5th May 2008, 11:47

Hi, you can add me to the junk pile. I took my car in for a new muffler. My mechanic called me to tell me had bad news. He said there's no way my car will pass inspection in July because he can put his hand through the chassy in most parts and the whole thing is going FAST! I took it to my brother who owns an auto body shop and said there's no way to fix it and if there was it would not be worth the $$$!

My pathfinder runs great and like I was told, "This car will fall apart before you ever need a new engine or major work! I have over 132,000 mile, never thought I'd own a car that could reach that type of miles! Now I'm stuck with no money for down payment, a great running car with no chassy! Please count me in if ANYONE CAN GET A LAWSUIT GOING.


10th May 2008, 21:57

I took my 95 Pathfinder in this past April Fools Day, 2008, for inspection sticker, oil change & to check that clanking noise in the rear end... was shocked to get the phone call that the whole frame was rusted/rotted out & wouldn't pass inspection; the mechanic advised that it was not worth putting the money into repairing -- he didn't even recommend I drive it home! I loved this car -- it ran great, hardly put a dime into it, other than regular maintenance. I was paranoid to drive it at all after hearing that news. I was immediately forced to buy a newer vehicle & the car dealer was able to take my 95 off my hands & off to the auction.


15th May 2008, 03:12

I own a 1994 Nissan pickup, just turned 300000 miles, never needed any repairs to motor or parts.

Severe frame rot on both sides, front spring brackets broken off and bent up into rusted frame. I chained them to bed and drove it 3000 miles to get to 300000.

I'm done with it. It still runs perfect. Replaced with a 2003 Frontier.

17th May 2008, 13:16

WOW!!! Just read all the frame rot comments... I just did my brakes, and found total frame rot through on both wheel well frame sections. Sounds like a class action to me. The vehicle is in top notch condition otherwise. Where do we go? I love (d) this car, and have 200,000 miles on it. Runs like a champ.


22nd May 2008, 20:40

I've always had good luck out of Nissans, but I was under it the other day, and noticed my frame was rusted bad. It was real bad at rear. I parked it an I'm afraid to drive it. Someone told me they make a repair kit. I'd like to find out cause I love the thing; it runs great.

I read all the comments. I don't understand Nissan recalling this vehicle. If that many people have this problem, it's a defect. If anyone has any info on a recall or repair kit, please let me know.

Alan at godfscott@aol.com

24th May 2008, 09:32

I am so disappointed in my 1995 Nissan truck. It has been a wonderful little vehicle.. I used to brag that it has never failed me and that even with 130,000 miles, that I could drive it anywhere.

I took it to my mechanic to get it checked out for its upcoming inspection and the frame is rusted out... on the passenger side for an entire 3 foot section and severely rusted all around.

I am on board any suit or complaint brought against Nissan for this extremely dangerous situation. It appears to be more than a simple case of road salt damage and "wear and tear". Has anyone stepped up to begin building a case against Nissan??

Count me in.

25th May 2008, 00:46

93 Pathfinder here with a lot of $$ invested. Guess what I have to pay for now? Hmmm. That's a URL to a pic of my frame if it doesn't work.


30th May 2008, 16:45

I have a '95 Pathfinder. It is like brand new. Runs better than most cars I test drive (I am a transmission specialist).

The chassis is in such good condition, that I haven't installed a hitch, so as not to mess it up. But I live in California. We don't have all those snow chemicals on the road like other places.

2nd Jun 2008, 15:28

I just bought a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder last week. I purchased it in New Jersey (with a 2008 New Jersey inspection sticker) for $1500 and drove over 400 miles back to Virginia. Before I left Jersey, I put $400 worth of tires on it. On the ride back to VA I tripped 94,000 miles. I titled the vehicle, paid taxes, and put tags on it only to go get it inspected and it was rejected due to fame rot. The vehicle is useless to me now. I drove over 400 miles (6 and 1/2 hours) at speeds up to 75 miles an hour in a death trap. After the initial shock and anger, I am thankful nothing happened!

My mechanic says there is not enough good metal to repair the frame and that he wouldn't let his worst enemy drive this vehicle. What's next? I guess I am out $2000 dollars and the gas for the trip to New Jerseyand back home?

Geoffrey B.

5th Jun 2008, 17:24

I've had my 95 pathfinder since 2000. Great truck, it's never given my any trouble. I work in the auto parts business and have always had my vehicles maintained very well.

Well, when it came to replacing the brakes both front and rear (also two new CV axles) I noticed two big gaping holes on the side of the rear frame, just above where the shocks are mounted. I also bought four new tires just before last winter. The truck has less than 94,000 miles on it too. Looks like it will never see 100,000. The inspection is due before the end of this year.

Here's the kick in the pants.

I work at a Toyota dealership. There is a very similar problem with the Tacoma Pickup. Toyota actually cares about their customers and are buying back the defective pickups. Not only are they buying them back they are buying them at one and a half times the book value. I have seen a couple of customers bring in some real beat up Tacoma's and get good money for them. I seriously hope Nissan follows by Toyota's example before someone gets hurt. But, I guess that's the difference between Toyota and Nissan.

Toyota will act before someone gets hurt, and Nissan will play the odds and only pay the people who get hurt from their defective products.

12th Jun 2008, 21:13

Well...I am one of the suckers. I guess you get what you pay for. When I picked up my 95 XE Pathfinder with 150,000 miles for $1500, I thought it was a steal. Saw the rust but my emotions got the better of me.

Otherwise the thing looks and drives great. I went to get new shocks and the dealer refused to install them, and scared me so badly I went straight to a auto body shop. They are putting on a used frame for $2000, but now I am nervous of unseen rust on the inside of that one.

I can't replace it for $2000, and it books at $3700+, so I might as well and at least get a few years out of it.

Way to go Toyota with the recalls, I will never buy a Nissan again, the way they are not handling this is ridiculous. This is a MAJOR safety issue.