3rd Feb 2008, 22:38

Brakes are the worst, I also have had to replace set of tires, and one air pressure sensor. Several times bring van in to find/stop the squeaking on the doors. Finally, showed the service dept the recall information found on-line. They then said they couldn't get the part even though available on other Quest mini-vans on the lot. Apparently, change was made and the problem I experienced was because ours was one of the first set of Quest's made. It seemed strange that a service dept would value a prospective buyer over a recent buyer.

21st Apr 2008, 21:29

I also own a Nissan Quest 2004 model. I have experienced many of the same problems and have had the van in the shop for services. I now have 103,000 miles on it and the dealership shop says the "NOISE" that is coming from the front of the van are the mounting brackets for the engine. They will charge me $900 for the repair plus services. I feel robbed; the van is just not old enough to need such major repair. There response "100,000 what do you expect." I expect a van I can depend upon for 250,000 plus miles.

25th Apr 2008, 07:31

In January of 2008, I purchased a 2004 Nissan Quest, since my 2004 Dodge Caravan was a write off during a head on collision. I hope I will not regret purchasing a "foreign' vehicle.

While I've had no problems with the Caravan, so far I am having problems with the radio and the CD on the Quest. It's in the repair shop now. I just found out there was a bulletin about problems with the 2004 Quests regarding the aerial. Anyone else? Hopefully that will be it, although I'm a little concerned that the brakes don't feel right.

1st Jul 2008, 15:05

My husband and I special ordered a 2004 Nissan Quest SE in August '04, and waited patiently for it to arrive. We drove it off the lot late July '04, and the problems began before we even hit the first red light.

- "Whirring" in the engine

- Sliders that didn't want to close automatically

- Rear hatch does not close consistently using the auto switch

- New brakes every year

- Programmable mirrors that do what they want when you use the program button

- Moonroof that does not close and opens by itself randomly.

All the above mentioned items were brought to the dealers attention - all 3 of them - and NONE of them have been fixed (except the brakes because we paid for them.) In fact, most cases the technicians found everything in working order.

Now that the warranty is out and the items are still not fixed, we are begging Nissan for what they call "good will" to fix problems that should have been fixed while under warranty... but not before we pay out of pocket for a "diagnostic test."

By the way, this test is covered by warranty so make sure you ask your tech to have them done! We were not told about this test until after it was too late.

Please, do not buy a Quest. Nissan does not stand behind their product. I am sick to think that I special ordered this vehicle. It truly was not money well spent.

9th Jul 2008, 12:33

The customer service with Nissan is also appalling! Nissan does not care about its consumers. The 2004 Quest should have recalled in its entirety - it truly is that bad. DO NOT BUY A QUEST. As my 2 year old daughter says, "Van is a piece of junk."

14th Jul 2008, 09:14

I bought my 2004 Quest, used, a year ago, after numerous trips and 3 kids attacking it, I have yet to experience the major problems others have described. Both my wife and myself, love this vehicle. Usually issues with excess brake wear are related to a person's driving habits. Tire wear can be caused by the same driving habits. The type of tire can also cause excess wear. Good quality "sticky" tires which handle great will wear out more rapidly in hot weather. I have found with both my Nissan's, if you don't ignore preventative maintenance, and follow service recommendations, these issues don't come up. I have had not problems with power or the transmission.

10th Dec 2008, 20:32

I bought a used 2004 Quest in February of 2006 with 32000 miles on it.

I have had some problems with this car. Sometimes my radio will not play, and if it goes on for days this way, the instrument panel will fade out and then it will drain my battery. I discovered a work around,which takes care of this problem. I shut the car off and open the slider or the hatch in the back, and close them by the button on the overhead console switch, then turn the car back on. The radio will then work fine again. I think all the complaints I have been reading about sounds almost like this problem. It is some how connected to the electricals of the slider and hatch.

I also had to replace the expensive odd size tires, but thanks to one of the complaints I will check the other 2 companies making those tires for next time.

The only other thing that is wrong is the tire pressure sensor. I lose air all the time and have had the seals replaced, but it did not last long. Just had one stem replaced; cost around $289.00 with labor, and that was because the metal tire cap rusted to the stem. Replacing all the caps to plastic caps.

My brakes in the front need replacing, and it just started to get the steering vibration when stepping on the brakes, but I believe it is because they are ABS brakes and need replacing. I have had this problem on other types of cars with ABS brakes.

And the issue with the brakes wearing out quickly; I know my brakes are ceramic and found out that those types of brakes wear out faster.

Otherwise the car runs smooth, and being a big heavy bulky car, I do great on gas.

24th Jan 2009, 14:54

Just as with most of the comments here, we have had nothing but problems with our Quest. We bought an '04 Quest in Oct. "03 and almost right away the nightmare began, starting with the recalls. Our list of non-stop issues:

The tires-it is true they wear out in a very short amount of time and they are extremely expensive. To top it off, you have no choice in replacement tires, they are an odd size tire, only a couple of companies sell them.

Brakes- they too wear out quickly. Don't tell me it is because of how people drive their vehicles, that is a bunch of nonsense and just an excuse they use.

Rattling noise coming from back of van- taken in several times to fix it-keeps returning.

Front passenger-side door has never been aligned right. After about three months of ownership, it was very difficult to open and shut the door. It now barely opens. Dealer says they can't fix it-have to take it to a body shop.

Tires are constantly leaking air.

Oil leak.

Have been having an issue for over a year now with service engine light coming on. We were first told that two problems needed to be fixed to repair the problem. Paid $1,000 for those two fixes. Now they're saying the whole computer needs to be replaced- $1,500 fix!

Have also experienced the gas gauge problem (not reading a full tank even though it was just filled-up) as others have.

Have also experienced the same problem as others have with what Nissan calls "fail safe mode". What happens is when you put the van in drive, it will only go about 10 mph, no faster. The only way to fix it is to shut the van off and restart it. This has happened to me 3 or 4 times. They have no explanation for it.

Steering wheel shakes.

As you can see, I could go on and on about all the defects with this vehicle- and that is what they are-DEFECTS! At one point, I was so fed up with all the problems, I called Nissan Corporate. They were willing to do nothing! They do not stand behind their vehicle at all! From everything I've read about this, the 2004 Nissan Quest has had way too many complaints and issues for this to be ignored. Obviously, this model is a lemon and something should be done by Nissan for all the grief they have caused their customers. Don't worry, I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen!

We bought two other Nissan vehicles previous to this one and never experienced the problems like we have with this Quest. Needless to say, we will NEVER buy another Nissan and we will NEVER recommend Nissan to anyone we know!