1991 Nissan Sentra SGX 1.6-liter, 12-valve engine from Philippines


It seems to be too fragile on a per-kilometer basis


Replaced the balls and sockets.

Replaced the brake shoe.

Replaced the battery.

Replaced the water filter.

Replaced the engine support and left and right arm bushings.

The power steering mechanism continue to leak fluid despite repeated repairs by different mechanics.

Replaced the fan belts for the power steering, aircon and alternator.

Replaced the alternator with a second-hand one.

Had the front and rear power windows' mechanisms fixed.

All the above jobs within my first and second year of owning a car or within 1,000 kilometers.

The paint has faded since the day I purchased it at about US$2000.

General Comments:

The car is reliable enough, although newer models, even just 1.3-liter models would easily overtake it along the highway. Perhaps the car is just too old and original parts are giving up one by one. But this should not be the case considering its still relatively low (below 90,000 kilometers) mileage.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2004

19th Mar 2008, 22:17

Nissan Sentra 1991 SGX :

Well, I could say that this car is very reliable enough for me although it is 13yrs old when I first acquire this car way back year 2004. What I want most in this car is the good performance of the air-con system, despite the age of this car the air-con system is quite good enough in term of performance, it can compete with the new cars as far as coldness is concern (as long as it is properly maintain). The performance of this car in general is very okay, the power steering, power windows, power side mirrors up to the speed it can reach when you drive it to the fullest. The maximum speed I've reached when I drove this car is 180kph! and still possible to reach the 200kph limit of this car. In able for us to maintain the good performance of our car, we should properly maintain our cars like as we maintaining ourselves. I'm satisfied with this car. The good looks of this box-type car with spoiler attached on it amazed me. The cockpit area of this car is very nice specially at night as well as the original Kenwood sound systems is still good. Maintaining our car to be in top condition is very expensive but it is more expensive if you have poor car maintenance habit.

Thank you... and God Bless...

1st Dec 2009, 11:20

My 1991 SGX is still in good condition, very reliable and easy to maintain. A speed of 140kph-up is still attainable with air-con and audio turn on. the only problem is the leaking power steering fluid.

Drive Safely.

5th Jan 2014, 07:53

I own it too (Nissan SGZ). It's very true that the car is reliable. I tested it driving a top speed on my own guts up to 130kph, and still this car can give you more, knowing the engine is stock with no upgrade done.

Made some repairs, since we know the car is kinda old, but won't cost you too much. The good thing about it, is that the parts are still available either brand new or surplus.

Thanks by the way for stating some of the repairs you made to your car. It's very helpful. Haven't done some of it, so I guess I have to check it also.

My question is, is it good to make the rear brakes to be disc brakes? And did you all make some upgrades to your engine, like making it more powerful? And what were the changes you made to the engine?

Thanks guys! More power to this forum!

1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R 2.0 liter from North America


Incredible drive on good days, but overall inconsistent


Dealer had to repair the fuel line before I could buy it originally.

Dealer had to replace the front seatbelts before I could buy it.

Spare wheel well was a pool of water when I first bought the car, but hasn't given me problems since I emptied it and replaced some plugs.

Fifth gear in transmission stopped engaging around 135000 miles ($700 repair)

Fifth gear again stopped engaging around 143000 miles (have yet to repair)

Replaced O2 sensor.

Replaced Alternator.

Flexible portion of exhaust line is rusted through.

Moon roof leaks occasionally.

Rear defroster stopped working.

Front suspension was shot around 137000 miles.

General Comments:

I heard great things about this car and expected more from mine. Unfortunately I just seem to have gotten one that was run hard and put away wet. Perhaps if it were better cared for before it got to me I would have had a better time with it.

The car feels great and really sporty with the 5 speed manual. On the good days it was a great car to take off from a stop and drive on curvy roads. But the whole thing started failing on me far too early for it to be worth the cost to keep it going. I've had it for 3 years and intended to use it regularly, but with all the things that have gone wrong with it I haven't even been able to drive it enough to get 10000 miles per year out of it.

Sadly, I cannot suggest spending more than $3000 for this car now.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2004

17th Sep 2004, 18:15

Are you selling the car?