22nd Feb 2009, 22:23

Have a 2004 SL that I purchased new in spring of 2005. I had problem of engine speeding up one time to almost 5000 rpm while on idle easing into garage. Luckily I quickly put it into neutral while holding with brake. Within 5 seconds it had returned to idle. This happened several times, although not this bad in this first year of ownership. Nissan could not figure it out as it could not be duplicated. It finally quit doing it after about 15,000 miles. I now have 77,000 miles of trouble free operation.

Tires made it to 50,000 with tread still left & front brake pads at 60,000. Knock on wood, but this was one of the last built of that model year after Nissan had improved the quality of the earlier production. Only warranty item I had was the replacement of glove box lid due to a broken hinge.

5th Jul 2009, 09:28

Purchased 2004 Nissan Quest, new. Less than 2 weeks later the rear window fell out. It was replaced and repainted to fix it.

Less than 50K, the doors have been readjusted and hinges replaced numerous times, now they are saying a body shop has to fix it.

The right front passenger window keeps rolling down on its own. Even when you roll it back up, it will drop back down a few inches and you have to hold the button down for a while to make it stay up.

Been in the shop for over a month to try and fix a clunking noise. They have replaced the axles 3 times and the transmission once, still not fixed and they still have the van at the dealership, but they have no clue what the problem is or how to fix it -- and all at less than 50,000 miles. Vibration started at low speeds and it feels like the wheels are about to fall off.

Has anyone had these issues successfully repaired? And how did they fix it so we can tell them how to fix our van.

8th Jul 2009, 09:03

We bought our 2004 Nissan Quest after being very satisfied with our 1995 Nissan Quest. We were loyal customers.

This has been the worst automobile I have ever owned. I have replaced the front brakes/rotors at my own expense the first time at 33K miles. I have replaced the front or rear brake pads/rotors every 6 to 10 months. I pitched a fit after the second round (while still in warranty). The dealers suggested it was my driving. I pointed out that my previous 1995 Nissan Quest was driven solely by me as well, but never had any brake problems.

I've always considered myself a "mechanically aware" female. I've flown planes, navigated many boats over the years, and driven many trucks/cars over the years. I resented this dealers' pointing the finger at me.

This van has serious brake issues and Nissan refused to stand by their product. It is too bad. I called Nissan headquarters and asked to switch to another of their models. I was willing to work out a fair swap. They said no... They have lost another "lifelong" customer... I make a point of telling anyone interested about Nissan not standing behind their product.

21st Jul 2009, 15:17

This is what happen when Japanese cars are built in the US plant... there are no QA on the workmenship, we bought ours, the new 2004, the 1st generation with new style and look.

Our 04 Quest does not any engine issues, but there are issues with the radio will not power up, tire pressure sensor leaks air, the original tires and brake pads worn out at 25k miles.

The covers in the back of the seats do not latch well in place. After 2 years they started to come loose, and the trims and the console on the ceiling also became loose and rattle.

23rd Jul 2009, 18:47

Same story here folks. I'm a LOYAL Nissan owner since who knows when. I've had Maximas, Z's, earlier Quest, etc.

The 2004 Nissan Quest has some great features that I still love to this day. But *GASP* there are some problems.

At about 20,000 miles I started noticing vibration through the steering wheel, and yes, the brakes were already starting to shudder. I figured it must be tires, so I waited (a short time) to get those replaced. Once replaced, I figured I'd be on my way, but it was the brakes, not the tires. With brand new tires, there was no difference. The original tires wearing out fast? That's not really a big deal. Most car manufacturers put on high performance treads on new cars because they will handle more impressively when people are buying. The tires are softer and not expected to last long. You'll get that from just about any car maker.

Anyway -- brakes were getting worse and worse. We DO NOT BRAKE hard. In fact, when I finally got SICK of them around 50K, I pulled the wheels and all but the rear right brake pad had PLENTY of life left in them. I replaced them anyway, since I had them out.

BUT, no difference. Time for rotors. Replaced rotors, and they felt GREAT! For about 5K miles -- then, back to shuddering. I pulled the rotors this time and had them turned. I've heard from several sources that it's not a bad idea to turn even brand new rotors after a few thousand miles because the outer surface can have thermal imperfections. So far, brakes still feel good.

However, at high speed, I still have shaking -- can't figure it out. Don't know if it's a bushing, axle, shock. No idea.

RATTLES! Don't even get me started. Which I would've paid better attention at the test drive, but this sucker rattles to no end. Despite several visits, these have never been fixed. And I hate ANY rattles in my car, so having a new car with 100 of them was and is very frustrating.

Shift knob fell out into my hand whilst driving once. That sucked.

Battery died very early -- probably at 2 years. Right around that time, the rear hatch and side doors were having trouble shutting. Replaced battery, and it seemed to fix the problem. But, after a few weeks, the rear hatch was still having trouble. Don't worry about replacing the rear hatch struts. They are VERY STRONG and still work -- it has to do with the $600 motor that needs to be replaced. Not looking forward to that, though I'll be doing it myself because it's at 90K now and out of warranty.

AIR BAG sensor -- supposedly, my blinking airbag light is not due to a malfunction of the airbag system, but just a sensor, which costs plenty to replace, and is basically just a piece of junk.

Display!!! Yep -- can't read my fuel level, mileage, or temperature. $300 part, $90 diagnostic (to be applied to 3 hours labor if that's the problem). I can't even sell this car unless I get it fixed -- they'll probably put a salvage title on it if I can't read the OD.

AM Stereo SIGNAL -- has been dead nearly since the beginning. We had the recall done. Worked for a week, and started getting fuzzy again. If I hit a bump in the road, it will switch it back and forth from good too bad. Seriously -- I thought my grandpa's car from the 60's was the only car to do that!!!

There was a nasty noise coming from the rear of the car once. Figured it was another typical rattle. Well -- one day, I go to convert the rear seat -- the right side falls down. The T45 "TORX" (I think that's the size) bolt holding down the right side of the bench has FALLEN OUT!!! WTF!!! Are you serious? Good thing it wasn't my two kids in the back seat getting in an accident when I found out.

Splash guards in the wheel well -- most horrible design ever. They have a very small "ear" that uses a clip into the body of the car. Both sides broke within a few weeks. I had one replaced -- it broke withing a few days!!!

Tires "clicking"? I figured this one out myself!!! There is a large cotter pin used outside the locking nut on the front axles. It has slack, and as you drive, it will move up and down and CLANK. Seriously! Can you believe it! Well, it's true. Take it out, dip it in some silicone, and put it back in and let it dry. Fixed my problem. Lame!!!

Driver side BACKUP mirror feature -- everytime we backed up the car, the thing would adjust to COMPLETELY down and in, until it started CLICKING like it was gonna break. Got it fixed under warranty, but it sucked. I hate giving away my car for a day+ with no specific time table. It's such a pain.

Leaky roof windows - - yep, we had them. Luckily they were under warranty.

Carpet clips under rear seat. Always coming undone. No way to fix. It'll just keep doing it -- forever.

Other than this, I love the car! (LOL). If we could fix the display, the brakes, and the shaking at higher speed, I would probably not complain about the car much at all. The rattles would be secondary. As it is, they add to the frustration of paying out $36K for what was supposed to be the next big thing in minivans and getting a handful of problems. However, I do believe Nissan has improved on their 2004 design, and I feel a little stupid for buying an inaugural year car. Never buy the first year, folks. Buy 2nd or 3rd.

Things I'd like to see on my 2004 Quest? Sliding side door windows. Rear head rest tuck into rear seat (duh!). Those two features are no brainers, and have been incorporated in competing vehicles. Also, the newer style center console (between pass/driver seats) on the Quest is SOOO much nicer than the junky piece of crap on our 2004.