2000 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4 from North America


It has been a very dependable car


This car has had many small issues.

A/C needed charged.

Blower motor has gone out twice.

Only the top two speeds in the blower motor work. (the relay is out, which is probably why I have had fan motor problems. Undue strain on the only two speeds)

Interior light falls down.

12 charger on passenger side is crap, as are the back cupholders and for that matter the extra cup holder up front (worst design ever for a supporting role in cup holders).

Interior lights have become intermittent.

I just found out why the turn signals are intermittent, evidently there is a recall.

Rear passenger door won't open? Who knew.

Strut broke at about 110000.

Egr valve and idler pulley and a new caliper (sticking) at 200000.

Head gasket leaking, and has been leaking for quite some time. By the time I had found out about the recall, I had too many miles. It is starting to run a bit warm, will need done soon.

General Comments:

Good looking, comfortable, dependable, easy to drive.

I drive 40000 miles a year (80% highway), and I'm in my fourth year with the car, and the big problems have been numbered at 2! Strut breaking, and belt tensioner breaking and leaving me stranded.

It's been a great car.

I am a single traveling salesman. I can imagine if I had a family a lot of these minor nuisances would have been a lot less of a nuisance ie; interior lights, rear door froze etc;

140000 miles over the last four year plus lots of idle time. I plan on getting anther 100000 at least out of this car.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2009

2000 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 Liter from North America


Great value


The dash has started to roll up, and coil. My low tire pressure light stays on constantly when the tires have plenty of air in them. My service engine soon light stays on all of the time, and FIRESTONE cannot figure out why..

General Comments:

This is a really good car, and gets a lot of compliments. I love the way it just sips gas, and the nice interior, and the reliability of the car. I would recommend this car of mine to anyone.. This car is seriously quick and handles very well.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2009

2000 Oldsmobile Alero GL 2.4L twin cam from North America


Great and reliable


Passenger side wheel bearings went out at 190,000 - $122 for part and changed it myself.

General Comments:

I have had this vehicle for about 4 years now, and have yet to spend more than $1000 dollars on repairs. It's gotten me to and from work, and many road trips to and Texas from Wisconsin.

I'm not sure if my Alero was just the pick of the bunch that didn't turn out to be a pile of junk, but after 210,000 miles, I'm expecting to have to start paying for repairs, but so far, the normal wear and tear is about the only thing I have paid for. I still have the original motor, transmission, exhaust.

I will be sad to get rid of it when the time comes.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2009

2000 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 V6 from North America


It has been a reliable car


Both of the front power windows quit working. The passenger one works every now and then. It seems to work when it is below zero out. Go figure!!

The check engine light has been on for years. I have had it checked out numerous times. It usually states it is the gas cap. I have the light reset and then it comes back on right away. I recently had the car in the shop to reset the light again, and this time it had a different message. The light was reset and back on a few days later. This is really irritating, seeing as I am try to sell it now.

I ran the car out of gas several years ago, and the gas pump/filter blew out at the same time. I was told it is common if you run a car out of gas, that the gas pumps goes too. It cost $900.00 with tow and repairs.

My dash board is all wrinkled too. And starting to peel now. I tried a hot glue gun to make it stick back down, but it didn't work very well. Hard to believe that a lot of people have had the same problem. Must be a bad design.

I just had to replace a front wheel bearing. Cost me $300.00 for parts and labor. I guess these things are going to start happening at 118,000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall, the car has been really good to me.

Hopefully I will find someone to purchase it that believes me that the check engine light isn't a big factor. I sure don't want to put any money into it now that I am selling it.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2008