1999 Nissan Primera P11-144 2.0 140HP from Switzerland


Fun, practical, underrated and cheap to buy ;)


Airbag light goes on and off randomly since I bought the car... Still didn't try to solve the problem...

I have driven the car for more than 20k miles and never had any issues with it... everything else is working just fine!

I think this is a very reliable car if you do your maintenance correctly ;)

General Comments:

This is my first car ever and I LOVE IT for its practicality, looks and handling!

When I bought the car I was surprised at how well it handles... I have lots of friends with much smaller and lighter cars, and they are always impressed by the way it corners!!! I think there's a really good feel at the wheel also. This car is really a lot of fun to drive! At the same time, it's a pretty spacious and practical car (the trunk is actually pretty big!) and the seats are not bad.

I also LOVE the CVT! Sure it's not very efficient, but it is so unique to drive and so smooth! If you actually learn to use it, performance is not even that bad :)

I love the fact that when you accelerate it revs like crazy and makes a lot of noise... much more than it accelerates :D

However, when the car is full, 140 HP is a bit short especially when going up-hill... And it's a bit thirsty... I get 10L/100 when driving around city and 8L/10 when driving at 135km/h!

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Review Date: 26th November, 2014

1999 Nissan Primera 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Fuss free, cheap and practical


Radio works on one side only.

Starter motor is sticking when cold.

Wiper motor fails to return wiper to off position unless operating stalk is held down.

Slight ticking from cold, which I suspect is the exhaust manifold.

General Comments:

Though this car has been in my ownership for a relatively short time, it belonged to a friend for the previous six years. It had 40000 miles on it at the time, and he used it for business trips all round the UK. Apart from the faults listed above, which have materialised recently, nothing outside of servicing and consumables have ever been required. He didn't drive it with a great of sympathy either.

The fact the car still starts first time, runs well and has proved totally reliable, is a testament to its integrity.

To drive, the car feels solid with an unrushed, composed feel.

The CVT transmission changes 'up' very early on, giving a sluggish feel when moving off. Using the sport button doesn't alter this initial poor response. Overall performance is adequate, to achieve reasonable progress quite a lot of throttle has to be applied to keep the engine turning over at sufficient rpm. This can be quite noisy.

On the upside, cruising is relaxed with extremely low mph/1000 rpm, given a sensitive foot. 100 mph at just over 3000 rpm is possible.

Fuel consumption is dependent on driving style - 35 mpg is a reasonable average given a mix of motorway and town use.

Handling does not feel especially inspiring to start off with. It's not exactly wieldy, but stick with it and it can go round corners with surprising grip and poise.

The ride however is lumpen, and sometimes feels short in vertical movement. This might be to do with the mileage however.

Turning circle is simply atrocious, the worst I have ever experienced. Quite how this oversight emerged when previous models have been widely used as taxis is astonishing.

Lots of room inside. Boot is usefully large.

A personal opinion, but the dashboard is a slightly wacky design. Ventilation is poor and hard to fathom out properly. Seats however are very good, even at this age and mileage.

In summary, a great hackabout car, reliable and still capable.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2011

14th Apr 2013, 04:06

Handbrake Pivot: If it starts to seize, fit a new caliper; you can't lubricate it, I tried for hours, and fitted second hand calipers; they packed after a few months.

Why isn't there a grease nipple? There is obviously no way it could affect the brake fluid, because if the grease could get through, the brake fluid would leak the other way.

Just to check the state of the hand brake pivot, I cut the pin out. It was covered in rust and the rubber seal was perished.

To facilitate insertion of the ram seal, cut 3/4" off a 11/4" waste pipe coupling (the narrow part in between the ends). Cut it the other way, so it is like a letter 'C', squeeze it together so the ends of the 'C' cross over.

Place it inside the seal, the end nearest to you, let go and pull it apart so the ends touch, making a circle, and insert the seal into the ram orifice. The ram will easily fit through. GM