than oranges (like me), you can tell when an orange tastes better than most oranges you've had, and you can tell when the apples don't taste as good as the other apples you've had. (American cars are the apples and Japanese cars the oranges.) Cars like the Maxima should not even be close to a "sports car" like the Mustang.

Another method of comparison I like to use, though it may not be quite too scientific, is the ratio of horsepower to displacement. Nearly no American cars have a higher HP/displacement ratios than Japanese cars... especially the Maxima. For crying out loud, the Maxima almost has as much hp as the 4.6L GT Mustang.

I would tend to give the Z28 respect because of the history it has in my family, but the 310 hp it has are from a huge 5.7L engine! Tell me what you guys think of this:

2003 350Z 287 hp/3.5L = 82.00

2002/2003 Maxima 255hp/3.5L = 72.86

2000/2001 Maxima 222hp/3.0L = 74.00

Mustang GT 260hp/4.6L = 56.52

Z28 310hp/5.7L = 54.39

7th Nov 2002, 19:13

I'll take a live rear axle and rear-wheel drive over front-wheel drive and it's inherent "torque steer" any day. The reason car companies like BMW have never and will never produce a front-wheel car is the problems it brings: poor weight distribution, worse handling, increased maintenance, retarded performance, and all in the name of improved interior ergonomics (if that's even the reason) and using an already produced front wheel drive platform instead of developing a new rear-wheel drive (cost constraints, I guess, since the majority of the non-sports Japanese cars on our roads are front-wheel drive). Oh, and as far as the Road Master/Maxima performance squabble goes, the Roadmaster posts skidpad figures of.82-.84g, so I guess increased weight doesn't kill handling unless you have a front-wheel drive car (even at 2 1/4 tons, the Roadmaster still has 55/45 weight distribution, compared to the Maxima's 60/40?, maybe worse?). And since the horsepower to weight ratio would favor the Maxima considerably (4500/260=17lbs/hp vs. 3300-3400?/222=15lbs/hp), I guess the LT1 Iron-block push rod V-8 isn't so prehistoric if it can whoop the All-Aluminum 24valve Variable Valve Timing and Variable length Intake V-6 of the Maxima while still weighing 1100 lbs. more. I own an LT1 powered Camaro, and I like Maximas, but use words like "sporty" or "cute" when you brag about your front wheel drive car, not phrases like "can't be beat". Lastly, 6.7 seconds to 60 is what the best drivers can do with the 5-speed; most new Maximas with regular drivers could at best do 7.0-8.0 seconds. Matt.

4th Feb 2003, 09:23

Well as for looks, the maxima is pretty impressive. But all you guys trashing v8's fail to realize speed is power to weight ratio. Also many imports lack a little something called torque. Ever hear of it? Sure I agree the maxima and most imports are well built rather comfortable. But if you're into the racing world there's no replacement for displacement. My "heavy" 13 year old car can do 14 flat in the 1/4 mile bone stock. 345 lbs of torque gets me moving there rather quickly. So, please before you start mouthing off and showing your ignorance look at the facts. of course you'll get ignorant american car guys too. But saying lines like "I'm sick a these old time v8 this and that" is really hilarious. get your facts straight!

2nd Aug 2003, 23:30

What are all you guys talking about? You guys are comparing apples to oranges. Who cares which car is more comfortable or which car is faster. There are many advantages and disadvantages for these certain types of cars. Frankly, for those posting up mods and upgrades done to their cars, I don't think anybody cares. This is supposed to be a 2001 Maxima forum.

2nd Aug 2003, 23:36

This is a review for Maximas. For those who aren't in this category seem like you don't have lives at all. Just reading through random reviews so you can just brag about your own cars. All I wanted was to read some reviews of the Maxima, but all I see are a bunch of nerds whining.

3rd Aug 2003, 21:38

After reading all the arguments I felt that I must leave a comment. To start with I drive a Mercedes 600SEL-AMG, yes it is rear wheel drive, yes it is the largest and heaviest sedan Mercedes makes. It is also what I heard being refereed to as a dinosaur, meaning it is also a V8. I recall some argument about comparing coupes to sedans... well my car is a sedan, not even a sport sedan, but a luxury sedan weighing 7452lbs. I did not care for all the "talk" about the Maxima being unbeatable. I have raced my car (which is totally stock) against many cars, including a new Maxima. One of interest is a Saleen Mustang, which I beat by a long shot and did not even have to push the engine. The only car that has ever beat me or even come close, was another Mercedes like mine, with nitrous. Don't get me wrong I know my car would not beat a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini and etc., but to compare my Mercedes to a Maxima regarding speed, would be like comparing a Bentley to a Yugo. From my point of view "talk" is cheap, so put your money where your mouth is.

-My two cents.

BTY, just for the record I do love my "dinosaur" 6.0 liter V8.

11th Aug 2003, 13:06

Here we go again...Mercades, BMW's, Camaro's, Mustang's, V8's, 7452lbs...we are discussing Maxima's!!!not dinosaurs w/V8 that weigh 10,000 tons!!

For the price, size, engine class and hp, the Nissan Maxima is one of the best cars in it's class (performance/style/room/etc). That's all. Stop comparing apples and rocks!

My one cent.