1994 Nissan Sentra xe 1.8liter from North America


Its OK


Well my girlfriend bought hers used out of the paper. Now, I don't know if this is the car or the guy that previously owned it, but in the one year she has owned it I've put in 3 clutch cables, one dew to a bad mechanic. All the nobs on the a/c and what not have fallen off. The driver side door won't open from the outside. Just recently the front end is going out and is now making a constant grinding noise. The stereo that came with it sucked so I replaced that.I've already put in a new alternator, and it developed an oil leak very quickly.

General Comments:

O.K. car, but I might not get a nissan again.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2007

1994 Nissan Sentra LE 1.6L from North America


'94 Sentra LE noticeable improvement over '94 Prizm


So far the only repair needed was to replace a ball joint in the front (84500 miles). It needed that to pass inspection.

General Comments:

Considering this car is 13 years old, it runs very well. The engine and ride are smooth and relatively quiet.

I have noticed that the driver's side mirror "whistles" over 35 mph, but I just turn my music up to solve the problem.

The automatic seat belt on the driver's side doesn't work, but has been the case since I bought the car.

Overall, for $2200, I'm fairly certain I'll get my money's worth out of this Nissan.

I'm getting about 30 mpg, but have yet to get an oil change and new air filter. I also could use a steering alignment and wheel balancing. All of which I'm sure would improve the already admirable fuel economy of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2007

29th Jun 2013, 16:30

Firstly, a 94 Geo Prizm is an ABSOLUTE BEAST of a car. I haven't had the experience of owning a Sentra, but a Prizm/Corolla is an automatic winner in my book.

1994 Nissan Sentra LE 1.6 from North America


A reliable car


The only major repair I had done to my car for the 2 1/2 years I owned it, is replacing the clutch as its gone bad.

The interiors are a little bit cramped if more than 2 people have to fit in.

General Comments:

I am a univ. student and it served me through my last 2 years as a student very well.

I got 28 mpg out of city roads. The car is well worth for the amount I spent in buying it.

A great reliable car.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

1994 Nissan Sentra LE 1.6 twin cam from North America


Recommend for anyone, great, cheap, fun to drive


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, replaced the tires and wiper blades, but that's normal.

General Comments:

I love this car, I bought it to drive back and forth to work, it's a hundred times cheaper to operate than my ford explorer, I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a cheap way to commute.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2005

1994 Nissan Sentra LE 1.6 DOHC from North America


This has been an awesome car, getting 35mpg since purchase.


Car used gas, oil, and tires the first 5 years, period.

Half-shaft replaced at 160,000.

Front pads about the same time.

Windshield at about 170,000.

Rust spot at base of door columns continues to grow.

Radio problems start in 2001. Replaced once, then again in 2005.

Alignment around 200,000.

Wheels are cheap and get knocked out of balance occasionally.

Suspension bushings at 230,000.

Oil leak starts at 235,000, causing the right CV boot to go shortly after.

Alternator belt at 244,000, a truly difficult fix without a shop.

Front seal is just about gone.

Battery terminals corrode easily.

Starter is the original from factory.

General Comments:

Handles very well, reasonable acceleration if you use the o/d button and shifter wisely. No cooling system problems. Plenty of room for its class. I will keep this car as long as it will run. Front end work is probably in its future, and a timing chain, too. Stronger wheels will help. I spend a lot of time in junkyards for other cars, but there are almost never any of these cars.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2005