14th Jul 2007, 16:01

Frame Rot is a common problem with Pathfinders from '93 through '95. There are TSB's about this problem all over the place. Check yahoo, google, and any pathfinder websites and you'll see what I mean.

There are not many options when it comes to frame rot. There are places that will rebuild your frame or repair the damage by welding and stuff, but this is expensive, time consuming and a dirty job. Most people who have this problem either junk the car or they try to find a donor pathfinder that's not rusted out from which to transfer their innards (motor, transmission, ect..) into.

14th Jul 2007, 22:57

I noticed one individual mentioned that the vehicle had over 150k on it. Although I do not believe that miles are an accurate measure on a vehicle. A vehicle that has 80K on it can be in a lot worst shape than a vehicle with 120K if one has been properly cared for and the other has not. However, vehicles are made of metal and will always eventually rust. Proper care can delay the vehicle from rusting, but no matter what manufacturer you go though, eventually the vehicle will rust. Vehicles are made to last, but no vehicle will last forever.

24th Jul 2007, 09:13

I have to join the rust club. I have a 95 Pathfinder and have taken very good care of it and it just failed inspection due to "frame rot". It's a great vehicle and only has 135,000 miles on it, but the cost to repair such extensive damage is too high. Even with preventative maintenance it still rusted through, it's a shame because it's never given me a moment of mechanical problems.

6th Aug 2007, 11:18

Have to add to the line of rust -- my 94 Nissan S-10 has just received the no inspection due to the frame being rusted. Being my daughters first vehicle, we hate to spend money on something that could fall apart while she is driving it. I agree that something should be done about this problem that Nissan has created.

23rd Aug 2007, 01:36

I also have a rusty and cracked frame above both rear wheels on a '94 NISSAN PATHFINDER. I live in Minnesota/Twin Cities. I payed $6000.00 for this truck a few years back. For the past two years I have been driving a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with no major problems. Sadly I wish I could get some money for my truck resale, but who wants to buy a truck like that, and what kind of money will you get anyway? By the way I also noticed the rust under the rear seats corroding right through. Do I have to sell my truck as parts? or what. We should all be compensated because not only is it unsafe, and poorly built, but here is a vehicle with no resale value. The only reason I bought mine was because of my own ignorance and inexperience in inspecting a used vehicle. I remember the lady who sold me that car worked in a car shop so I wouldn't be surprised if she new it was about to go. Somebody needs to initiate the process if there's gonna be a class action law suit. Any lawyers reading this? Is there any free legal consultation? Let me know. razacozmik@yahoo.com.

25th Aug 2007, 08:11

Coming home from the doctors, big loud clunking noise, followed by extreme bouncing, or rocking -motion front to back. The bouncing of this 95 Nissan pathfinder was enough to make me sick. Luckily I had not made it to the freeway to travel 24 miles home. Found out on inspection underneath the car, both shocks had sheared off, the stabilize bar on the right rear side had pulled away from the frame. That's also when we noticed the rust. Over the rear tire areas, muffler, pipes, etc. Looks like some kinda orange fungus under there. I could literally use my fingers to push holes in the frame.

I have never had the first problem with the engine. Vehicle looks great from the outside. Count me in on the lawsuit as well.

4th Sep 2007, 15:51

I am the second owner of a 92' SE V6 PathFinder. I bought the vehicle 5 months ago for $2,500 from a mechanic who was selling it for a customer. He stated that the frame and all was sound. I noticed the thumping when even hitting the slightest road imperfections. Thinking it was just shocks I ignored it for a few weeks. But then a strong smell of gas came about and I took it in. The right rear part of the frame above the suspension was broken in two places due to rust and completely separated breaking the gas line. I have gone to several mechanics and frame shops. They stated that it is too rusted to even patch the area on the frame. The truck has 170k miles on it. Is there a law against this kind of sale from a mechanic? Or is there some way of getting some sort of compensation for the damage?


23rd Sep 2007, 02:38

94 Pathfinder. Just bought it, it's crap.

Looked underneath and noticed the rust before I bought it. I just never imagined that the entire frame could be rotted away. You can scrape away undercoating and not actually find any frame left. just layers of folded over rust.

It is a manufacturer's end of service plan.

Too bad, it seemed to be a quality vehicle otherwise.

First and last Nissan I'll ever buy.

I guess we know what they did with all those old Chevy's eh..

23rd Sep 2007, 07:00

We have a 94 Pathfinder with the same frame rot problems.

It has approx 79,000 miles on it. Except for the usual parts replacement, batteries, tires, brakes, it's been a good vehicle.

The bumpers were rotted so bad we had to replace them.

Nissan supplied the materials and we paid for the labor.

We're out looking for another vehicle, but it will not be a Nissan.

If there's a class action suit, count me in.

23rd Sep 2007, 11:00

I'm amazed at the level of incompetence displayed by people who buy a 13-year old truck with over 150,000 miles on it in an area that uses road salt for $500 and expects a cream puff.

I've owned a '95 Pathfinder in Tennessee for almost ten years (second owner) and it has 313,000 miles on it. I've replaced the exhaust studs twice and am on my second alternator and starter. I consider the old truck to be an excellent value.

Here's a tip... when you buy any vehicle take it to a mechanic. If you're too cheap to do that, crawl under the truck and check for signs of rust that go beyond superficial.

Then, if you get burned because you didn't do your homework, don't get on the Internet and rip what has proven to be an outstanding vehicle.

24th Sep 2007, 11:21

Okay then.

Would all you Nissan salesmen please stop defending an obvious flaw in an otherwise fine vehicle. There is no excuse for fabricating a frame out of origami.

There are 80 year old junkers washing out of the river bank here with less rust damage on them than the frames on these vehicles. Its not the road salt or not washing out your frame weekly that has caused this degree of failure.

The only way a law suit can be launched, is if someone can prove material non-compatibilty with the products that they used to undercoat these vehicles.

Mine looks like it had a factory trailer hitch and wiring installed. The hitch itself was undercoated, but when you scrape it off, there is a lot of rust sealed between the undercoating and the solid metal. It is possible that there was a chemical component in the undercoating that actually caused the premature deterioration of the frame.

If someone can prove this, a class action suit could be launched, and won.

Otherwise we are just a bunch of hicks who don't take care of our things, and just got what we deserved.