2001 Oldsmobile Alero from North America




Had the whole cooling system replaced at 30,000 miles cracked heads and other problems.

Fuel modulator replaced at 58,000 miles.

Computer chip replaced at 2500 miles.

Radio and window buttons are becoming unreadable.

Passenger window fell in last week.

Many other problems.

General Comments:

The car is really nice looking and drives great when not having problems.

But when it has problems they are big ones and cost a lot to be fixed.

Good thing I had the extended warranty. But that just ran out.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2007

2001 Oldsmobile Alero from North America


Its been a good car


I've replaced the ABS/wheel hub assembly every 60,000 miles on the left and once at 180,000 on the right.

Also, I've replaced the front brakes every 30-40,000 Miles. I used the upgraded rotors and brakes. I've also replaced the rear brakes once at 185,000 Miles.

The Fuel Filter was replaced at around 175,000 miles.

The car has had regular oil changes and two tuneups.

General Comments:

The 5 speed manual transmission is original and still works exceptionally. The car is fun to drive and is very quick. I get between 28 and 32 miles to the gallon depending on the season. I've never had a car go this long and look great and perform. I plan on trying to hit 300,000 or more.

The car has been reliable for me. I know I would've spent way more than the $15,000 I spent for it if I had traded it in or had an alternative. Cars need to be repaired. The car feels better then the plastic feeling in many of the foreign versions.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2007

20th Mar 2008, 12:14

My 2001 Alero GLS just hit 430,000 miles this month 03/2008. Bought it new, and have maintained it throughly. Check out my comments "Wish I could by Another"

2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS V6 from North America


A cute car with fatal flaws over the long haul


The first problem was brakes. I have now replaced pads 5 times on the front and 2 times on the back. (Along with a lesser number of new rotors.) That is a lot of brake work for the mileage we have driven this car. And no, neither one of us rides the brakes.

The power window mechanism in the driver's door broke after it was out of warranty. I tried to get one from a GM dealer, but it was outrageously expensive. Also, only a small plastic bit was actually broken, but GM only sells the whole assembly for around $500. I managed to find them on line (an indication that they are a common breakage item) for $150. Paid a good independent shop $200 to install it. They were amazed at how cheap I found the part on the Internet (and graciously installed it for me even though I didn't buy it from them, because they agreed that GM was crazy on their price). Two years later it broke again, and this time I had a friend replace it for me for $50.

The coolant light came on, and a friend who was a GM dealership mechanic told me that was a sign that I needed to do the intake manifold replacement. Such a common problem with GM V6s that they have a kit for doing the job, with replacment (longer) manifold bolts. But of course, they won't do it under extended warranty or anything like that.

While it was under warranty the heater control switch quit working. I took it to a local Pontiac dealership, since the Oldsmobile place that I bought it was now gone, they fixed the control. Then they wanted to change air filter for $90, clean fuel injectors for $100 and replace fuel filter for $60. I said no, and went to Pep Boys and bought the filters for under $20 and a bottle of fuel injector cleaner and did the work myself.

Now the heater fan switch only works on the high setting.

The light display on the radio has gone out, so I cannot tell what station I am tuned to and the clock is useless.

The service engine light soon comes on intermittently. And the low tire pressure warning light comes on, seemingly with no relationship to the air pressure in the tires.

General Comments:

In it's favor, it is a sporty looking and handling little car. Ours is a red 2 door. I am still on the original tires, although they are close to the end of their useful life.

But since it is an orphan, it has virtually no resale value. My wife just went and bought a new Hyundai today and they laughed when we asked about trade in value for the car. So I guess I'll fix the fan switch and radio and try to sell it myself.

Like a lot of other folks who have posted here, I tend to agree that the American auto makers are not holding up their end when it comes to building high quality cars, and they don't stand behind them once they dump them on the public. I'm not sad to hear that Ford and GM are having severe financial problems.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2007

28th Jan 2007, 11:46

Well-written review. I too am not sad to hear the daily bad news about the big three's financial problems, but do feel for the many employees who have lost their jobs. Maybe this time the big three will shape up and really start building ALL cars that are quality, not just certain models here and there.

28th Jan 2007, 11:54

Good luck with a crappy Korean Hyundai! It will break too, and guess what, GM Quality is going up, they won Truck and Car of the year!

(Chevy Silverado, Saturn Aura)

28th Jan 2007, 19:51

Yeah, seriously. The Hyundai is not as great as you think, at least not yet. When you look at American cars, versus Korean cars, you see greater quality in the interior. I guarantee the hyundai will give you door problems, and some electrical.

I stand behind Ford and GM. Chrysler has never suited my tastes, nor my budget. Have you ever thought about a Mercury Grand Marquis? I know people that only buy those. What happened to national pride? That doesn't necessarily mean go buy a Ford or GM just to help the economy. Don't get something you can't live with, but come on, don't give up on two of the biggest and greatest manufacturers in the world.

First Americans want price and fuel efficiency, which Ford and GM came through on. Come on, you can get a 2007 Focus for $10,000, a Cobalt for $12,000 and a Silverado for $12,500. Then Americans moan about reliability and quality.

I believe the american auto makers do a fine job in all areas. I think the Japanese have tricked the American people and that most Americans don't know what they're doing when it comes to car maintenance and service, that everything falls into the hands of the japanese that have found a way to make cars that idiots don't have to change the oil in.

I hope you're happy.