1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS L4 from North America


Not a good car to buy


The low speed on the fan went out at about 50,000 miles.

The security light goes on when I drive it and it also goes on when I try to start the car. There's not a problem when it goes on while driving, but when I want to go somewhere and the light comes on, I just have to wait. At times it has been up to 1/2 hour. I never know when it will or won't start Have tried contacting Alero, but they refer me to the local dealer and they're not helpful.

I replaced all brakes about 6 months and they sound like they need to be replaced again.

General Comments:

I have really enjoyed driving this car, but my biggest concern is not knowing when or if the car will start and that's not safe from any standpoint.

I've seen a lot of young kids with these cars, several of whom I've talked with, and they have problems, now with the security light coming on, but with the car not starting. Sure its all tied in together

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Review Date: 10th June, 2005

21st Jul 2005, 21:41

I am having the same problem with my alero. It won't start half the time or not at all.

24th Jul 2005, 02:21

We purchased a 1999 alero two weeks ago and as of today it will not start.

30th Dec 2005, 20:24

To everyone with the Alero 'not starting' problem... I have just left a comment, and should have mentioned that for the first time in the 6 years I've had the car, my 'Security' light has come on twice in the past week, amongst a few other things, and it turns out that my 'interior fuse panel on the driver's side' is completely corroded and has to be replaced! No idea how GM Service Center figures water got in there. I've NEVER seen any water in the car! I didn't get it fixed yet and I'm sure the next thing will be my car not starting, if the fuse panel is rotted.

Get your fuse panels checked, I'm curious if that's your problem too.

Donna of Mississauga, Ontario.

1999 Oldsmobile Alero from North America




The brakes had to be replaced. Twice.

The passkey (a sort of silent alarm thing), was acting up for well over year before the dealership fixed it. By acting up, I mean that the ignition would cut out at random, at it would require a reset procedure that took 45 minutes. This happened about 2X a week.

The head gasket needed to be replaced.

The intake manifold needed to be replaced.

The interior fans stopped working. Twice.

The automatic mirrors stopped working.

The engine light goes on constantly.

The coolant light goes on regularly.

The 'Low Tire Pressure' light is usually on.

The overhead light falls out.

Sometimes the car will just die for about 10 seconds while driving, and the speedometer will 'spin' back and forth. The dealership has not been able to recreate this problem, and no codes show up when they look. Still happens about once a month.

Right now, the car will sometimes not start for unknown reasons. The engine will turn over, then stall, and the oil and battery lights will go on. Sometimes this happens once, and will start on the second try, sometimes it'll take 10 tries, and a break. Sometimes it won't start at all until it's towed into the dealership. No codes show, and it's been an ongoing issue for about a year.

The interior side panels are buckling.

The dash is starting to bubble.

General Comments:

This is the worst car ever built.

During exams, I borrow my brother's '90 Taurus, as at least it usually starts.

For the past two years, I've been walking up about an hour early for work, as I don't know when my car will or won't start.

I got the extended warranty, 5 years/120,00, which expired on May 18. I'm hoping to get another car by the end of the summer, as I cannot afford the repair bills now that it's past warranty.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2005