16th May 2007, 12:16

1993 Nissan Pathfinder: Bought it for the Nissan Name...now, 8 months later, can't get it inspected due to rust that is the whole frame. Looked at it myself and just about cried! Add me to the class action law suit people. Going to have the back section replaced with a truck frame from a Nissan Hard-Body from out west to repair it.


17th May 2007, 10:20

OK, so I guess here is another 1995 Nissan Pathfinder with frame rot.

I discovered this unfortunate problem when I kept hearing a knocking sound while driving. Looking under the vehicle, I noticed part of the rear brake and sway bar assembly was hanging loose with a large matching chunk of the rotting frame with it. Looking further, I could see entire sections of the frame had rusted through completely. Putting this into perspective, the undercarriage sheet metal was just fine, as was the body of the vehicle.

I am the primary owner, and have garaged this vehicle over half its life. Was kept serviced and had just put new tires on this vehicle, which is now junk. I have shown this vehicle to 3 body shops, 2 frame guys, and all have said the same thing. Worst frame rot for a vehicle only 12 years old ever seen, too dangerous to drive. All commented the real issue was defective steel used to construct the frame, and saw this as an obvious safety issue needing attention.

I did search for secret recall or warranty, and found none.

Here is a great site on this... http://www.lemonaidcars.com/secretwarranties.html

If you contact Nissan, don't bother with the "corporate consumer affairs" line, use Nashville TN corporate executive line 615-725-7700 and leave a message. They will return your call. Although I was "handled" with care and given lots of "concern", nothing actually was offered or proposed of value in my case.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

26th May 2007, 18:49

I recently bought a used 94 pathfinder from a mom n pop used lot. I was getting the clunking noise too anytime I hit I bump of any sort. When I took the wheels off to check, I found the frame looked like swiss cheese from the rear wheals back. Does anyone know of any info on the web about replacing the rear frame with the hardbody 1?

26th May 2007, 20:45

I'm wondering if any comments about Nissan pathfinder frames originate in Canada. I was also just informed that the frame on my 1994 XE is finished. There is only one side of the four sided box-frame left. Is there anyone who has opened a file with Nissan Canada yet concerning this issue?

28th May 2007, 08:58

28th May, 2007.

Same problem with my 1993 pathfinder. Still has original exhaust, good motor and transmission. Body is in pretty good shape. The frame a disaster. My wife headed off to work one morning and called and said "the motor or rear end or something is falling out." I told here to slowly drive it back home. The frame had broken loose from the torsion bars on both sides. The whole frame was rotten. A little compensation from Nissan would be nice. I bought this car new and loved it like a child. I serviced and garage kept it and kept it waxed and cleaned. I have a good place to work on a project if I could find a replacement frame??

30th May 2007, 09:36

This is a very sad state of affairs as Nissan's are known for their bullet proof reliability. I've owned a 70 pickup with no rust issues. I currently own a 94 D21 pickup with only 83000 miles and complete frame rust above the right rear tire. It lacks about a 2 inch space before it is completely separated. I love this model and have been looking at 97 pickups as a replacement, the few I have seen have very little rust. I completely believe it is due to fabrication issues and insufficient drainage as previously posted. I hope those that wish to pursue law suits good luck. Any future vehicles I get I will drill holes for drainage and rhino line the underneath.

13th Jun 2007, 20:47

Well, went in for a wheel alignment and once my car (95 Pathy) was on the lift we discovered the rotted chassis syndrome (rear frame). As with the other comments the car is in mechanically excellent shape. This weekend I will take a detailed inspection and if I come up with a "cheap" fix I'll post it here.

20th Jun 2007, 18:18

Same here only twice as bad. I bought a 2WD 94 Nissan extended cab new in 94. The truck was always garage kept and never driven in bad weather. Last year the frame broke in half. Then I got a 90 4WD extended cab after that and guess what... same thing. I think I am going to sell my 97 4WD extended cab. Anyone interested? :)

23rd Jun 2007, 21:43

Sorry for that news, I'll let you know what I find out. Back again (post 60), latest news, have an appointment at a body shop known to have good prices, will post my estimate next week.

29th Jun 2007, 22:55

Same problem just discovered today with my 95 Nissan Pathfinder Se. It failed inspection secondary to rear frame rot from rust. This website is the first I have heard of the problem. I loved this car and took great care of it and would be interested to know if it can be welded and whether there are any existing lawsuits.

10th Jul 2007, 14:13

I have had the same frame rust problem. Worse on the passenger side. Barely passed inspection in '06, so I got it welded by a collision shop. I believe that it was caught in time, and should be able to add a few more years on to an otherwise solid vehicle.

Other problems of note would be the fuel and brake lines also rusted through and had to be replaced.

Also had the drivers side tension bar (part of the control arm) brake off, possibly due to rust. It's been paid for, so I can absorb the repair costs. Would I buy another Nissan? Maybe. I have had it "oiled" twice (Rust-stop spray on method) and would definitely use a rust preventive program like this in any future car/truck.

I should add that I'm the 2nd owner of this 1995 Pathfinder SE

Bought it in 2000 with 57,000 miles, it currently has 158,000 on it.

11th Jul 2007, 07:54

Well add me to the list, I own a 1995 Pathfinder SE. I am the original owner, and have treated the Pathfinder like a baby, and my entire rear frame was trash!

I can't actually believe there are people on this site that claim that the frame rot is a result of people not keeping their frame clean, they must be VERY stupid people!

There is a huge design flaw, and Nissan should pay up. How dare they steal my hard earned money for a death trap! I had my frame repaired for a cost of about $1,000.00. It is very solid now, however the body is getting bad as well. I bet if you look under the rear seats you can punch out the floor boards. The truck is garbage! I want in on any law suit!



14th Jul 2007, 10:32

Hi, I'm another "stupid" person with a perfectly clean frame. My pathfinder has been coastal its entire life, and in some salty/snowy conditions in that time as well. The only explanation for the extent of the damage to your frames is owner neglect. I'm sorry, but flushing out the frame and doing underbody coats on a body-on-frame vehicle every wet season is just common sense. This is not the fault of everyone here, as you are not all original owners. Some of the blame can also be laid on Nissan for not making a completely maintenance free frame, but I don't think they should pay for it.