31st Dec 2006, 14:02

I was driving our 95 Pathfinder (owned since new) on a 400 mile trip this Christmas holiday. Halfway through the trip we heard a clunk and thought a ski bag had shifted in the carrier. When I stopped for gas the brakes were really spongy.

After we arrived on Dec. 22nd at our destination my wife went shopping and after hitting a small porthole she felt the truck slump and brought it home.

The rear axle was completely torn away from the frame with only the stabiliser bars holding it in place. Rear brake lines were severed.

We have about 270,00 km on this vehicle which has been undercoated every year.

If there is a class action lawsuit I would like to be contacted immediately. Our vehicle was well maintained year after year with all service records and I'm outraged at Nissan's indifference to this issue.

3rd Jan 2007, 22:35

I am the second owner of a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder XE with the same rusted frame issues above both rear wheel wells... I say we start this class action suit agaisnt Nissan, our lives are worth more than their wallets! Email me at suarez.family@yahoo.com if anyone finds something!

7th Jan 2007, 08:23

I was sick when I went to change a flat, and saw the rust. After I cleaned it up with a ball peen and a chipping hammer, there wasn't even enough to weld new material to. The corroded frame is in an area that supports the entire rear suspension. If the frame should fail while driving, an accident will happen, and you or someone else could end up seriously injured or killed.

This is a '95 Pathfinder SE, loaded, it's in great shape. Everything still works. It has 200,000 miles and I was hoping to get another 50,000. Now it looks like just junk in the driveway. Nissan SHOULD compensate its owners with something. I'm surprised this hasn't blown up into bigger things.

4th Mar 2007, 15:55

I just bought a 94 pathfinder and I thought it was in good shape, but I found out that the frame was rusted so bad at the rear axle you could push through it with your hand. I spent all my money I was saving for this car and now I can't do anything with it I will never buy another one. I was ripped off.

5th Mar 2007, 08:58

Fwiw...I bought a 94 Pathfinder with 120k miles everything seemed in great shape and I have to say I really like the vehicle... it was great during the winter snows here...

But alas it has the same rust issues... it is currently at a local welding shop being looked at... if the damage isn't too severe the guy said he may be able to fix it...1st estimate is about 400 bucks which I would consider a bargain as I only paid 2100 bucks for the vehicle...

I'll repost when I find out more whether it is repairable or not...


7th Mar 2007, 08:35

Update on last post...

I had both sides of the rear frame replace yesterday at a cost of little over 400 bucks...

Looks like it really beefed it up and should add at least a couple of years to the vehicle if not more...

If you are in or around the Kansas City area and unless your frame is totally shot... I would recommend "Sparks Welding" in Liberty... he has done a few of these and seems to know his stuff...

Good luck to all.


23rd Mar 2007, 13:07

A class action suit will have to be brought against Nissan by an attorney in order for anyone to receive compensation. If I had any sense I would have been paying an attorney instead of trying to fix the problem, but now I can't afford the attorney either. The problem with the frame is a manufacturing defect: No Weep-holes in the frame. I live in the Midwest humidity and the frame on mine also looks as if I have been driving it in the ocean. The problem is not lack of maintenance or salt, it's because the water or humidity seeps into the cracks of the frame and runs to the back where it cannot escape. That is why the back of the frame goes first. Even if you are able to repair the frame in places, it is likely only a temporary fix. My pathy has 160,000 and by looking at it on the outside, you can't tell anything is wrong with it and it runs like a champ, but it is useless and so far gone that I cannot even begin to repair anything. I could only do a complete swap and that would cost $2500. I love my pathy, but I won't sink anymore money into it as it has now cost me nearly $7000 in repairs that only keep coming back. I will never buy another Nissan because of this. If Nissan would cut corners on something as important as the frame of the vehicle, I shudder to think what else they would cut corners on.

3rd Apr 2007, 02:04

My 95 Nissan 4x4 XE looks great till you check under it and like the others rusted very bad. Last Nissan I will buy unless the fix this problem. I live in Kentucky and salt is not the reason for the rust.

18th Apr 2007, 12:30

I just bought a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder and I also am one of many with a broken frame in the rear. I tryed to fix it my self with two huge u-bolts two on each side, but the part that is hanging down from the frame does not have sufficiant material to connect it back to the frame. but this idea will work depending on where your frame broke. does anyone know if this is OK to drive like this, I mean there are two huge torsion bars and they look pretty beefy?

18th Apr 2007, 13:11

I have contacted Nissan and opened a file for my frame rusting on my 94' truck. I am waiting for them to get back to me now. I took it to the dealer per Nissan and they looked at it and took pictures. One of the techs said he had not seen any trucks like mine with it, but has seen Pathfinders with rust??? Will keep everyone posted with my results.

24th Apr 2007, 07:19

Just spoke to Nissan America, they said due to the age of the truck and mileage, that there was nothing that they could do. I kind of expected that response, so I guess, I going to keep driving it til it falls apart. I am glad I can get my own vehicle inspection done ;) Maybe I will box in the frame to make it last a couple more years, its no good to anybody else.

7th May 2007, 00:22

Just bought a 94 pathfinder... Truck is loaded, everything is power, and works. Sharp truck!!!Everything down to the engine sparkles!!! HOWEVER, today upon a close inspection, I found the frame from the wheel wells back has rusted to the point of a 1/8 to 1/4 in. rusted split in the frame, that is approx 8-12in long. This is money I really can't afford to lose!!! Going to the frame shop in the next few days... keep everyone posted! Nissan does need to be "paying " for this defective design!! Just because so much time has gone by now, doesn't undo the fact that they knew several years ago about this, and the COSTS, DAMAGE, AND EVEN DEATHS IT COULD POTENTIALLY CAUSE!!!Let's just pursue this together, and see what we can come up with??!!!