18th Jun 2008, 12:02

I also own a 95 Pathfinder that has been a good vehicle for me for the past seven years. The frame is completely rotted out and my mechanic said this is a common problem with these vehicles and pose a real safety issue. Does anyone know if in fact a class action suit has been initiated? If so, please reply on this forum as to the status.

24th Jun 2008, 11:00

Same happened here in Canada. We have to get our vehicles here in Nova Scotia inspected every year, last year the Provincial government instituted sweeping changes to its policy on inspections so that they are much tougher. The '93 pathfinder I bought with roughly 100miles on it ran great, and had a sticker on it, yet low and behold, when this year's inspection came up, it failed like all the rest. I'm hoping to get the frame welded but will buy a Toyota next time.

25th Jun 2008, 12:14

Mine too. 94 Pathy XE-V6. Body and engine great even at 195K. But frame? Gone. I imagine it'll be crushed well before the class action, and I hope you all can sue them good. But I have nothing good to say about being forced to buy a new truck. Cheap steel and shoddy manufacturing gets you that, thanks Nissan. Too bad cause I know there's another 100K left on this engine.

10th Jul 2008, 05:54

Add me to the list as well. I was just in an accident head-on (hit by a drunk driver). I owned a 2005 Toyota 4-runner. My car is gone, and I am in a pinch, so I bought a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6. This car is beautiful. Excellent condition with all the options.

I knew it needed a muffler to pass Emissions, so I take it to the garage for a tune-up and a muffler. The mechanic informs me that the rear frame is rotted, and if I get into an accident it will fold up like an accordion. He told me to drive locally. I was just in an accident on June 9th; I really do not want another one. I paid 3000 for this truck and thought I could drive it for at least 3 years; I guess I was wrong.

I know a guy who had a Toyota Tacoma given to him for a plow truck that was a junker; he was given a check for 9,000 for a 1993 pickup for the frame rotted. I think Nissan should stand up to this problem and help everyone out who has wasted their money on this model. I'm gonna drive it for as long as I can, but I am scared too because of the frame.

18th Jul 2008, 20:12

Less than two weeks to go before we have to lay our '95 Pathfinder to rest. Won't pass Virginia inspection at the end of July '08. It's shiny black body and smooth running engine has been betrayed by a mistake Nissan refuses to own. A genuine gesture of good faith would be for Nissan to offer a qualified trade-in value on a new or used replacement vehicle that equals the appraisal based on mileage and normal wear and tear, not on the frame condition. They could save face somewhat, instead of displacing guilt to the vehicle owners. A higher caliber company, large or small, would do the responsible thing.

19th Jul 2008, 00:52

Man, you can count me in on this flytrap deal. It stinks, because this is my second Pathfinder; a 95 XE. I should have been clued in after the first, but the drivability is great; shifting and performance. Until the manifold studs and "worpedge" on both my '91 and '95, this job is a pain to do yourself and expensive to have done. From what I seen, a hugely common problem, (and also causes hazardous fumes to enter the passenger compartment). Nissan has failed to rectify that problem as well. My first Pathfinder was great; both pimped out, cleaned regularly, and serviced by myself.

This frame malarkey is a bunch of hooey. My '91 Pathfinder rotted out in the usual spots; behind both rear tires and back of the bumper. My '95 is rotting in the areas behind the A-arm to the rear of the torsion rods. To make a long story short, the '91 frame snapped in the rear while driving over a pothole at 45 mph, and I will tell you drivability went out the window and almost caused me to his a concrete median.

Now I’m around 2 and found one with at least two years more life on the frame, and it is one of the nicest looking ones around. I just feel Nissan will forever lose respect or business from my end or anyone else in my family or close networks business. What a shame they have never tried to address either problems that I have; just stated and multitudes of you know about and are experiencing. THESE COULD BOTH BE LIFE THREATENING HAZARDS!

Unless you know what you are looking at, I don't recommend driving long distances, and make sure you fix your seatbelt buckles; another known problem. It would really stink if you were at highway speeds and oops there goes my frame and you actually hit the median at 50 to 70, I hope you had a nice experience driving your "Trashfinder."

One last thing, I've read in a couple of forums saying “it’s because the lack of care, age, or whatever.” I would like to say that I am as vigorous as it gets with upkeep and maintenance, allowing me to pay less to rectify problems on my own. Not everyone can do that, and it has nothing to do with the integrity of this vehicle. Nissan had know about their substandard metals while making these things. We as consumers buying them hoped to see changes, never happened. Nissan has no integrity. I stop to look at every single Pathfinder in my way, and lo and behold I would say 95% of the time I see the craftiness of tripe in these known spots. Nissan ought to be ashamed, and Toyota you will have my future business.

The engines last a while though, they handle good and their manuals shift smoothly, so don’t worry about the safety.

Please notify me of a class action or recall!

Not that the second will happen.

My name is Dave, contact: g1trashbag@yahoo.com

31st Jul 2008, 19:03

Count me in; I'm going to garage mine until a suit is in act.

I can't believe the amount of frame rot in my 94 Pathfinder; it is an extreme hazard that needs to be handled. Guess a couple of accidents later, maybe they will own up to it.

I was driving up my road with speed bumps, and lo and behold I lost the frame and brakes. Fun. Glad a kid didn't run out in front of me.

I look under my vehicle once I roll to a stop, and find my entire outer frame is gone and the unusual noise I was hearing around turns was the rearend floating. Huh.

I'm in on any suit. I loved this Pathfinder; all of 137000 miles and wanted more.

I think that if the matter isn't resolved soon though, my next truck may be a TOYOTA cause at least they are willing to fix their mistakes. Makes me know the owners are true family people.