8th Aug 2009, 14:34

I have had my 2004 Quest since 2004, and as with others, have had my share of fixes. Brakes and tires were the most common of them all, and as was said you can use after-market; that would be cheaper.

Maintenance is definitely key with all kinds of vehicles, American or foreign. I am now at 90,000 miles and still love my van. It still drives smoothly - sometimes too smoothly that I don't even realize how fast I am going.

I love this van, and couldn't be happier with my decision when I bought it.

3rd Oct 2009, 18:48

We bought our 2004 NISSAN Quest in October 2003.

Our front rotors and brake pads were replaced at 20000 miles. The van has 75000 miles now and the rotors and pads are still good. We have changed the rear pads once.

The tires were a big problem. They wore out after about 22000 miles. We went with the Toyo tires and they have been great.

We did have to change the throttle body early on, but the warranty covered it. The van would only go about 10 miles per hour. We were lucky to have a good service department, and they took care of it.

We have also replaced the CV axles, fuel pump, spark plugs, and one ignition coil.

The check engine light is on and the code P1273 (air fuel sensors have to be replaced) cost about $300.00.

The front hub bearings need to be replaced about 600.000.

I have let Nissan know that we are through with them, and that we will never buy another Nissan. They don't stand behind their vehicles.

30th Oct 2009, 17:04

We have had our 2004 Quest since June 2004. Besides tires, which are a wear item, we replaced the brake between 12 and 18 months. Which includes pads and rotors. The van is too heavy. Tires and brakes cannot handle the weight. Other than that, we love the van. Not a single problem.

It was a new model and you have to expect problems. Anything that went wrong, was fixed under warranty. There were a couple of recalls that were fixed by the dealer with no expense to us.

117,000 miles and still going strong.

18th Nov 2009, 14:17

I was loyal to Nissan until our Quest experience ended that loyalty... permanently. I ran into most of the issues listed here, especially as pertains to brake and tire issues. At about 65,000 miles the timing chain got off and we had to have it replaced. That cost $4,200.00! The electronic buttons all stopped working and they want $600.00+ to fix that. The motor mount went out around 50,000 miles. The arm on one of the bucket seats simply snapped off when being lowered. Nissan has done nothing to compensate us. I will NEVER buy another Nissan.

18th Nov 2009, 19:17

Sounds like my old Ford Windstar. Except it had far more serious problems around that mileage like starter, intake manifold, electrical, and transmission issues. Total cost of repair: $6,000. I'd rather take the Nissan.

30th Mar 2010, 22:37

2004 Nissan Quest, purchased November 09. Four months later, I feel like I should of stuck with my X-trail!! (not one single problem in 4 years)

The Quest was fine for two months, and then... the shaky steering when I put it on reverse... then the passenger window rolls down when you're trying to close it all the way. My back up signal stopped working... Needless to say, it's heading into the shop... let's see what else we can find wrong with it.

I must say, my friends love the ride. Spend the money on good brakes and tires and they'll never be an issue.

7th Jun 2010, 01:23

We purchased our 2004 Quest in April of 2010. I LOVE it and so do my kids. I bought from a private seller. He disclosed that they had just replace the front brakes and tires.

The only problem we have had is the DVD player, which is rough, with two small kids (and one of the reasons we bought it). It will not turn on at all. I don't know if this is because the player itself is a piece, or if it's because of the other problem I think we're going to have. The battery. My van has 88K on it, and the battery is dead.

Other than those cheap fixes, I couldn't be happier. I love the room, and that interior. It's great to be able to put the van in park and walk back to get something for my kids, without having to get out. So nice.

I recommend the Quest to anyone, and hopefully, knock on wood, it stays that way!

12th Jul 2010, 19:22

2004 Nissan Quest - VQ35DE engine - buyers beware.

This van has been nothing but problems. 80,000 miles, timing chain $2100. I waited 4 weeks for parts, YES 4 weeks. They had 253 timing chains on back order that week. The customer service was not helpful and took a very long time to return calls. This engine is the same engine that is used on the following vehicles:


This engine may become a nightmare for Nissan, as it is used on a lot of vehicles.

The brake rotors have to be replaced or turned very 6-8 months. Windows not working correctly, rear tail gate motor, passenger side door motor etc etc.

If you want a lot of problems and bad service, then this van is for you.

I will NEVER buy a Nissan again.

18th Jul 2010, 13:16

2004 Nissan Quest purchased 9/05.

Every one has summed it up; these were uniquely designed rolling piles of junk wrapped in an attractive package.

Nearly every thing on the console goes out, and some things have never come back on.

Radio gets stuck on; cannot be turned off or down; dealer replaced with new; same problem.

Brakes have been a problem like everyone else; warping rotors before we get a chance to turn them.

All the lights have fallen out of the interior.

Seat controls have crumbled, motor mounts have broken.

The van apparently has auto doors and windows, though we did not purchase it as such; one day my wife called me up at work to let me know the windows were going up and down on their own, and the doors were opening along with the horn going off. The car acted possessed.

Never again; you couldn't pay me to buy another Nissan rolling junk pile.

26th Jan 2011, 17:57

2004 Nissan Quest... we have the same story. Most money I ever paid for a vehicle and worst vehicle I have ever owned. Multiple replacement of brakes, tires, valve stems. Also new timing chain. Windows randomly go up and down, front end vibrates and now the radio cut out. Nothing covered by warranty. Dealer knows me by name. I want to sell this piece of junk, but who could I sell this to and feel good about it... maybe the dealership!