1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 from North America


Great at first, tired lately


Oil and coolant mixing in lower intake manifold. Had to be replaced. Cost $1,000.

Four times the car has been serviced for water leaking inside the compartment. Twice the fuse panel has been replaced. Water triggers trunk release while driving. Yes my trunk flies open while I am driving.

Always had the grinding sound from under front axle or front wheels. Stopped asking about this problem. Did get some kind of answer, but never fixed. Happens mostly around slow turns. For example, pulling into a parking space.

Speed control also went for the fan. First two positions did not work.

Rear speaker blew and rear defroster don't work.

Also, with the water leaking into the fuse panel, door locks did not work properly whether inside the car or using the remote.

General Comments:

I'm feed up with this hunk of junk.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2004

9th Jan 2004, 07:46

In case these are not fixed yet... make sure you do not have the stock RSA tires on your car. This will make a terrible grinding sound, especially at low speeds and while turning.

Get something other than Goodyear, probably for less money like I did. No more problems. If you want to stick with Goodyear, the new RSA's have been strengthened near the wheel to stop the problem with noise.

The speed control on the fan is very easy to fix and cheap if you do it yourself. Less than $25 for the new resistor pack. If you need any information on how to change it, there are good sites out there including grandamgt.com, which is the near duplicate sister car of the Alero.

15th Apr 2005, 17:17

My boyfriend owns an Alero and at first I thought this was a pretty sharp car. I didn't know much about it, but the style is awesome. Last weekend he came to see me and I got my first ride in it... nice riding, but noticed a windy sound, I kept asking him if the windows were down. When we got to the drive through window I noticed his driver window didn't work. He said he had replaced it twice already! He also mentioned having to replace the transmission not long after he got it, and the latest Alero drama... He was supposed to come to see me this weekend only his battery somehow surged and fried all of the electrical wiring under the hood! So I decided to get on line and see what kind of help I may could give him. Seems most people aren't very satisfied with this car and electrical problems seem to be common. How did the manufacturer let it get to this point. You would think something would have been done about it by now. Anyway my b/f leaves for Iraq in 2 weeks thanks to the stylish sporty Alero I have lost one of the last weekends with him.. Good job to the people that produced this car!

1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 from North America


Oldsmobile Alero, the money pit that still craves money to be spent on it


Brakes went bad at 48,000 miles.

Fuel level sensor went bad at 48,000 miles.

Brake pads and rotors went bad again at 57,362 miles.

Transmission went out at 84,438 also had to replace the front hub assemblies left & right.

Power steering pump went out at 88,174 miles.

A bolt that holds the front left wheel assembly sheered, resulting in a towed vehicle and re-alignment at 90,195 miles.

Alternator went bad at 91,140 miles.

Replaced brake shoes again at 93,799 due to excessive left side wear.

Two leaks were found at 93,799 miles while changing the oil. I have a leaky head gasket and also a leak in the transmission seal at the engine.

General Comments:

This car started out great, but things went bad quick. My father worked for GM for over 37 years and I feel a sense obligation to buy GM products. But I can say that after having problems with this Oldsmobile and other American products, I am now looking at Honda's or Toyota's. I feel like I'm selling out, but I want a reliable vehicle.

My first vehicle was a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass and it was a true muscle car. I only wish Americans still built cars of that quality.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2004

14th Jan 2004, 13:44

Americans can build good cars: the Honda Accord is made in Ohio. It's greedy and mis-managed corporations that create bad cars. I say buy the best car, and let the free market weed out the bad apples, even if it's a giant like GM.

25th Apr 2004, 17:23

Your bad Alero luck is worse than mine. I did have to replace the front brakes and turn the rotors at 40K. I also had the water pump and intake manifold gasket go at 60K. Luckily, I purchased the extended warranty. My biggest complaint was an odd squeaking and chirping that the car made at low speeds. The sound seemed to come from the rotors or suspension. An incredible 8 times to the local GM dealership found that it was the tire and rim combination. Apparently, this is a very rare problem with the chrome plating of the 16" alloy wheels. The GM dealership was very understanding and never charged me for this. They told me I just needed to find a different brand of tire. I finally decided to trade mine in for a Ford when the shifter fell off in my hand while shifting it out of park.